Earth Child / Eco-Chic If you live for a cause and that cause is saving the planet, do not think you cannot respect the earth and use stationery at the same time. Today’s stationers offer more choices than ever of recycled papers and earth-friendly, soy-based inks. Some papers have partial recycled content while others utilize 100% post-consumer waste. Select natural fiber, unbleached paper for a chemical free alternative. Another way to achieve ecological balance is by choosing a supplier close to your home or who is certified as a carbon-neutral enterprise. (See our Eco-Friendly Stationery) A Formal Affair Have you always dreamed of growing up to be Emily Post? Showcase your excellent etiquette with formal personalized stationery. Formal designs include monogrammed style with three scripted initials standing as the only personalization on your stationery, as well as fine embossing, foil engraving, or raised ink styles. A nice finishing touch to your formal communication is a real wax seal. You can use a seal with an iconic symbol such as a flower or trefoil, or make it ultra personal with a family shield or custom initial design. If you are not quite ready for the hot wax gun, a personalized gold or...Read More
The age of texting and email has not killed off the ancient art of handwriting. In fact, sending good, old-fashioned personal notes is becoming more popular than ever. With so much of our communications being electronic, people are recognizing the human-touch value of a solid piece of paper in handwritten ink. But do not think writing a note has to look old fashioned. We are not talking about your grandmother’s stationery. You can find a wide assortment of customized and personalized stationery that will make a statement all about you. If you have not shopped for stationery in a while it is alright.  Over the next couple days, we will list of some of the different personalities you can express with your own personalized stationery. The Adventurer  There are many stationery styles for the globetrotting adventurer. Some papers incorporate classic geometric designs of traditional cultures such as a Moroccan tile motif or Swiss floral design. Other choices include tropical hibiscus patterns or safari animal prints in non-traditional colors such as fuchsia or hot lime green. A new trend in stationery with a more casual personality is cards with a stick figure or cartoon person that can be customized to your choice of hair and skin...Read More
I have gotten many questions about the best personal stationery for men.   Having years of retail experience and a husband and 2 sons, I have learned that there is a certain look 8 out of 10 men choose.   Correspondence Cards are generally preferred over a folded note.   Paper colors range from white, ivory, light grey to beige/sand. A light blue can also be a good choice. Font styles are usually tailored and a block style. Favored ink colors are black, grey, navy and brown. Hunter green and burgundy run a close second. I also discovered that men like blind embossing.   When it comes to envelopes, a return address on the envelope back flap is considered a great convenience. Envelope liners are up for grabs. Some men like them while others think they are unnecessary. I personally think that lining envelopes adds individuality and style. Often I would add a lining to my husband’s and sons’ rather bland stationery choices.   Below are some of my favorite correspondence cards and therefore recommendations for the men in your life.                      5115       Slender hand bordered panel card                      1490       All in One Card                      6559       Corinthian Card                      3525       Diplomat Card                      3120       Embossed Border Card –...Read More
Finally our long awaited football season is here! This time of year is a happy time for most of us guys and many ladies too. Mild days and cool nights add up to hanging out with our friends having a few drinks and snacks catching up between plays and rooting for our favorite team. I don’t know about all of you but, I really enjoy having my friends over to watch the big game at my place. There is just something about being on your own turf that eases the game day anxiety not just for the player but for the fans as well.   American Stationery now offers the Big Football Invitation. With a neutral color palate (as to not cater to any teams) this card let’s me get the word out as soon as I can that this year the big game is going to be watched from my house. With matching address labels it really takes all of the hassle out of the planning so that we can focus on getting ready for the game.   Or if you and say your wife or close pals met in a nearby college, why not host a tailgating party. As...Read More
It is now that time of year when many women are hoping for a tiny box under the tree. It’s true that many men will propose around the holidays. For a lot of us it is the only time of the year when we are around our family. So why not pop the question when visiting home. It also allows for your bride to show off her ring right away. It makes perfect sense to put the warmth of family, the holidays, and the glow in each other’s eyes.   When thinking of wedding season we know that not long off from the engagement can be the engagement party followed by a whole bunch of gatherings and parties.   That is where we come in. For your next event or party consider ordering our Classic Place Setting Invitation. Perfect design of a plate and utensils is not only classic, but gives the guests no hints as to your wedding theme. Whether you want it to be a surprise, or simply have not decided yet! This card offer a simple design with just enough room for the necessary wording. After all, no one likes to be bombarded with irrelevant information, especially when...Read More
