Do you have about a million invitations to send out? Maybe you are getting married soon, or your not-so-little baby has just graduated from high school. Are you hosting an anniversary party or a holiday get-together? Whatever the case may be, you need to send out invitations to all your friends and family. Although you are excited and a little anxious for your gathering, you also have a lot of work to do! The invitations are only a fraction of the things that have to get done. Although the menu, decor, and music may seem like big ticket items and important to-dos, your invitations are equally essential. After all, what is a party without any guests? So you have your invitations all picked out and ready to go, but you have to write all of the addresses on the envelopes. This can be very time-consuming! If you mess up an address or write it a little sloppy, you may have to trash that envelope and do it all over again. There is a simple solution for this nit-picky problem: labels! You can order dozens to hundreds of labels with your address on them for both the envelope you are mailing...Read More
Your language and behavior is different while being at work in a professional manner rather than hanging out in the back yard with friends, or at least we hope it is. Part of that difference is in the language, a difference not just in the words we use but in what is called tone. We also recall being told, when we were very young, not to “use that tone of voice with me, Mister “. Just as the pitch and volume of one’s voice carry a difference in tone from street to business, the choice of words and the way we put our sentences together convey a sense of tone in our writing. The tone, in turn, conveys our attitude toward our audience and our subject matter. Are we being frivolous or serious, casual or formal, sweet or stuffy? The choice of a single word can change the tone of a paragraph, even an entire essay. Ivory Embossed Border Stationery – Plain Monarch Sheets (4915) Ivory Embossed Border Stationery – Plain Monarch Sheets 1 Box = 50 Sheets Size: 7 1/4″ x 10 7/8″ Embossed Border Stationery – Social (4912) Classic vellum letterhead with embossed border. Appropriate for business or...Read More
The time has come to order some personalized stationery for you, a family member or close friend.  By the way, stationery makes a GREAT gift!!!  You have picked out the style of stationery (letter sheet, folded note or correspondence card), the paper color, the printing method (thermography, blind embossing or flat print) and the color of ink . . . now comes the proper personalization!!!  I will break this down by the person who will be using the stationery and give you options ranging from very formal and traditional to casual and most often used. Single girl or young woman     Miss Ashley Anne Jones            Most formal & traditional     Ashley Anne Jones     Ashley Jones                Popular Choice     Ashley                    Casual & Popular Choice     AAJ                    Initial – with or without periods         AJA*                    Monogram & Popular Choice *When creating a monogram, the center letter is the initial of the last name and always larger. The right hand letter is for the first name and the left hand letter is for the middle or maiden name. Married lady using her name only...Read More
Question: On the bottom of my daughters birthday invitation I would like to give some ideas on things she likes since I am always asked what she is “into” at this time. Is that appropriate? Debra The Everyday Etiquette Answer: Debra, It is never appropriate to offer written gift ideas on a party invitation. I know that you would be doing this as a convenience for the guests; however, this could be misinterpreted as “legislating” what gifts your daughter is to receive. If the guests want gift suggestions, they will ask and then you may offer some ideas. Thank you for asking Everyday Etiquette. I hope the birthday party is a huge success. Ms. Carey
Question: What is the proper amount of time for thank you notes? Does the time depend on the gift/event? Ed The Everyday Etiquette Answer: Dear Ed, I have always said, “the sooner the better!” When thanking someone for a gift you received, a week is a good rule of thumb. However, always remember that a later thank you is better than no thank you. When writing thank you notes for wedding gifts, you would definitely have more time, though I don’t subscribe to the year time frame that some sources do. Get those notes out as soon as the gifts start rolling in! The same holds true for a thank you note for any special event. Promptness and heartfelt thanks are always appreciated and proper. I hope this helps you out. Ms. Carey
