Son and sun; knead and need; capitol and capital. All of these are homonyms. If you remember back to grade school, homonyms are words that are spelled differently but sound alike. They are also words that are commonly misused for one another. Even spell check is no match for the homonym. Stationery and stationary are homonyms and both are frequently used incorrectly. Webster’s dictionary describes the words as follows: sta-tion-ery Function: noun 1 : materials (as paper, pens, and ink) for writing or typing 2 : letter paper usually accompanied with matching envelopes sta-tion-ary Function: adjective 1 : fixed in a station, course, or mode : immobile 2 : unchanging in condition <a stationary population> The reason for the confusion stems from the words’ origin. Both come from the Latin word statio, meaning job, station, or position. The adjective stationary was used to refer to a fixed military position. Later, it was used to describe stationary sellers (as opposed to peddlers who would travel). These “stationary sellers” became known as stationers. Booksellers were often “stationers” because their items were too heavy to transport. It then made sense to term the items that “stationers” used, such as pens, ink, and paper as...Read More
Back to school time is quickly approaching. With some schools set to start in just over two weeks. Soon, many of us will be packing lunches, helping with homework and wondering why we signed up to help with all those clubs. It’s a magical time of year. We notice how much our children have grown, we trim the carefree summer hair, and dress them in new adorable clothes. With that said, it is time for the back to school shopping season to begin. There are many different things needed to purchase this time of year. From clothes and shoes, to back packs and school supplies. Late summer becomes almost as big of a shopping event as the winter holiday season. For most places, when you enter your local box stores, you can already see the sale signs and displays getting ready to lure you in to buying all those extra boxes of crayons. Here at American Stationery, we can help you get started with some of your back to school shopping. For the teacher: With school back in session, it means lots of writing. From grade books to curriculum memos, and notes going home. Keep up with the trends and...Read More
In this high paced world we live in keeping up with appointments and important dates can seem harder than ever. And it seems that each weekend is met with another festival or birthday party. It’s no wonder that people become stressed out just trying to keep up with their life. There are so many different electronic devices created to keep us organized. But, personally unless I’m always walking past it, I forget. Growing up we always had a calendar pinned to a cork board that had important events written on it. Upcoming doctors appointments, baby showers, birthday parties, and school functions. We always knew what was going on because we had to walk past it when walking into the kitchen. Much easier than your phone buzzing two days before or worse yet, remembering to look into your day planner. At American Stationery we offer two different types of calendars each in several unique designs. Currently we feature five different calendar designs that have fill in the blank squares so you can neatly plan out each day of the month. It has six rows of eight blocks. One labeled for each day of the week and one at the beginning for...Read More
Typically, thank you cards are just that, a folded note card or other stationery item with “Thank You” printed on the front. Although, often you can simply write thank you cards from your existing stationery stash if the names are correctly formatted. For instance, “Travis and Jennifer” could be used for an informal thank you card to a close friend or relative, while “Mr. and Mrs. Travis Smith” or something similar would be appropriate for more formal occasions or acquaintances. Monograms are another great way to stay informal, yet display your elegant initials. For thank you cards addressed from one person, the first name initial is placed on the left side. Your last name initial is typically larger and placed in the center. The initial that represents your middle name is placed on the right hand side. A married couple’s monogram consists of the husband’s first initial, the last name initial and the bride’s first name initial, respectively. For example, “Travis and Jennifer Smith” would appear as “T”, “S”, “J”. Photo thank you cards are being sold just about everywhere right now. Adding a photo to your thank you card makes your expression of gratitude even more personal. You can...Read More
Always be prepared with a stash of stationery with which to send friendly letters whenever the occasion arises! The birth of a child, an anniversary, graduation and a birthday are only a few of the holidays that would be brightened by a hand-written note from a friend. Black and white stationery will always be in style. Choosing the optional envelope lining of black acanthus leaves takes this classic stationery combination from basic to bold. Hand bordered correspondence cards in the color of your choice are a timeless stationery option. American Stationery has a wide variety of colors to fit any personality or personal style. Choose your favorite from Navy Blue, Wine, Espresso, Sage, Yellow, Hunter Green, Tangerine, Black, Silver or Gold. If bordered is too boring for your personality, design your own embossed stationery to create a note card set that is undeniably you! Our huge selection of typestyles, monograms, and design embellishments help you create your one-of-a-kind stationery set. If you are looking for a fast, easy solution to all your stationery needs, you could try out our ensembles. Our custom stationery sets come with a variety of pieces, including letter sheets, cards, fold notes and even labels, making...Read More
