Having a baby is one of life’s major milestones. There is so much that goes into it with the childbirth classes, sleepless nights, midnight cravings, shopping and all those doctor appointments. Then after your little bundle is here, life is forever busy. It’s a good thing you got used to it while pregnant! We know how much work it is to have a new baby in the home. So, whether it’s her first child or her fourth every mom deserves a gift during this special time in her life. Did you know that one of the most troublesome parts of becoming a mom is the isolation that mothers often feel? You’re cooped up most if not all the day for weeks on end with no one but a baby to talk to. It can feel very difficult.  Why not purchase God’s Messages Book for the new mother in your life? Item number 8161 is $5.50 and makes the perfect gift to have on hand when she feels stressed or blessed. This book is full of inspiring words to help her for all of life’s ups and downs. She will definitely feel as though you not only care, but understand what she is...Read More
With Valentine’s Day around the corner your days of thinking about gifts are not over. And we don’t just mean for your sweetheart. What about your children and grandchildren? This holiday is about love and with that in mind isn’t it important to get a little something for all of those that you are holding very close to your heart? At American Stationery not only do we have fantastic gifts for grown up sweeties, but for our pint sized sweeties as well. It’s likely that they will hand make or purchase valentines from the department store days ahead. It is also likely that a few nights before they will painstakingly write the names of each child from their classroom down on the little card. Maybe seal them with a sticker or even some candy. The anticipation of the Valentine’s Day party at school will have them anxious the night before and when they come home that evening even more excited. While Bobby knows that you just had to give everyone a valentine, he can’t help but think the one with the teddy bear blowing a kiss from Hayley was chosen especially for him. And so the excitement of love begins. But, that...Read More
The hustle and bustle of Christmas and New Year’s is now over. But, just when you feel like you are getting back into the swing of things, you remember about Valentine’s Day. For Valentine’s Day we often think of many different things. The color pink, heart shaped paper valentines, cherubs, flowers and many more things. A little research suggests that flowers have been given on Valentine’s Day for several hundred years, whether to ward off evil spirits by surrounding the loved one in a lovely scent, to sending secret messages that are tied to each flower. For instance it is said that daisies indicate both beauty and purity while the red rose signifies love. It is said that whole bouquets would be sent in ancient times and would translate an entire message to the recipient with out a word written down. While, there is much debate on why flowers tend to be the most popular gift given on Valentine’s Day, there is no denying that it is so. Red roses have long been the traditional favorite but, in recent years with the advancement in shipping etc. couples are able to give and receive just about any flower no matter if...Read More
In today’s classrooms, teachers need all the extra help they can get. Classroom populations are at an all time high. Many classes even at quality rural schools have an excess of 25 children per one teacher in the classroom. We all know that the smaller the classroom size the more ideal it is for the educational process. It makes sense because of course we work better when there is less noise and distraction. Many classrooms request parents to come in and help. This help can range from volunteering for field trips, to helping organize crafts, and bringing in snacks. Volunteers and “class moms” are present in virtually every classroom. Unfortunately, a lot of the time teachers struggle to find these volunteers. But, once they have a few good ones of course they want to hang on to them. While, we know teachers are over worked and under paid it makes sense that they would want to thank their volunteers. This is incredibly kind of them because, we know it’s proper to purchase them gifts as a way to thank them for all the work they do but, they don’t have to purchase gifts for their volunteers. Not receiving material or monetary...Read More
With the holidays behind us the “season” of gift giving has come and gone for a while but that is not to say that we are done purchasing gifts. As there are many reasons to purchase gifts throughout the year. Many of us work in office settings and as such have several colleagues many of whom we work closely with on a daily basis. Some we come to develop a bond with; even at times a friendship and so we naturally feel compelled to buy them something for their birthday. But, once word gets round that you bought them a gift others may feel left out. So, while we would never encourage you to purchase a gift for every staff member’s birthday we will provide some tips for gifts for those colleagues whom you work closely with but, you aren’t necessarily “best friends”. Remember when you worked so closely with Jennifer on the new account? Remember how she never had problem bringing both of you a latte but, always forgot her pen? So you loaned her yours daily for a week. When her birthday comes around why not purchase her one of our Sheaffer® pens? These beautiful ball point pens...Read More