Summer break is over. You have returned to your classroom and your students will be there soon, if not already. You have probably been cleaning, decorating. arranging and rearranging desks and brainstorming for ways to start the impending school year off on the right foot. We have a few gidgets, gadgets and ideas that might be useful. Square Stamper Your room is more than likely filled with books, books, and more books. You will have books for instruction, books that have been provided by your school or books that you have invested in personally, and books for entertaining your young readers. Even though you are sharing these texts with others, it is important to still claim your ownership. It makes an easier return for the borrower as well. Teacher Memo Set This memo set would be perfect for jotting a note to a colleague. sending a note home to a parent, or even writing yourself little reminders. Perhaps even for taking a few quick notes at a faculty meeting or conference. This memo set highlights your name as well as your school. Maybe you are not the only Mrs. Doe in your school or corporation and need to distinguish yourself. You...Read More
Can you hear it? Can you hear the alarm buzzing loudly in your ear? Can you hear the moans and groans as the children drudge down the stairs? It won’t be long now. Soon, if not already, these sounds will become part of your daily routine and join the tune of the school bells, recess whistles, and rumbles of the school bus. It is nearly time for your home to empty and the school halls to fill up. This means you will also be thinking of the many people and activities you and your children will become part of over the next several months. Your children and youngsters usually equate going back to school with getting up early and doing homework. You, however, as a graduate of the school of life, know that the school years are filled with many experiences that become fond memories. Many of those memories will be derived from the personal experiences they have with teachers and classmates. We place a huge amount of trust in our children’s teachers. Looking back over your own school years, it probably stands to reason that you encountered some really terrific educators. So too will your children. These individuals not only...Read More
In these days of economic awareness have you found yourself altering your activities? Perhaps this year you opted not to take the usual family vacation. Maybe you have even embraced a "stay-cation" in which you have explored the world not too far from your own back door. You may be lingering a bit closer to home, but there is still much to be enjoyed and memories to make. Are you finding simple joys in the common place? Did that burger at your Memorial Day picnic taste better than it ever has? Did the fireworks on the 4th of July seem brighter than usual? Are you looking forward to your Labor Day weekend camping trip with your family more than day dreaming about a trip to Paris? You may be close to home, but there is a good chance you have still caught many of these memories in photo. Digital photography has really opened up a new world to the average at- home photographer. Perhaps you have captured the look of satisfaction on the face of your grilling guru. Perhaps you have captured the awe of a little one at their first fireworks display. Maybe you will even capture the element...Read More
You can text an invitation, email an invitation or leave a voice mail but there is nothing like getting a personalized invitation by mail. The excitement you feel when you open your mailbox and see a hand addressed envelope with your name on it and it’s not a bill or credit card application. You carry the envelope into your home and carefully turn it over to see if there is a return address and name on it, then you carefully open the back flap to see what is inside or you can be like some and rip it open leaving pieces of envelope on the table. It can be an invitation to your grandchild’s first birthday, a Graduation Open House invitation, Housewarming Party, maybe a Surprise Party invitation. Some you will save the invitation and scrapbook it, put it on the fridge for a reminder and some of you will just put in a drawer for safe keeping to find at a later date and bring a smile. Don’t get us wrong, we know the convenience of technology and are all for it. However, may we suggest sending out a personalized invitation and then later send an email invitation that...Read More
Picture this: a slight breeze blows while a handful of bright white clouds dot the perfectly blue sky. The sun is beating down on a crowd of people gathered in your back yard, perhaps on a patio or deck. The sound of conversation and laughter are in the background while the succulent aroma of steak and chicken on the grill fills the air. This beautiful summer barbecue is quite the party. There is lemonade, sodas, cocktails, and beers flowing at the gathering, but these beverages are not being served in the basic red or blue bland plastic cups from the grocery store. No. In the hands of your guests are disposable (and recyclable) personalized plastic tumblers. How unique! How special, just like your get together. Glasses are a staple at any party. Whether you are celebrating a graduation, Father’s Day, a summer wedding, or just a barbecue or picnic, select the "Design Your Own Tumblers" to complete your serving needs. Is your company having a corporate picnic or perhaps a sales meeting or banquet for your top clients? Serve up your drinks in these cups. Choose from many ink colors and styles to fit your preference or theme. You can...Read More
Each correspondence and piece of paper that leaves an office provides a reflection of the company. What is your office stationery telling your customers and prospective customers about you and your office? You can modernize the impression you leave on your customers with some new styles in office stationery. We feel it is important to have a clear idea of what items are included under the basic heading of office stationery. Office stationery includes more than just the printed letterhead and envelopes on which you send out correspondence to your customers and associates. Other important pieces of office stationery are memo and notepads, business cards, portfolios, folders, address labels and printed envelopes. When choosing office stationery, it is important to choose high quality paper with printing that reflects your business. Our goal for next week is to go through each of these several office products in detail, describing how each one can be used for your small business or corporate office, and how each is vital to the image you put forth to your customers. Some of it will likely fall under common sense, but there might be some uses you have never thought of for some very common office...Read More
While vellum made from animal skins is still produced, the process is obviously painstaking and costly. Vellum is generally only used for archival copies of important documents. Vellum paper and vellum stationery today is made using cotton rag fibers to create a high-quality, translucent paper with a smooth, vellum-like finish. The highest quality vellum paper, sometimes called Japanese vellum or vegetable vellum, is made from 100% cotton fiber, which gives a smooth, almost polished surface to the paper. Today, vellum usually refers to one of two very different kinds of paper. Vellum paper, often used in scrapbooking or to draw blueprints, is generally translucent and comes in a variety of colors. It may appear to be plasticized, or made of Mylar because of its texture and translucency. It is often used as overlays for wedding invitations, cards, scrapbooks or programs. Vellum may also refer to vellum finish, a slightly rough surface paper that is extremely high quality, holds ink well and is preferred by many businesses because of its crisp, heavy profile. Vellum stationery is the epitome of quality, the ideal choice for executive communications, formal invitations and programs. Your office stationery and executive stationery conveys a certain impression to...Read More
Bridal showers have a rich history dating back to the sixteenth century when a dowry had to be provided for the future bride; in the cases where a father refused to provide the dowry because he did not approve of the marriage, friends would gather to bring gifts to compensate for the lack of a dowry. The word shower can be traced back to a time when gifts were placed in a parasol, that when opened, "showered" the recipient with gifts. The traditional shower did not become commonplace until the 1 920s, when friends would spontaneously drop by the bride-to-be’s home to give her presents that would benefit her as a housewife. This informality has prevented the bridal shower from the prescribed etiquette that surrounds the wedding. Still, bridal shower invitations are indicative of the bride’s personality and set the tone for the event you are planning. Customarily, the maid or matron of honor hosts the bridal shower. However, it is not uncommon for a bride-to-be to have multiple showers hosted by different people. Because showers are gift giving parties, it was once taboo for the bride’s family to host, but this is no longer the case. Some conventional hosts...Read More