American Stationery offers much more than just stationery. One of the many items we offer are personalized napkins. From 10″ x 10″ beverage napkins to 12″ x 17″ guest towels, American stationery has you covered. Many designs are offered for holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween as well as designs for everyday use. In this blog entry the discussion will be about the many different types of napkins offered. Looking for the perfect accessory to top of your place setting? Our Textured Guest Towels and Napkins are ideal when hosting a dinner party or brunch. These luxurious and absorbent guest towels and napkins are a great addition to any table or bathroom. The napkins and towels can be personalized in many ink colors and a block, script monogram or a single initial and name. Our Design Your Own Cocktail Napkins are another great option for napkins that can be used for any occasion. The napkins measure 4 ¼” x 4 ¼” and can be printed in several different colors. Best of all you can choose a design icon that is best for you and with over 50 icons to choose from you are sure to find the perfect one. If you...Read More
You always hear in the fashion and blog world people discussing the “mom on the go” this phrase is used to describe a clothing style and personal image. Moms on the go are chic, put together, and in control. Moms on the go also know how to get things done; while always looking cool calm and collected. In order to help keep up their “togetherness” these ladies require a few tools to help them stay that way. Look to American Stationery for your stationery and desk accessory needs. We offer several products to help you gain and keep the elusive Mom on the go status. Browse through our collections. Each collection has matching (and sold separately) pieces. All sets have a calendar which is a must for marking down all the important dates coming up. From your office meetings, to dental appointments and the PTO fundraiser. Every calendar is printed with 52 removable 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheets. Every week you will tear away a sheet and fill in the next leaving you with an extra feeling of accomplishment. This fun and functional item allows you to keep up with all that is going on in your busy, and fabulous...Read More
With summer upon us, many of us have just finished up with the school year. The last lunch money has been sent in, the teacher gifts delivered, and the report cards have been received. A lot of children will soon be going off to summer camps. Whether it be for just a week or six, summer camp is something most children who are fortunate to partake in look forward to. Friendships are made some lasting a lifetime, new skills are learned and independence is gained. But, while that growing independence feels great for both child and parent, missing your young one is inevitable. Before sending them off think about purchasing some stationery for them, to help keep them in touch. Bugs Galore Notes are vibrantly colored and practically covered in goofy little critters. Your child’s name is printed boldly on the front. These folded notes are sure to delight your young wilderness camper and you as well when you receive them in the mail! These are sold in sets of 20 for $32.00. Don’t forget the matching address stickers. Have your home address pre-printed on them for easy use, especially for the younger camper. Is your son off to a sports...Read More
Lately folks seem to find almost any excuse to have a party. For some couples a traditional baby shower isn’t enough party. One of the most popular new party ideas for the expecting couple is that of the gender reveal party. This fun idea is great for the couple who wants to have a great time gearing up for parenthood. This is also a great choice for the family who is adding a second child after a long wait. The older child can take part and feel included in this fun and exciting event. You may be wondering of who all you should invite to this party. We would recommend just your closest family and friends and to keep it relatively low-key. That is of course if this party is to be separate from any other type of “shower” party that may be thrown for you. However, if the person throwing your shower would like to mend them together, and that works for you by all means go ahead. We must stress that if this does not coincide with a more traditional “baby shower” type of party that you make it clear when inviting guests that gifts are not requested....Read More
Keeping in touch is as easier as ever these days. Most of us walk around with a mini computer in our pockets every day. It can text, video chat, and send email. But, think about it, are you really communicating? Are you engaging in conversation? Letting someone know how you feel? Thanking them for a gift they sent or are you simply sharing jokes, and checking in? This is why, now more than ever it is so very important to send a handwritten note.  Many would say why wait for it to travel through the mail when we can contact someone across the globe within minutes? Well, formality for one. Formality is one of the main reasons handwritten items are still very important. Sure, telling people you are having a last minute BBQ via text message is perfectly acceptable. But, the Labor Day BBQ and pool party that you host every year, certainly needs a mail delivered invitation. The great aunt who lives half-way across the country always sends you a birthday card with a gift card to your favorite mall store, deserves a handwritten note. Tell her how much it’s appreciated that she always remembers you, and remembers your...Read More
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