Now that we are emerging into the throes of winter many of us have already begun dreaming about spring break, the first chance to break away from the bitter cold and get a taste of the many long lazy warm days to come.  Naturally if you are on vacation there will inevitably be a rainy day or two, especially if you are dealing with the beautiful yet often erratic weather that so many of our most beloved vacation getaways seem to have. Don’t let those rainy days dampen your vacation mood, cheer yourself up by writing your pals about your vacation adventures. May we suggest, purchasing the Natural Shells Notes. These new seashell styled notes are just the thing to take with you on vacation. This way you can share those wonderful moments as they happen with your friends and family. Sure you could stop and pick up some local postcards but, they lack the personalization and quality that our seashell notes have. Also, you won’t be able to fit the entire story of little Johnny’s reaction to his first crab on a tiny post card. The lovely light blue color is reminiscent of a crystal clear body of water and the...Read More
The Correspondence Card has become one of the most versatile items among the many stationery items available.  Correspondence cards can be used for short notes, informal invitations, thank you notes and several other occasions that may arise.  These cards are available in several different styles such as: hand bordered, embossed, embossed bordered and even plain with your personalization at the top.  Correspondence cards allow for writing on the front only, you should never write on the back.  If you need more space you may want to consider using a different form of stationery such as letter sheets.  Correspondence Cards can be used by both men and women; it just depends on style and design you choose.  For a masculine appeal, you may choose a card hand bordered in the color of your choice with your name or monogram printed or embossed at the top.  For a feminine look you may choose an ivory paper with your name or monogram printed or embossed at the top.  You may or may not choose to embellish your stationery with the return address on the envelopes for an extra charge.  Correspondence cards can even be used for corporate purposes.  Your company’s logo and name can be printed or embossed on...Read More
Letter sheets are offered in a variety of choices and styles, choosing the appropriate one can be complicated.  They can be embossed or printed and may also offer a straight edge, hand bordered, or even a deckled edge design.  The large variety of styles and choices should assure you that you will find the perfect design for your own individual taste. The beauty of personalized stationery is that you can make any design your own.  Any style can be personalized just for you.  If you wish to have an elegant design you may choose a design similar to our Embossed Pastel Stationery.  Embossing is the most elegant form of personalization offered.  Generally you can get these elegant notes in white or ecru paper and some printers even offer them in soft pink or blue.  For that extra touch of elegance, you may like some embossed letter sheets with a border around the edge. Another elegant form of personalized letter sheets are those with deckled edges.  The deckled edge on the stationery gives it a timeless look and feel.  Our Deckled Edge Vellum Stationery is a prime example and is offered in a variety of paper colors, ink colors and typestyles. If you prefer something a...Read More
Letter sheets are the formal paper in your stationery collection used for longer letters.  There are a few different sizes available. The note sheet measures 6 3/8" x 8 1/2" The standard letter sheet generally measures 6" x 7" The monarch letter sheet generally measures 7 1/4" x 10 7/8" The executive letter sheet measures 7 1/4" x 10 7/8" The size you select is usually a matter of taste, style and preference.  However, as they go up in size they become more formal.  The note sheets and monarch sheets are generally used for non-business correspondence.  One point of reference is the fact that some choose to run their executive stationery through a laser printer for correspondence at work.  If you choose to go this direction you will want to make sure that flat ink is an option.  Thermograved or "raised" ink tends to melt when ran through laser printers.  Thus, smearing the ink on the stationery. Letter sheets are generally suitable for any correspondence with others.  Letter sheets provide an elegant way to correspond in a very simple, tasteful manner.  If you prefer bright colors and fun whimsical designs you may want to choose the less formal memo sheets,...Read More
It’s never too early to be thinking of spring and all the things that come with that time of year. The hectic holiday season has come to a close and the air, while still crisp, holds promise of warmer weather. The season is that of new beginnings in a sense of the flowers and trees finally starting to bud. It is also the start of a likely hectic social calendar, from bridal and baby showers, to graduations and more. You will certainly want to make sure that you have plenty of correspondence on hand. For the lady’s social events (i.e. showers) we suggest purchasing our new pretty peonies note. This beautiful note card has a lovely bouquet of peonies displayed inside a wide border. Below the design features your name in a lovely script style. You then open up the note to reveal a large blank area, with plenty of room to write your congratulations or other personal message. With 20 in a box for just $32.00 this makes a great gift as well. All of your hosts will be asking where you got that lovely stationery from anyhow.