The wedding day is a very special day in which two lives became one before all of the couple’s closest family and friends. It is understandable why we celebrate the beginning of the marriage. It is a time when we rejoice in the commitment that is being made and commemorate a new beginning for the couple, as husband and wife. Each year, the anniversary celebrates the continuation of that same love for one another. Each and every wedding anniversary deserves to be celebrated in a memorable way. When you celebrate a wedding anniversary each year it is an annual renewal of the love and commitment to one another. It is an opportunity to reflect on how much closer the two have become and how much deeper your relationship has grown. Celebrating the anniversary dates back to the 1200s, but the tradition was polished and refined in the Victorian era. Today, with more than half of marriages ending in divorce, it is even more important to celebrate the wedding anniversary. A wedding anniversary commemorates a milestone in a lifelong commitment. Etiquette states that there are specific gifts to be given in correlation with the year of the anniversary. Below is a...Read More
Stationery is Stylish Today’s correspondence cards have come a long way since your grandma’s stationery. If plain ecru paper or floral motif cards are not for you or your stylish friends, do not let that stop you. Our new generation of stationery is stylish, straightforward, and allows people to communicate in a modern way.    Stationery is Easy to Shop for Think monogrammed or personalized gifts require plenty of processing time and a big budget? Think again. Our personalized stationery makes the perfect last minute present – especially when you select from our quickship options. We have selected a variety of items that can be ready to ship in just one business day!   Stationery is Budget Friendly Beautiful, statement-making stationery can come at an unbeatable value. We offer quality products at competitive prices, and we also have a huge collection of gifts priced under $30.   Stationery is Personal Forget cookie-cutter gifts that everyone has already received. Names, colors, return-addresses, even symbols let your loved ones know that you have taken the time to select personal gifts just for them…after all, it is the thought that counts!   Read:  Part 1  |  Part 2  |  Part 3
Stationery is Timeless Forget the trends. Pick a present that will stand the test of time. Whether the recipient uses their new stationery this month or holds onto it until next year, their timeless stationery will never expire, go out of style, or run out of valuable everyday uses.   Stationery is Versatile Not all occasions call for extravagant gifts, but it is always nice to shower the people you love with quality treats to make them smile! Personalized calling cards and correspondence cards make a great "thinking of you" gift, especially at times when more lavish gifts are either not appropriate or not budget-friendly.    Stationery is Now Eco-Friendly According to a recent poll, 49% of Americans are more aware of and concerned about the environment than they were 5 years ago, and that awareness is driving their decision-making when it comes to purchases. In an effort to meet that need, stationery is going green.  American Stationery has a new Eco-Friendly line of stationery, products that exceed even our normal conservation efforts.   Stationery is Sensible Think about your own life and your own needs. . .do you really want another scarf or scented candle? Probably not! Give the gift that...Read More
Americans are busier and under tighter budgets than ever before. To lessen the burden, now is the time to look ahead to the coming year and put a strategy in place to make your life a little easier and your expenses a little lighter in 2009. Each year, gifts (including but not limited to major Holidays) put a major strain on our annual budgets. American Stationery offers a simple solution: stationery provides the perfect opportunity to give unique, high-quality gifts that your loved ones will love to receive and use. Still not sold? Imagine those long lines at the mall. Imagine the undeniable pressure that comes with picking perfect gift for everyone on your list while staying under budget. Now imagine avoiding it all and buying beautiful, high-quality gifts at a great price from the comfort of your own home.  Over the next few days, we will list a few reasons why stationery makes the perfect gift for any occasion. Read:  Part 1  |  Part 2  |  Part 3  
Stationery is timeless and traditional, but that does not necessarily translate to stale. Explore these new styles of modern stationery gifts that are bold, beautiful, and anything but boring. Safari Memo Stack A "wild" collection of classy yet daring paper, all tied together with a bow and a coordinating pen.   Chocolate Toile Gift Tower Classic stationery styles in a trendy palette of blue and brown, all tied together with a coordinating pen and tied up in a ribbon.
