Have you found that your life is busier than ever? In our society, our lives are packed with a variety of activities to keep us going nonstop from dawn to dusk. Our days frequently become filled with routine habits, tasks, and chores. There’s a lot to be said for going to work everyday, taking the kids to soccer practice, and cleaning up around the house. But if you are like most people, you probably also crave a little “me” time every now and then. Though a trip to the spa or a day at the beach might sound like a great treat, let us suggest somethng a bit more simple and thoughtful. Try an evening of reading, writing, and relaxation. Pour yourself a hot cup of tea and instead of grabbing that book you have fallen asleep to every night for the past week, try reading a little history. No…not a history book – your history. Many people have a shoe box or a box of keepsakes buried in the closet or tucked away under the bed. There are a lot of wonderful memories out there in the letters of days gone by. Maybe you’II find that first love letter from...Read More
Here is an example of an entire thank you note for your reference: Dear Aunt Katrina, Thank you so much for letting me stay with you during my visit to New York.  Seeing the city was such a wonderful experience for me, and it wouldn’t have been possible without your generous hospitality.  Above all, it was so wonderful to spend some quality time with you and my sweet cousins.  Let’s not let so much time pass before we get together again…how about a summer vacation my way?  My home is always open to you and yours.  Thanks again. Love Kelly Read:  Tips for a Professional Thank You  |  Tips for a General Thank You
We’ve given you a guide for writing the perfect thank you note, now here are a few tips on what not to do when writing a thank you note. Don’t send a thank you email.  This is really too impersonal.  It shows that you didn’t want to take the time or effort to write an actual thank you. Don’t write, “Thanks for the gift.  It was great!”  You should always mention the gift when writing a thank you.  That way the giver knows that you know which gift was from them. Don’t use pencil.  Pencil is temporary and often times messy.  Use black or blue ink. Don’t type your thank you.  Again, this is too impersonal.  You should hand write the thank you using ink. Don’t mention dollar amounts.  It is tacky to thank she person for the $40 they sent.  Instead say, “Thank you for your generous gifts.  It was really appreciated.” Read:  Tips for a Professional Thank You  |  Tips for a General Thank You  |  Thank You Note Example
Everyone Enjoys getting gifts, right?  The person giving the gift needs to know how much you enjoyed it.  An easy way to let them know this is by writing a thank you note.  Here are a few general tips to help you write the perfect thank you note. Greet the Gift Giver How formal you want to be here will depend on your relationship with the person as well as the message you want to convey.  You don’t have to start addressing your sister as “To My Dear Ms. Emily Kate Witherspoon” just because you are thanking her for a lavish birthday gift.  On the other hand, if you want to show respect to your great Aunt Beatrice by following traditional etiquette, you might not want to scribble “Hey Aunt Bea.”  Follow the path that feels right to you…just make sure to mention the gift giver by name. Say Thanks This seems like it would be the easy part, but for some reason it’s usually not that simple.  Don’t get stuck…just say it!  If “thank you for the pretty bouquet of flowers” sounds like an overly simple sentence to you, it’s because it is…and that’s what makes it so perfect. ...Read More
Did you have a crazy week? Call the girls and kick up your feet! Every woman needs some girlfriends to hang out with and unwind from a busy week. These girls can be mothers, sisters, aunts, friends or co-workers. You can go out or stay in, all you need are girls, good food and with that will most likely come laughter. Laughter is like medicine to the body. Give everyone the 411 on where and when they can meet for girls’ night with these invitations made specifically for girls’ night out.  If you are the cocktail type we have Girls Night Out Party Invitations that will be great for your evening together. These festive invitations are funky and bright, sure to bring all the girls to the party.   A few ideas for girls’ night include: ·         Movie Night- you can go out to the movies and get popcorn and a coke or you can grab a chick flick and relax at a girlfriend’s house. For an eclectic selection, have each of your friends bring her favorite movie ·          Poker Night- this is not only for the guys, girls can have some fun playing poker with the Poker face ·        ...Read More
