Father’s day is quickly approaching but, there is still time to order him a personalized gift from American Stationery. Hands down our most popular correspondence card is the HBC Navy bordered card. This is an absolute favorite amongst men. The options for paper are navy and white the ink color is various although navy does match the border best. You have options for printed or plain envelopes and interior liners too. For the father who is still in business and writes plenty of notes to colleagues and clients these cards are simply a great choice! Simply search the letters HBC in the search box on the website to pull it up. For the list maker we suggest ordering the contemporary memo pads. They are simple with his name at the top and a thin border, the perfect 5×8 size they are ideal for so many things we couldn’t possibly mention them all. But a few would be, scorekeeping, note taking, and of course list making. Type in number 3325 in our search box to take a look. Don’t we all need luggage tags? For the dad who still takes frequent business trips, or the one who goes away on several...Read More
American Stationery offers a complete collection of stationery options to fit your individual needs, whether it is for business or personal use. We offer professional stationery customized with your name, initials or logo. Below are a few items to get your correspondence collection started: Embossed Border Stationery: These classic vellum sheets with their embossed border offer a classic option for your stationery needs. They are appropriate for both business and personal correspondence. Handcraft Vellum Business Stationery: This classic vellum paper is perfect for pen, computer or typewriter. It is available in monarch size for your business use and social size for personal use. Best Value! Our Standard Box: This stationery has been a customer favorite for over 85 years. This is an excellent value for its quality. It is a medium weight, social size stationery perfect for social or professional writing. Personalized Organizer and Memos: This versatile memo set works well for professional individuals of all ages. Not just for business, it’s a perfect gift for dads and grads, too. Top Quality Business Stationery: Just as the name suggests this stationery will fit all your business needs as well as your budget.
In today’s age of quick and simple online communications it would certainly seem that way at times. The thought of personalized stationery may seem slow or outdated. The number of people leaving personalized calling cards or brunch invitations being sent on monogrammed, embossed or printed paper seems to be dwindling. Today, websites allow you to coordinate party invitations and responses entirely online and job hunting sites have turned resumes into an online phenomenon. So where does personalized stationery fit in a world driven by the simplicity of online activity? It was not long ago that Emily Post was warning people that a telephone call would not replace the need for a formal thank you note, and still today it is common knowledge that a phone call does not express the same personal feeling that makes receiving stationery special. Today, thank you messages and common correspondences are being expressed via email. This is easy to understand considering the speed and ease in which these messages can be exchanged. However, Miss Manners and personnel recruiters reaffirm Emily Post’s thoughts that nothing makes a great impression like a well written, hand written letter on personalized stationery. There is no denying it; there is something about receiving a letter...Read More
Correspondence cards are one-sided stationery notes that can serve any purpose.  Use them for short notes, thank you notes, informal invitations and more.  Because correspondence cards are so functional, it makes sense to have plenty on hand.  The correspondence cards you select will depend on what they will be used for, your budget and your own personal style. Hand bordered correspondence cards in any hue are always appropriate.  They are a timeless option for both men and women.  American Stationery offers these classic cards in an array of stunning colors, such as: black, wine, sage, navy, espresso, aqua, hot pink, tangerine, lemon, hunter green, silver and many more. Looking for stationery with a more contemporary flair?  Here are a few of our favorites: The Avenue Cards set comes with a mint green and chocolate border and pink and chocolate border.  These embossed bevel edge cards feature a stylish border and paired with matching double lined envelopes. The Chocolate and Aqua Double Hand Bordered Correspondence Cards are smoothly coordinated cards and desk accessories that will enhance any office space.  The correspondence cards are hand bordered in Chocolate and Aqua.  An optional Palm Tree icon is available above your name. The Gala Border Cards are the...Read More
What is etiquette and why is it necessary? These are two questions that are often asked. Webster’s Dictionary defines etiquette as “the conduct of procedure required by good breeding or prescribed by authority to be observed in social or official life.” There are many other technical definitions such as Webster’s, but the best is a combination of many sources. Etiquette is a guideline for respectful and socially acceptable behavior in all phases of life. Contrary to popular belief, etiquette is not a list of strict, outdated rules for the wealthy. If we know what type of behavior is acceptable in our more casual world, we can navigate any situation with confidence and grace. While etiquette still encompasses table manners, thank you notes, proper introductions, good grammar and so on, the basic tenets are respect for all people and their customs, the ability to put others and oneself at ease in any situation, recognition of a person’s experience and personal ethics. The Golden Rule is a great example of these qualities. So how does etiquette enter into our daily lives? We have social interaction every day with family, friends, neighbors, business colleagues, clients, service staff— the list goes on and on. Think...Read More
Why spend a small fortune on bouquets of flowers when you can send a heartfelt note to your your loved ones? If you still want to send flowers then write your note on floral stationery. A handwritten note is a meaningful and inexpensive way to express all types of emotional sentiments. Floral themed stationery has become extremely popular recently as a means of personal expression. Whether you have two green thumbs and want your stationery to look just like your prize roses or can’t keep a fake plant alive there is a floral inspired stationery that’s perfect for you. The Chocolate and Lime Hand Bordered Stationery is a bold color choice and with it’s botanical envelope lining, it’s a less feminine choice in floral stationery. The elegant Garden Notes with their green stripes and sprinkling of roses and leaves are a perfect choice for the floral enthusiast. If classic and timeless are more your style then the understated elegance of our Secret Garden Stationery Set will be a great addition to your stationery collection.
