To many folks, the style of days gone past isn’t just old fashioned or boring, but interesting and new to us. From the fashion world to the stationery world vintage items and retro items pop up everywhere. Those of us who like to stay on trend or just like the retro look of things know that some looks never go out of style. If you are looking to purchase some  signature pieces to add to your stationery collection  or maybe just to add a couple extra items pop with a vintage design then, look no further than American Stationery. The Canterbury Notes have all the colorful designs that we think of when we look to the styles of the 1970’s. The vibrant colors of fuchsia, brown, lime, and yellow really make this folded note catch your eye along with the retro floral design and use of many different styles all in one. In the center surrounded by a square frame is your name. When you open the note up revealed inside is a plain white space ready for your message to be written. Each set contains 20 notes with 20 plain envelopes for $32.00.  Your wording will be printed in...Read More
Currently, I am on vacation in Florida. I have never been here before and so far I enjoy it quite a bit. I have to say though my favorite thing thus far about being this far south in the middle of March is the flowers! I am in love with all the flowers, the shrubs and the smells of them! The sun is great, the beach is amazing but, seeing all of this vegetation makes me anxious for my garden when I get back home. Even though it will still be a little early to plant much of anything still. So while I am basking in the sunshine, I will enjoy the flowers and the view and dream of all the pretty things I am going to plant back home in Indiana. The Garden Correspondence Cards are a very fun and inviting choice to send out to all of your loved ones. The flat single panel card allows for a short or longer message. The top is personalized with your name just above a neat row of pretty pink flowers. The green bottom appears as a light grassy area and even shows a small flower with a tiny lady bug!...Read More
As I am writing this, we have just 49 days until the first day of spring! I am so excited for spring. Currently, they are forecasting that my area of Indiana will have about a foot of snow by this time tomorrow. I know that we aren’t under anywhere near the among of snow our east coast friends are, still some of us (including myself) are ready to say good riddance to this sticky white stuff and hello to sunshine. My family and I are actually heading out on a nine day vacation the first day of spring. I have been counting down the days until I am sitting in the sand and not shoveling my driveway. With that said it’s important to think about things American Stationery offers that will be good to take with you on vacation, or just remind you of being on vacation somewhere warm. With two kids, I cannot go anywhere without at least one extra bag besides my purse. There are just so many different things that you may need to take with you. Because I am a sucker for stripes, item number 3256 would definitely be something I would like to take with me...Read More
 When it’s time to throw the graduation party, American Stationery isn’t just the place for your stationery needs like invitations and thank you notes.  We also provide a wide variety of party supplies. Like reusable and disposable frosted plastic tumblers. Item number 6485 is our 16 ounce frosted tumbler and is a big seller. These flexible cups are ideal for your next party graduation or otherwise. They are easily personalized with your choice of wording and design in an ink color and font that you select to meet your party theme. Our flexible frosted tumblers come in three different sizes and are sold in sets of 50. For $75.95 you can receive 50 of the 16 ounce size. The various sizes have different prices. If the frosted look isn’t for you we also offer clear plastic cups available in various sizes as well. These tumblers are not flexible but, look just as lovely sitting at your drink table. Item number  6314 is for 50 clear 12 ounce tumblers and will set you back just $60.95. Hosting a late night bonfire instead of a day time get together? The insulated foam cups, item number 9055, are perfect for hot cocoa. These...Read More
It’s that time of year when many people are graduating. From pre-school to college and all other ceremonies in between. This is a time of joy, merriment, and congratulations. Soon invitations for the open house events and other parties will be going out. Why not take a look at all the different invitations that American Stationery has to offer? They’re much easier to customize and can give the look of personality that a simple school color invitation does not offer. For instance the item number 2434 aptly named the Grad Flair invitation is a terrific choice for the graduate who wishes to show off some style. The landscape printed card offers a variety of designs on graduation caps at the bottom, a thick border and plenty of room to include all of the important details. For $36.00 you will receive 20 cards with plain envelopes. But, you can’t stop there. Throwing a graduation party is a hectic time! Make it easier on you with matching return address labels! Item number 2439 matches the dotted hats perfectly and provides plenty of space for the address. You may think return address labels aren’t important but, they provide a way for an invitation...Read More
