We’ve all become accustomed to emails and text messages, neither of which requires us to write in complete sentences or even complete words! The result is that some of us have literally forgotten how to sit down and write a cohesive, logical, thoughtful letter. If you are feeling stuck, you are not alone! Simply ask yourself the following questions. Jot down your answers on a piece of scratch paper, and keep your notes close as you begin drafting your letter. By incorporating your answers into your letter, you’ll be sure to say what you want to say in exactly the way you want to say it. To whom am I writing? Consider your reader’s point of view. Put yourself in his or her place and envision how you might react upon receiving the same note. How do you want them to respond or react? (i.e. Happy, sympathetic, encouraging, grateful, etc.) What am I trying to say? Sometimes we all need to go back to basics when it comes to communication. Think about the most important thing you wish to get across in your letter. It may just be a word or two. (i.e. I miss you, I’m sorry, I need...Read More
Whether you’re planning a first birthday party or a celebration with 100 candles, it should always be a happy and festive occasion. So it’s important to you and your friends and loved ones that everything goes well… Is the birthday boy/girl shy and withdrawn or outgoing and ready to have a good time and party? Experts suggest that you plan around their temperament at this age. If your 2 year old is going through the clinging, make the world go away stage; simply invite a few favorite relatives over for a celebration of cake and ice cream. You don’t want to ruin their big day! It can be overwhelming, especially for toddlers, by having a large number of people around all at once. About three to eight friends is good, depending on your social circle. Parents may need to stay with the toddler, so you should have plenty of help and support from beginning to end. Remember, your child will only just be learning to relate to other children, so you should not expect great levels of cooperation from them. If your child is more the center of attention or bouncing off the walls type, and you’re sure they will...Read More
Worried about penning a letter without the "safety net" of your trusty word processor, its spell check function and backspace button? Here’s a list of some of the most commonly misspelled words you can use to check your words before you put pen to paper on that beautiful new stationery. Misspelling: Correct Spelling: Alot A lot Acceptible Acceptable Acheive Achieve Beleive Believe Calender Calendar Conshence Conscience Definately Definitely Embarass Embarrass Neibor Neighbor Occured Occurred Percieve Perceive Recieve Receive Reccomend Recommend Seperate Separate Sincerly Sincerely Supercede Supersede Suprise Surprise Untill Until Tommorrow Tomorrow Wether Weather Wierd Weird Don’t forget these commonly misused rules too: Their / they’re / there (Their is possessive, they’re stands for "they are," there is a place!) Its / It’s (Use the apostrophe only if "it’s" is replacing "it is") All ready / already (All ready means completely ready. Already means before the present time) Too / Two / To (Too means "in addition," two is a number, to is used for everything else)
Bevel A beveled edge is the precise angle cut along the edge of the bevel edge cards. Bright-White Paper stock that is crisp, clean and the purest shade of white. Most often used for letterhead and envelopes. Blind Emboss Blind emboss is a technique in which the impression of an uninked image is pressed into a sheet of paper. The image is raised on the paper. Calligraphy Calligraphy is a traditional form of beautiful handwriting. Elegant, stylized letters are hand-written using a pen or ink and a brush. Correspondence cards Correspondence cards are single-sided stationery notes that can be plain or adorned and serve many functions. They can be used for short notes, thank yous, informal invitations, and more. Ecru Often used to describe fabrics like linen and silk in the natural, unbleached state, ecru is a warm, very pale beige. Ecru coordinates well with an ivory color scheme. Emboss Embossing is the process of creating a raised image on paper. It is accomplished by pressing the paper against a three-dimensional die, creating the raised image. Deboss Debossing is a process similar to embossing, but the image is pressed into the paper as opposed to being raised. Envelope Lining Glossy paper...Read More
To get the ultimate in creative versatility you should choose a bold, basic, beautifully crafted stationery. It will be perfect for any occasion that may come up; thus it’s always a good idea to keep a supply of both sensible and stylish stationery. Whether you want the up to date color combinations in your stationery or want to keep things understated and tasteful, there is a stationery set to match your style. If tailored and streamlines are what you’re looking for then look no farther than our Classic Correspondence Cards. Available in white or ivory with a variety of ink colors they are sophisticated without becoming stuffy. Suitable for both men and women, any one of our "Hand Bordered Stationery" choices are stylish and timeless. Our Embossed Triple Bordered Notes are a completely versatile choice for all your stationery needs. These are perfect for thank you notes, gift tags, condolence letters, or just a quick hello letter. The Bold Bordered Correspondence Cards prove that timeless can still be stylish. These colorful bordered cards are sure to be a hit for years to come.
Single-panel correspondence cards are the ultimate in versatile stationery. They can be used for informal notes, thank you cards, invitations and so much more. When you give the gift of personalized correspondence cards, you give the gift of style. Here is just a sampling of the types of everyday and special events that the gift of correspondence cards can make even more memorable: Back to School Gifts Perfectly Preppy Correspondence Cards send your favorite students back to school in style.   Housewarming Gifts Customized address labels make the perfect "welcome to your new home" gift. For an even more timeless present, try this stylish and reusable address stamp.      Any Occasion Gifts. . . Literally Luxurious, plain white correspondence cards paired with your favorite pattern are both simple and chic for your loved ones of all ages and styles.   Anniversary Gifts A simple, versatile set of stationery that works for both him and her is the perfect way to congratulate them on their years together. Consider our indulgent correspondence gift set.   Hostess Gifts Next time you are invited to dinner or to a party, do not show up with the standard bottle of wine. Opt instead for a festive set of...Read More
Even the most discerning environmentalist on your list will find plenty of uses for personalized stationery. Give them the gift of eco-friendly notes so they can communicate in style without sacrificing their environmentalist sentiments. Eco Chic Cards Giving an entirely new meaning to the term "go green," these Eco Chic Cards are made of completely recycled paper stock in chic colors, and printed with soybased ink. See more of our Eco-Friendly Stationery
Do you want your children to learn the art of letter writing but have difficulty getting them to have fun with it? The following designs are sure to make writing enjoyable and will go a long way in teaching your children to write those thank you notes and perhaps not so much email. Dump Truck Notes – These notes, designed by Dinky Designs, are perfect for the little guy in your family. They are perfect for thank you notes as well as typical correspondence. The notes are personalized with a name and measure 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" and boast Dinky Designs’ signature colorful inside. The size of this fold note leaves plenty of space on the inside for a message of thanks. Pretty Princess Notes – These notes, similar to the Dump Truck Notes, are perfect for the little princess in the family. The note features an enchanted castle and the little girl’s name on the front. These notes also feature the colorful inside made famous by all of Dinky Designs products. To enhance the fun make sure to order matching stickers and labels! Sports Fanatic Notes – These fold notes are another one in Dinky Designs’ collection. These notes are perfect for...Read More