The following is a brief outline of the tools within our Live Edit preview system. You will see the tools available within this tool bar: This users guide will go into depth on each of these tools and explain how to use them later. For now, let us get familiar with each of the tools and what they can do. Features: Photo Upload — Upload personal photos to our designs and make them your own. Font Selection — Over 100 fonts to choose from! Font Size — Manipulate font size on a character by character, line by line basis. Font Stylizing — Stylize your personalization by using the bold, italic or underline tools. Font Justification —Justify your personalization on the left, right or center of your card. Font Color — Change the color of your personalization on a character by character, line by line basis. Line Spacing — Adjust the amount of space between lines to make room for more lines of personalization or to fill some empty space. Our Live Edit preview allows you to do many things that make customizing your holiday cards, invitations or announcements easy to do. If you are familiar with any word processing software...Read More
Live Edit Users Guide (continued) Font Color — The ability to adjust the color of your personalization on a character by character, word by word basis is also available through the Live Edit preview system. This feature is sure to make any design fit your taste. Simply double click the area of personalization you wish to edit and highlight the personalization you want to change. In the top center area of the preview window there is a small color window. Once you click the window a color palette will appear. You can select any color from the palette or if you know the RGB (Red, Green Blue) value of the color you can key that in manually. Line Spacing — Line Spacing is a tool that allows you to manipulate the amount of vertical space between lines of personalization. You can increase the amount of space between lines to fill in some space or you can decrease the line spacing between lines to make room for an extra line or two of personalization. Once you single click the text area you wish to change you will see the term “Leading” near the top center of the Live Edit preview window....Read More
Live Edit Users Guide (continued) Font Stylizing — There are over 100 fonts within the Live Edit preview system to choose from. However, if none of them really seem to be the perfect font you had in mind you might want to try the bold and italic features. Simply double click the personalization wish to alter. Highlight the text within the pop up box and click the bold or italic buttons located at the top and center of the Live Edit preview window. Here is what the font stylizing button looks like: Then click OK and your change will be applied. If you need to underline a specific part of your personalization or need to provide a place to write on you can use the underline tool. The underline tool is located right next to the bold and italic tools. The steps to product this affect are the same as those for the bold and italic tools. If you would like a blank line for a place to write a hand written message you can delete a line of personalization or simply hit enter to create a new line, click the underline button and simply press the space bar. Bold,...Read More
Live Edit Users Guide (continued) Editing font size — Edit font size in the Live Edit preview system is very similar to editing the font which we discussed in an earlier post. You can edit the font size of you personalization on a character by character, word by word, line by line basis. To get started simply double click the personalization you wish to change. If you have already double click to change the font, you can simply leave the pop up box open and make the font size change before clicking ok to apply the changes. Once you have the personalization pop up box open simply highlight the portion of personalization you wish to change. It’s as simple as clicking and dragging. Now that you have highlighted the portion of personalization you want to change look to the top of the Live Edit preview window. Next to the font drop down you will see another drop to the immediate right. The number seen in the drop down is the current font size of the highlighted personalization. Click the down arrow and use the scroll bar to view the available font sizes. At this point you can do one of...Read More
Live Edit Users Guide (continued) Font Selection — As mentioned previously, if you have any experience with word processing software font selection should be a routine task. If you are not experienced in word processing don’t worry; it is a relatively easy thing to do and we are going to walk through it together right now. First, double click the portion of the design’s sample personalization you wish to change. The sample wording should appear in a box with a cancel and ok buttons at the bottom. Use your cursor to highlight the sample personalization or your own personalization. Simply click and hold the button down near the beginning of the personalization and drag the cursor to where the personalization ends. If you wish to only change the font for only a portion of the personalization simply click where you wish the change to start and drag to where you wish for the change to stop. The sample wording or your own personalization if you have already keyed it in should have a black background behind it. This black background is letting you know that the personalization has been selected. Now, in the top left corner of the Live Edit...Read More
Live Edit Users Guide (continued) In the previous post we covered the tools available through our Live Edit preview system. In this post we will explain each available tool in depth, as well as explain how to use each tool in a step by step fashion. Our Live Edit preview system was designed to empower our customers to customize our products and make them their own with as little confusion as possible. That being said, we realize things can get complicated when allowing this much flexibility and we want to help if confusion should occur. So here it is, a how to walk through. Photo Upload — Photo products are extremely popular with our customers. Live Edit makes it easy to upload your favorite photos to our products. Simply double click the sample image in the preview, then click the browse button. Once you locate the image you wish to upload, select the file, click the open button and then click the ok button within the Live Edit dialog box. For products with multiple photos on the design just repeat the steps above for each sample photo shown. Uploading the file will take a few moments depending on the size...Read More
Our Live Edit personalization and preview engine allows you to make any of our designs your own. The Live Edit engine provides you with tools similar to those included in contemporary word processing programs, empowering you to create something truly unique. You can select from a list of several fonts, make your text bold or italicized, and align your text to the left, right or center. For advanced word processing users, Live Edit also features the ability to change these font characteristics on a line by line or character by character basis. You can even adjust the spacing between lines. You can do as much or as little to our placeholder text as you wish. You end up with a card that matches your tastes and sense of style. Aside from all that you can do to create a personal message on our Live Edit products, many of our designs also allow you to upload your favorite photo(s) for many occasions. Family photos are great for your annual holiday cards. Photos of the children are great for birthday invitations or birth announcements as well. Live Edit eliminates all the guessing! And the process is simple to follow: Find a design...Read More