It’s time to put those sweaters away and pull out the sandals. The winter blues are long behind us and the sun is shining! With the change of weather many of us are staring longingly at our calendars. Counting down the days until you can finally get away to a vacation. As soon as the warm weather settles in it seems that all you can think about is sitting on the beach, relaxing, socializing with friends, and family and forgetting all of the daily grind and consistent office woes. Our item number 9465 should get you in the mood for summer right away. With the gorgeous ocean blue border featuring sand colored seashell designs this note says “I am ready for vacation!” In the center we will print your name in a matching sandy brown. The note is folded so that you have plenty of room to write on the inside. These notecards (like most of our items) will be printed in about three to five business days and ship shortly afterwards. You will receive a box of 20 notes and plain envelopes for $32.00. For just a few dollars more we will be happy to print your address on...Read More
While the derby may be over, the love of horses for some remain. There is something just magical about the beauty and strength of these animals. Whether you own many and ride regularly, or just happen to enjoy their beauty American Stationery is the place to order all of your personalized equine stationery and party accessory items.  For the equine lover with a lot to say item number 2393 is an excellent choice. This flat correspondence card has a brown border and the rest of the card is orange. At the bottom is a simple row of a rider upon their horse. This card will delight both the writer and the receiver. The heavy duty weight gives off a look of sleek sophistication. In a set you will receive 20 cards and envelopes for $36.00. If you would like for an additional cost you can purchase envelope lining and or the return address to be printed on the envelope. For the riding enthusiast we offer item number 9975, The Equestrian Fold Note. These notes come folded with an adorable array of all things equestrian on the front. The inside of the note is blank for your message. You will receive...Read More
Most colleges have released their admission decisions. By the time all of the mail is open, you should have options. Your hard work has paid off and you get to make the final choice of a college destination.  As you enter the final phase of decision-making, start by rechecking your priorities. Why are you going to college? What do you hope to accomplish? In what type of environment can you accomplish these things best? Spend a weeknight in a residence hall; eat at least two meals in the dining hall and go to two classes in different disciplines including an introductory first-year class. Talk with professors from the academic departments that interest you. Pull students aside in those departments as well. Ask them about the courses they take. Who teaches them? What would they do differently about their learning experience thus far?  In other words, take in as much as possible during your campus visits. Most students who emerge from this process acknowledge that much of the decision-making comes down to a gut feeling. Let your gut go to work for you. Make sure the college you choose fits comfortably and feels good before you commit yourself. It’s crunch time...Read More
With summer upon us, many of us have just finished up with the school year. The last lunch money has been sent in, the teacher gifts delivered, and the report cards have been received. A lot of children will soon be going off to summer camps. Whether it be for just a week or six, summer camp is something most children who are fortunate to partake in look forward to. Friendships are made some lasting a lifetime, new skills are learned and independence is gained. But, while that growing independence feels great for both child and parent, missing your young one is inevitable. Before sending them off think about purchasing some stationery for them, to help keep them in touch. Bugs Galore Notes are vibrantly colored and practically covered in goofy little critters. Your child’s name is printed boldly on the front. These folded notes are sure to delight your young wilderness camper and you as well when you receive them in the mail! These are sold in sets of 20 for $32.00. Don’t forget the matching address stickers. Have your home address pre-printed on them for easy use, especially for the younger camper. Is your son off to a sports...Read More
Why spend a small fortune on bouquets of flowers when you can send a heartfelt note to your your loved ones? If you still want to send flowers then write your note on floral stationery. A handwritten note is a meaningful and inexpensive way to express all types of emotional sentiments. Floral themed stationery has become extremely popular recently as a means of personal expression. Whether you have two green thumbs and want your stationery to look just like your prize roses or can’t keep a fake plant alive there is a floral inspired stationery that’s perfect for you. The Chocolate and Lime Hand Bordered Stationery is a bold color choice and with it’s botanical envelope lining, it’s a less feminine choice in floral stationery. The elegant Garden Notes with their green stripes and sprinkling of roses and leaves are a perfect choice for the floral enthusiast. If classic and timeless are more your style then the understated elegance of our Secret Garden Stationery Set will be a great addition to your stationery collection.
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