There are certain times when it just makes sense to use personalized stationery.  Sure, sending a quick email or even a text are easy ways to send a message or convey a thought to someone, but they truly do not have the same effect as using a handwritten note.  That is why we went in search of five of the best uses for personalized stationery.  It wasn’t hard at all to come up with five reasons, but we consider these five of the best. Love Notes The first great use for personalized stationery has to do with love.  Can you imagine something more romantic then uncovering a handwritten love note?  Writing a love note takes a special approach; after all, it is your opportunity to pour your heart out.  Doing so on a special piece of stationery only adds to the romance. If you become the lucky recipient of a handwritten love note, even better!  Remember, when you want to say, “I love you,” put your own words into play.  A handwritten note gives you the opportunity to be personal and speak straight from the heart. Sympathy Notes When it comes to using personalized stationery, another of the most appropriate...Read More
When it comes to the dos and don’ts of using stationery, there are several key tips to keep in mind.  To ensure your letters, thank you cards, and invitations follow the rules, we present the top tips in stationery etiquette. Names The first tip has to do with addressing your card, letter, or thank-you card.  When it comes to names, in formal occasions you do not want to use abbreviations.  Here is an example: Do:           Doctor James Brown Do Not:  Dr. James Brown Using standard etiquette rules, if you address an invitation or card to a couple, you always want to start with the husband’s name and title, followed by his wife.  Here is another example: Do:        Doctor and Mrs. James Brown Judge and Mrs. James Brown If middle names are included, spell them out, too. Do:           James Crawford Brown Do Not:   James C. Brown Yet another tip has to do with addressing children.  As long as a child is over the age of 18, they should receive their own invitation or announcement.  A child younger than 18 would not receive their own invitation. Addressing Envelopes When it comes to the envelope your...Read More
Everything makes a statement when it comes to stationery.  From the paper you use, to the way you address your cards, it all works together.  But, how do you know if you are making the right statement?  It starts with the basics.  From the paper to the actual design, we break down all you need to know about choosing the perfect stationery. Choosing Paper First, we begin with choosing the paper, itself.  Paper comes from either wood or cotton.  Using wood derived paper is a less expensive option because of the availability of trees.  Many people choose this route because wood source stationery is generally more affordable to them. Some paper, though, is still made from cotton.  If paper is made from cotton, it will have a richer and softer feel.  You will pay for the luxury, but it is hard to pass up the feel of soft, rich cotton stationery.  These beautiful papers are both luxurious and elegant. Choosing Color Next, you have to consider color.  Stationery comes in a variety of colors, including many variations of the color white or ivory.  You can also choose to include some bold colors in your stationery, with the card itself, the...Read More
When it comes to issuing a thank you, there is nothing quite like constructing the perfect thank-you note.  Sure, it is probably easier to just verbally thank someone in person or on the phone, but it doesn’t quite have the same appeal of a handwritten note.  Neither does the easier alternative of a quick text, message, or email. With a handwritten thank-you note, you have the option of writing something unique and from the heart.  It requires you to think about what you want to say, and then put your feelings into words on paper.  To make sure you deliver the perfect thank-you note, consider the five dos and don’ts of writing a thank you. Thank-You Dos Stationery The first thank-you “do” has to do with choosing and purchasing the perfect stationery for any occasion.  Stationery can be personalized to provide that extra touch so that people know you put some effort into the thank you, while conveying a little bit of your personality, too. Obviously you may have a plain envelope and paper in your home or office, but it sure cannot compete with the look of an embossed card and matching envelope.  If you have just a quick...Read More
If you are planning a 4th of July party, you may think that simply throwing in a little red, white, and blue is enough.  However, if you want to have a creative party, there are plenty of ways to set your party apart. Patriotic Invitations First, start with some patriotic invitations.  Whether you have an early July birthday party, or are celebrating our nation’s birthday, the 4th of July is a great time to have some fun with the party planning. American Stationery provides invitations including flags and patriot hats.  You can also choose to forgo the illustrations and instead go with some solid colored invitations, or include some color font in the printing process.  No matter which option you choose, you are sure to have some fun custom designing your own personal invitations for the big day. Plastic Cups The next decision on your list has to do with finding and designing some fun beverage cups to go with the theme.  American Stationery has a number of clear plastic tumblers, which you can then personalize to fit your needs. You can add on your monogram, your name, or the party date to make the cups really unique.  The best...Read More