If you have a teenager or college student on your list why not consider giving a personalized Round or Square stamper. These are perfect for books, correspondence, notes and anything else that needs a quick personalized touch. If you are still searching, keep in mind that everyone can use a note pad, to jot a quick message or write a short note. American Stationery offers a nice variety with their DYO selection. You can choose from a variety of icons, typestyles and ink colors…in other words, mix and match to make your own perfect memo pad gift. Another suggestion would be a choice of one of the many NCAA products including personalized cups, travel mugs, napkins or stationery. These should be a welcomed gift for any and all college fans on your Valentine’s list. If you have a child or grandchild on your list they will be a perfect candidate for the Kids’ Critter Notes and Seals. These adorable fold notes come in your choice of "critter" and name in brightly colored ink. They can be accompanied by matching colorful seals, that any child is sure to adore. Another fun suggestion is Primary or Pastel Wooden Puzzle Stools or Wooden Name...Read More
With Valentine’s Day just around the corner why not get your "sweetheart(s)" something personal, unique and useful this year? Depending on who you want to include on your list the following is a smattering of personalized gift suggestions. If you are looking for a standout gift for your wife or girlfriend try a box of personalized correspondence cards or note cards with matching accessory items. One best seller is the Park Avenue Cards which are available in your choice of Pink/Brown, Mint/Brown or Mocha/Brown pastel borders. These are complemented with matching double lined envelopes. This set is sure to be unique and add a "wow" quality to your gift giving. If cards aren’t your style, you should consider the Pretty Vines Note and Label Set. These delicate fold notes are available in your choice of Mint Green, Pale Blue or Soft Pink. They are accompanied with matching envelope labels, and are sure to be a pleasant surprise to any gift recipient. If you would like an alternative to cards or notes, any of our Fashion Memo choices would be great. These stylish memos come in an acrylic holder and are neatly tied with a grosgrain bow. These are only a...Read More
Digital printing has become a fast way to print your stationery without sacrificing quality. One great thing digital printing offers that traditional printing usually does not is the printing of a photo supplied by the customer on their stationery. Traditional four color presses could do this job; however not in a cost effective manner. It simply did not make sense to print personalized stationery in four colors. Digital printing makes it easy and cost effective to print quality personalized stationery in full color. There are many photo products available at American Stationery and the number available increases every day! Available products include holiday cards, thank you cards, birthday and baby shower announcements, among others. Each holiday season we all receive those neat holiday cards that feature the most recent family photo of our friends and family. Most of these cards are termed "Photo Mount" cards (see Choosing the Right Holiday Card). They are called this because the photo is mounted to the card with a glue adhesive on the back. What makes digital photo cards unique is that the photo provided by you is printed directly onto the card stock. That’s right, no assembly required. You simply write your holiday wishes on...Read More
October Yom Kippur – October 8, 2011 Columbus Day – Second Monday in October: October 10, 2011 Navy Day – Always October 13 Bosses’ Day – Always October 16 Sweetest Day – Third Saturday in October: October 15, 2011 Mother-In-Law’s Day – Fourth Sunday in October: October 23, 2011 Halloween – Always Oct. 31 November Daylight Saving Time Ends – First Sunday in November. Election Day – Tuesday on or after Nov. 2 Marine Corps Day – Always November 10 Veteran’s Day – Always November 11 Thanksgiving Day – 4th Thursday in November: November 24, 2011 December Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day – Always December 7 Chanukah – December 21, 2011 Winter Solstice – December 21, 2009 Christmas Eve – Always December 24 Christmas Day – Always December 25 (Photo Holiday cards are a great way to send holiday greetings to loved ones) Kwanzaa – Always December 26 – January 1 New Year’s Eve – Always December 31 Do not forget to schedule these other important events in 2009: Birthdays (Elegant, personalized stationery also makes a gorgeous gift!) Anniversaries (25th and 50th) Graduations (Set them up for success with the gift of beautiful, professional business stationery) Stationery also helps you prepare...Read More