Our current job market is tougher than ever. There are so many young, eager and qualified persons out there that are out of work and looking for a job.With such a competitive job market it is an absolute necessity that you find an edge. Something that will set you apart from all of those other mid-twenty somethings vying for the same job. Many of whom have a resume that looks very similar to your own. One of the ways to set yourself out from the rest is by having your own supply of personalized stationery and using it. Once you have finished your job interview, you know that it is proper etiquette to follow up with your interviewer by thanking them for their time and for considering you as a candidate for the position. Why not follow up with a note jotted down on a correspondence card that bears your name at the top. This formal yet, understated piece of stationery tells your possible future employer that you are gracious and are willing to spend those few extra moments to write an honest and personal thank you. Unfortunately in these times our world insists that faster is better, and is...Read More
Have you thought about Christmas cards yet? Why not make this year’s Christmas card a photo card?American Stationery has so many different choices available to you it is so hard to pick just one. From the whimsical to the traditional, choosing the Christmas card design is almost as hard as choosing which family photo to display. Although, now that we mention it, the prices are so inexpensive you really could order a couple different boxes and make everybody happy? If not, there is always next year. We make it easy for you to order online, just a few clicks of the mouse and you’re ready to order. The photos can be conveniently uploaded straight to the website from your computer or disk. With a company that has been in business for over 90 years, you can put your worries to rest. In just a matter of about two weeks you will receive beautiful customized Holiday cards to your door.   Another terrific part about ordering your Holiday cards online from American Stationery? You can order ahead of time and beat the crowd! Plus you are just bound to feel good knowing you were the first among your friends and family...Read More
Imprintable birth announcements allow you to design and lay out the message you prefer to be printed on them rather than some wording a company may print on all their birth announcements. You can also use your favorite fonts and ink colors. The downside of buying blank birth announcements is…they are blank. You have to know what information to include on them. We’re here to help. Most birth announcements include the names of the parents, the name of the new baby, date and time of their birth, their birth weight and birth length. Optionally, some people choose to put the names of the baby’s siblings on the announcement as well. When you print the birth announcements yourself, there are no restrictions, include whatever information you feel people would want to know. Another advantage of choosing imprintable announcements is you can order the stock in advance and be ready to print them the day or day after the birth. Printed announcements from companies like American Stationery must be ordered after the birth of your child, as all the relevant information is unknown until that point. Unless the company offers a quick turnaround time, you risk losing a week or two before...Read More
Very few events are as exciting, as memorable or as joyous as the birth of a new baby. Birth announcements are a great way to share the details of your baby’s arrival with your family and friends. Birth announcements should announce the name of your baby to those who may not know, along with their date and time of birth, weight and length. You should also include where they were born. These special cards not only serve a wonderful purpose by allowing friends and family to celebrate your child’s birth with you, they are often kept as a keepsake for years to come. Parents have many options when selecting and designing birth announcements. Two of the most popular forms are customized birth announcements and printable birth announcements. Customized birth announcements are something you might get from a company like American Stationery. They are custom printed for you with your new baby’s information on a design you have chosen. Printable birth announcements, on the other hand, are announcements you print on your home computer. You select the design or style you like most, fill in the appropriate information, and when you receive the stock you print your announcements from home and mail them...Read More
Men do not typically sit and write letters for hours about personal matters. Most men prefer to write quick notes and be done. If they need to write a letter, they typically go for more formal stationery options. We have put together a quick reference guide if you’re looking for a nice gift for the man in your life. Correspondence Cards Men usually prefer flat stationery instead of folded note cards. Correspondence cards are generally in the 4″ by 6″ size range, made from heavyweight card stock, come with or without a border and are typically used for brief notes. They are simply flat cards that are used for shorter correspondence. Social Sheets These sheets are perfect for men, measuring somewhere around 6″ by 8″. Social-sized stationery simply folds in half and slips into matching envelopes. Excellent for quick letters. Men do write an occasional long letter. Be sure to order blank second sheets. You should not use a personalized sheet for a second page. Monarch Sheets Monarch Sheets, or executive stationery, generally measures 7″ by 10″ and are used for personal or business letters. Many paper and ink color choices are available, but color selection should be narrowed to...Read More
Sample: (1) January 15, 2008 (2) Dear Katrina, (3) I hope this letter finds you happy and healthy! Did you ring in the New Year in a fabulous way? It seems like so long ago that I last saw you. It’s hard to believe that it was just last month that we were celebrating the Holidays together! All is well on my end. I’m still enjoying work and school…and of course, the dogs are always keeping me busy! In my free time, I’ve been riding my bike and enjoying the great weather we’ve been having. I’ve read a few books lately that I think you’d really enjoy. I’m setting them aside for you. While I was making my New Years Resolutions a few weeks ago, I thought a lot about the things that I am lucky and grateful for in my life. Your friendship was high on my list. (4) I sincerely hope we don’t let too much time pass before we see each other again. (5) Until then,(6) Kelly (7) P.S. I ran into Emily at the gym. She says hello! Explanation:(1) Date (Month, Day, Year). Aligned to the right at the top of the page. (2) Salutation (Dear...Read More
There you sit, pen in hand, ready to write. Now what? Getting started is actually the hardest part. Because there’s no "backspace" button, many people feel intimidated by the power of the pen. Don’t be! Simply think through what you want to say before you get started. You can even scribble some notes on another sheet of paper (or check your work using a word processor if it makes you feel more comfortable). If you are just writing to say hello to a friend or acquaintance, think about what you would say to him or her if you picked up the phone to call. Remember, your letter doesn’t have to be overly formal…it should simply follow the tone of your usual, natural conversations. Here are some opening lines to help you get started: "I was just thinking about the time that we…" "You won’t believe what I heard the other day…" "I am so looking forward to hearing how you’re doing…" "I miss you…" "I thought of you today because…" "I have good news!" "I can’t wait to hear about…" etc. etc.! Your Turn Letters are one place it’s acceptable…even necessary…to go on and on about yourself. Share news from...Read More