Counting to ten is one of the first learning experiences for most children. Learning the repetition and putting the numbers into an easy song or fun rhythm is how must of us learned ourselves. Repetition and enjoyment work whether you are young or old. Your little one will delight in learning their numbers with the Number Puzzle.  This large wooden puzzle features sturdy handles for small hands and is painted in non-toxic vibrant colors to catch the attention of your most distracted learner. Putting them in the proper places and taking them out to line them up are just two of the many uses you will find for this fun puzzle.  The counting dots under each number allow for another way to learn the numbers. Each puzzle takes about two weeks to receive as they are hand made and costs $28.95. Along with the sing song way of counting to ten, one of the first songs we learn is the abc song. I even sing it sometimes when I’m trying to alphabetize things. Like the number puzzle, the alphabet puzzle has durable peg handles which make the letters easy to grab for little hands. The 10″ x 20″ puzzle will...Read More
Party time! Summer is approaching, which means the weather’s heating up and it’s time to go outside! Gather some family and friends and let’s have a pool party. The most fun you could ever have around your pool, is when you have guests and are entertaining. Pool parties are a great way to get people together, whether you’re planning a party for children, adults, friends or family. It is the perfect time to show off your pool and yard. The key here is preparation. Invitations, menus, helpers, pool, and yard will all need to be taken care of in advance. The more you do ahead of time, the more time you will have to enjoy the party. Start about a month before the party. Make a list of who you want to come. Party Chihuahua Invitations A cute Chihuahua is ready for a fiesta! These invitations are perfect for your Cinco de Mayo, graduation, or other festive celebration. Set includes 20 invitations and 20 plain White envelopes Decide if it’s adults only Decide whether your party includes children and specify it on the invitation. If you are hosting kids, post safety signs around the pool and ban diving. Make sure...Read More
You know the feeling. It’s been a long, busy week full of work, activities, cooking, cleaning—the works. You can’t wait to open that bottle of Oliver’s Soft Red wine and snuggle up with a good book or binge-watch Friends on Netflix for the third time. I’ve been there. In fact, I was there just last week, but I opted for Gilmore Girls. I opened my wine, poured it in my margarita glass, and relaxed. That is until someone pointed out that I wasn’t using the proper glassware for my red wine. Thanks, Emily Gilmore. This someone is a wine connoisseur. We all have our things, and this is hers. I thought, “Well, I’m an adult woman. I should know these things, right?” Now, it is my duty to continue spreading the knowledge, in case you end up hosting a party and all of the Emily Gilmores of the world show up. You do not want to be ridiculed for serving white wine in a red wine glass. Or red wine in a margarita glass… American Stationery provides a variety of glassware for your favorite adult beverages. The best parts? The glass is hand-blown, and can be personalized in your choice...Read More
To many folks, the style of days gone past isn’t just old fashioned or boring, but interesting and new to us. From the fashion world to the stationery world vintage items and retro items pop up everywhere. Those of us who like to stay on trend or just like the retro look of things know that some looks never go out of style. If you are looking to purchase some  signature pieces to add to your stationery collection  or maybe just to add a couple extra items pop with a vintage design then, look no further than American Stationery. The Canterbury Notes have all the colorful designs that we think of when we look to the styles of the 1970’s. The vibrant colors of fuchsia, brown, lime, and yellow really make this folded note catch your eye along with the retro floral design and use of many different styles all in one. In the center surrounded by a square frame is your name. When you open the note up revealed inside is a plain white space ready for your message to be written. Each set contains 20 notes with 20 plain envelopes for $32.00.  Your wording will be printed in...Read More
Throwing a party is a great way to celebrate life and have fun with your good friends, meet new people, and enjoy an evening on your own turf. Is your place suitable? Whatever the size, consider the fixtures and fittings. Can you afford to let the carpets get mashed up, and how is your landlord going to react if someone puts the fridge through the window? Think about the reason for your party. Is this a party to celebrate a birthday or an international party holiday? Or maybe you were just thinking of throwing a Friday-night house party to get together with your friends. Things to consider with each reason: age appropriateness, decorations, theme for dressing, location, food, beverages, who you should invite, and just how many people you’d like to invite. Learn how to pick out your party theme, what kind of supplies you might need, and activities to do during your party. Birthday parties: Some examples of prominent ages to celebrate with a great party are: 10-12, 16, 18, and 21. Holiday parties: These parties are centered close to or on the date of a national holiday. New Year’s Eve, St. Patrick’s Day, and Halloween are typically party...Read More
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