You have gone to great lengths to get where you are in life. Your family, your name, and your position are causes for pride and celebration. Consider personalizing your surroundings with items that highlight this love. Not only will personalized accents stand out, but they will make an impression on everybody who sees them.   In times of old, a family’s heritage was proudly displayed on a coat of arms passed down from generation to generation. Many families also possessed a seal which was used to authenticate documents, letters, and other correspondence. In many parts of western Europe, these symbols of tradition are still used to this day.   Monograms go back to hundreds of years BC. Used as signatures by artists or craftsmen, a monogram is an overlapping combination of letters usually representing the initials of a person or business. The traditional 3-letter monogram has a person’s last name in a larger font that is centered. The first name initial is usually to the left, with the middle initial to the right. Monograms of this type are often used on towels, clothing, and luggage.   Class and elegance didn’t die with the Renaissance, they just faded into the background...Read More
We have all used dinner napkins. They beautify our dinner tables and add a touch of sophistication to our meals. Despite the widespread popularity of napkins, the users of this table linen seem to know very little about it. It is almost as if dinner napkins are meant to magically appear on our dining tables when we are ready for dinner. A lot of people know nothing about buying dinner napkins and how to differentiate a good one from a bad one. Perhaps that is why people are becoming increasingly comfortable with the use of one-time napkins. One-time napkins are quite convenient, but they simply pale in comparison to a linen dinner napkin. Purpose of Dinner Napkins Dinner napkins serve three simple practical functions. They are used to prevent spillages, mop up spillages, and keep our mouths and fingers clean during a meal. They are particularly useful during meals where we really like to dig into the food. If you are having a simple veggie sandwich, then a dinner napkin need not be called into action. However, if you are slicing up a beautifully cooked roast turkey or rolling up spaghetti around your fork, then you should have a dinner...Read More