We’ve all come to appreciate the conveniences of modern technology.  In fact, could we live without it?  Emails from colleagues, text messages from friends, and e-party invitations have become commonplace in our everyday lives.  But these high-tech forms of communication simply don’t compare to receiving a hand-written note in the mail.  You know the feeling – after a long day you open your mailbox and there, amongst the bills and junk mail, is something unique and personal. Hand-written notes are far from norm in this modern age, and that’s exactly what makes them so special to send and to receive. Stationery has come a long way in the past 50 years. With endless shapes, styles, designs and customization options, your stationery will do more than contain your personal message. . . it will say something about you and your personal style. Custom stationery is a great format for communicating with friends and colleagues, but its advantages don’t stop there. Stationery and personalized paper products can make meaningful gifts for almost any occasion. They can also simplify and add a little joy to your everyday life. Custom stationery might also be the next sensible step in building your small business.  See...Read More
Are you one of the people who think stationery is out of style? You might want to think again. Because we live in such a technologically advanced world most people actually value a handwritten letter. If you’re thinking about purchasing stationery, but aren’t sure what kind to get then keep reading. Here are a few tips to help you find the right stationery for you. When choosing a stationery get personal. Your stationery choice should reflect your personal style. Even if you’re buying it for business purposes the stationery should still reflect who you are. Think about the purpose for your stationery. Deciding how you’re going to use the stationery will help you decide what kind to get. Fold notes or embossed notes are a good choice if you’re looking for something to use for shorter letters. They are also good for thank you’s. You might also consider one of our correspondence cards. They are good for business or personal use and come in a variety of colors and designs. Letter sheets are a stylish choice for either personal or business needs as well. The next thing to consider when purchasing stationery is your budget. How much are you willing to spend? The...Read More
Sometimes we forget the importance that still comes with carrying a business card or as sometimes referred a calling card. With the way technology has practically taken over our lives it’s easy to meet someone, hit it off and just plug their number into your phone. But, what is personal about that? Nothing. You want to keep a memory of that person so that you are likely to contact them. Whether it is a social contact or business. Putting Jack Greene into your phone isn’t really doing anything. You’re unfortunately likely to forget until one day you’re scrolling through your contacts, can’t remember who that was and delete them. Business cards do more than just give out information regarding your occupation and phone number. They often divulge a lot about your personality. Gone are the days when you have little choice as to their appearance. One thing technology has done for the business card, is make it endlessly customizable. Most often a business card will include the following information: The person’s name, company they work for and or personal title, address of business, phone number (work or personal), email address, and or website. The important thing here is to tailor...Read More
Once your child’s personalized stationery arrives they can begin to write a note. Topics can include explaining what they have been doing over the past week or month, what they are looking forward to in the upcoming days or weeks, and anything that they want to share from the heart. Direct them to ask questions, as they will learn about the person they are writing from their inquiries. Encourage them to use vivid language. This is a good time to explore more adjectives! Help the child to describe things in detail and expand on their written communication skills. Writing letters also gives them an opportunity to practice good penmanship. Promote clean, legible writing, so that the recipient can easily read the note. In addition, writing is an excellent way to hone spelling skills, as there is no spell check on a handwritten note. Lastly, address and stamp the letter and put it in the mailbox. Now sit back and wait for a response! It is important to remember that your child may not get a response right away, or that they might not get one at all. The goal is not to receive but to give someone else that good...Read More
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