One of the most important things in life is becoming a parent. The trials of parenthood can be troublesome at times but the enjoyment outweighs the troubles. Soon to be parents have a long to do list from getting the baby room ready, getting clothes, blankets, bottles, and the other necessities. Don’t forget preparing a baby shower. Whether the soon to be parents, relatives, or friends are the ones throwing the party, they can use some help in getting ready. Finding the right baby shower invitation can be hectic. Looking for an elegant, cute, fun, pink, blue, or whatever type of invitation you want is not always easy. American Stationery has recently begun selling baby shower invitations. Here are a few ideas when looking for the right baby shower invitation. PINK STRIPE INVITATIONS or BLUE STRIPE BABY SHOWER INVITATIONS A combination of cute and fun, these baby shower invites add that adorable touch to your baby shower. These invitations come in either pink stripes or blue stripes to go along with the color theme for each gender. Featured across the top of the invitation is a string of cute little animals: giraffe, elephant, lion, and turtle. Below the animals is a...Read More
Baby showers are a fantastic way to announce a pregnancy, celebrate the parents to be, and commemorate the pending arrival of that precious bundle of joy! Though traditionally thrown for the mom and baby, it is becoming more common to have couples showers or even showers for the dad-to-be. Growing popularity has been to have more than one shower, though this is purely based on personal preference. Baby showers are generally thrown for the expectant family’s first baby. In recent years it has become more common to throw a shower for the first baby as well as the first of a different gender (i.e. if the first baby is a girl, then a shower may be thrown again when the couple is expecting a boy). Showers can be hosted by anyone and can be thrown at any time during the pregnancy, and even shortly after the birth. There aren’t any set dos or don’ts for baby showers, but one thing is certain: your baby shower invitations can set the tone for the fabulous party you are throwing! Shower invitations announce the date, time, and location for your party. Be sure to include a phone number or email address for questions and...Read More
Etiquette is a word that simply describes set of rules that tells us what society thinks is acceptable behavior. Following these rules may lead to longer, more comfortable relationships with others. When we understand what others expect of us we tend to feel more comfortable. Therefore making our relationships with others more significant and most of all more personal. Etiquette we use in everyday life can be related to the etiquette we use when sending a letter. Be courteous and use common sense. Common sense is the foundation of etiquette. If you are inviting people to a wedding, a party, or any other event…there is specific information that must be included. The guests need to know who is inviting them to what function, time and place. Courtesy is vital to etiquette as well. Some would include courtesy with common sense. However, they can and often do exist independently. You need to be sure to include both in any correspondence. Courtesy goes a long way in strengthening a relationship. Etiquette is our societal standards, so keep in mind that customs that were considered proper 20 years ago might seem a little out of place today. Times change and so does etiquette....Read More
What is a gift enclosure card and why do you need them? These versatile cards are not very big… less than 3×4 inches; but they make a huge impact when they accompany your gift. I like to use these cards when I want to write a quick line for the recipient. “Thanks for your hospitality!” … “Thanks for watching our dog while we were away.” … “I enjoyed working on this project with you.” … “Congratulations!” … “Thanks for being such a reliable babysitter.” … “We’re glad you’re our next door neighbors.” Any heartfelt sentiment looks larger than life on these practical little cards. Gift enclosure cards can be tucked inside a gift bag, taped to a package or attached to a bottle of wine with a ribbon. Gift enclosure cards also add a touch of class to a bouquet of flowers you pick up at the local grocery store! A sticky label the size of your thumb is a good way to indicate who a gift is for and who it’s from. Using a personalized or monogrammed gift enclosure card makes a fabulous impression—and it won’t get tossed out with the wrapping paper it’s permanently stuck to. American Stationery also sells...Read More
Here are a few tips to help you write the perfect professional thank you note. Write it ASAP It’s never too early to thank someone for his or her professional help, or for loyal and continued business.  If you are thanking someone for a job interview, you should mail the letter within 24 hours. Address the recipient by name Whenever possible, address your letter to a specific person, and refer to him or her again by name and/or title within the body of the letter.  If you can, refer to specific experiences or instances the person will remember.  You don’t want the letter to sound like a generic form you send to anybody and everybody. Use quality stationery E-mail has become increasingly acceptable in our society, but if you want to stand out from the crown, a hand-written note is the way to go.  Customized stationery or letterhead lends itself to the professional and memorable image you want to portray. Get to the point. Thank the person for their time, advice, or business.  Do not be overly dramatic or make grand gestures or promises you can’t keep.  You want to be sincere and succinct. Proofread! There are few things more...Read More
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