Question: I wanted to buy embossed note cards for my nephew and his wife and wanted to put their initials on the front of the card. His name is Phil, hers is Amber and their last name is M___. Is it proper to put PMA on the front of the card or should you not do that? Rosie The Everyday Etiquette Answer: Dear Rosie, What a thoughtful gift for your nephew and his wife! Everyone needs and enjoys receiving personalized stationery. It is one of my favorite gifts to give. The joint monogram is very popular today. It is proper to put this monogram on the front of a folded note. Traditionally, it should read as follows…AMP. You will note that Amber’s initial is first – the M for M___ is second and larger – Phil’s initial is last. Be sure to look at all the great choices available on American Stationery’s web site and have fun selecting the perfect gift. Ms. Carey
Every now and then it is necessary to write a sympathy note to a friend, a family member or a business associate.  This can be a daunting task because you want to say the right thing trying to make the recipient feel better. The first thing that you must decide is to whom you should send your sympathies.  If it is a relative or spouse of a friend or work associate, you would send the note to your friend or associate.  When the deceased is your friend or work associate, you would send your condolences to the deceased’s spouse, significant other or oldest child.  In the workplace you may also participate in a “group” expression of sympathy.  This is good way to go unless you worked closely with the deceased or family member of the deceased.  In this case, a personal condolence would be a better option. You should try to get your note in the mail as soon as you hear about the death.  If for some reason some time has elapsed, send the note even if it is a month or so after the death.  I always say . . . better late than never! A sympathy note...Read More
Have you ever met a child (or an adult for that matter) who likes to write thank you notes? It is an unwritten rule that a gift should be acknowledged promptly.  A handwritten note is really a way of showing appreciation for the item and the gesture.  Thank you notes make the gift giver feel appreciated, and these notes reinforce the importance of gratitude in today’s world.   You may be thinking that all this makes sense, but how do I get my child or teen to actually write a note.  Here are some age appropriate tips to make this process go from a chore to a tolerable (even pleasant) experience.  First and foremost, as an adult you must set the example.  If your children see you writing thank you notes, they will come to realize that this is the right thing to do.     Of course you will do the corresponding on the behalf of your infant and toddler.   Since you as the adult will write the note, you can choose whatever stationery you like.  I suggest that is personalized with the child’s name and have a whimsical feel since it is being written on behalf of the...Read More
You have to agree . . . a thank you means so-o-o-o much!   Today there are many ways to thank someone for a gift, dinner, party & so on.  You can say thanks . . .    – in person    -on the phone    -via email    -by writing a noteI don’t care how old you are, it is always fun to open your mail box and see a note (not a bill or junk mail) addressed to you.  I call it a smile in the mail box.  Writing a personal note lets the recipient know how much you appreciate their act of kindness.  When someone takes the time – not to mention the $$$ – to pick out a gift, prepare a meal, entertain you, etc., a personally written note is the most proper method of saying thank you.  It exemplifies my RST theory (respect, sincerity & thoughtfulness).   Writing a brief but thoughtful thank you note can be quite easy.  I prefer using my personalized folded notes or correspondence cards.  The American Stationery Company has a fabulous selection of such stationery ranging from very traditional to fun and whimsical.  There is no need to look any further when it comes to...Read More
I have gotten many questions about the best personal stationery for men.   Having years of retail experience and a husband and 2 sons, I have learned that there is a certain look 8 out of 10 men choose.   Correspondence Cards are generally preferred over a folded note.   Paper colors range from white, ivory, light grey to beige/sand. A light blue can also be a good choice. Font styles are usually tailored and a block style. Favored ink colors are black, grey, navy and brown. Hunter green and burgundy run a close second. I also discovered that men like blind embossing.   When it comes to envelopes, a return address on the envelope back flap is considered a great convenience. Envelope liners are up for grabs. Some men like them while others think they are unnecessary. I personally think that lining envelopes adds individuality and style. Often I would add a lining to my husband’s and sons’ rather bland stationery choices.   Below are some of my favorite correspondence cards and therefore recommendations for the men in your life.                      5115       Slender hand bordered panel card                      1490       All in One Card                      6559       Corinthian Card                      3525       Diplomat Card                      3120       Embossed Border Card –...Read More
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