Summer is right around the corner. We are that much closer to warm, sunshine-filled days and relaxing by the pool. Memorial Day is often an unofficial marker to the beginning of summer, and it is approaching quickly. Many of us choose to celebrate this holiday by gathering with friends and family, having a small party, and firing up the grill to cook delicious foods, all while remembering the service men and women who have dedicated their lives to our country. We could never celebrate or say thank you enough, but I am always glad to have a special day to observe this important holiday and be reminded of our country’s history. If you are planning a social gathering for Memorial Day this year, American Stationery has some great party items for you to wow your guests. Coasters, napkins, and cups – all personalized for you and your party. We have tons of coasters to choose from, but my favorites for Memorial Day are the Designer Coasters with the Monogram. There are three options with red, white, and blue as the colors, and you can create the monogram of your choosing. Pattern 18 – red swirls is my favorite! You receive...Read More
Well, the red hearts and candies have vanished from the department store shelves and now novelties of every sort are covering the shelves all with one thing in common, everything is green. Saint Patrick’s Day will be here soon and the parties are being planned as well as the outfits. If you are looking to throw a party or attend one, American Stationery has many things to get you in the Irish spirit. Saint Patrick’s Day is a religious celebration that has occurred annually on March 17 for many years. Depending on which country in this world you call home, it could have been celebrated for 200 years or more. The date is significant as it is the death date of the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. This holiday is quite a big deal here in the United States, particularly so in areas of high Irish ancestry. Some cities have large parades and host many different activities for their communities.  Many restaurants and pubs have special events that night from green beer to special Irish themed foods and drinks. If you yourself plan on having a party for this popular holiday consider item number 2407. You will definitely want to place your order...Read More
Before you have children, people are always saying that once you have them time flies. It’s hard to completely understand though until you have your own children.  Especially the first time you are pregnant, as typically you feel that time could not go fast enough.  But, before you know it it’s time to plan first birthday party for your little bundle of joy. For a first birthday party, it’s possible that you will want to invite more people than necessary. From family members, to day care workers, and even pediatricians you feel like so many people are involved in their lives it’s hard to not want everyone there.  But, believe me, you don’t. Yes, your first birthday party is often one that is fuller of family than friends, it’s still important to not overwhelm the child or yourself! Be sure to snap plenty of pictures so that your child can look back on this day in years to come. Even though you are likely to remember it forever, they won’t remember it at all. But, first let’s begin with that guest list.  I always say to start with the most obvious guests like your parents and your spouse’s parents. Then...Read More
We’ve discussed the stress of moving and how to purchase cards to let your friends know of your new address. But, one of the fun things about moving is the housewarming party! Housewarming parties are popular in practically every corner of the world. They may not all be celebrated exactly the same, or have the same traditions but, they all carry the same theme and that is to welcome a family into their new home warmly both, figuratively and literally. It’s true long ago people would bring firewood over to the new home in order to help you “warm” the home and this wasn’t necessarily just for actual physical warmth but, for spiritual warmth as well. First thing, you need to let your guests know that you plan on having a housewarming party. Typically you will want to invite them anywhere from 10 days to three weeks prior to the party. When you decide to have the party is up to you of course but, six months after moving in is probably too long and one week after may be too soon. You know yourself and your guests’ best. Don’t be rough on yourself and try to have everyone over...Read More
Are you hosting your first Thanksgiving dinner this year? Is it all starting to feel a little overwhelming? Don’t panic, American Stationery can help you! First let’s start off with the invitations. Sure everyone knows what day Thanksgiving is but, they don’t know that you are the one having the dinner now do they? What better way to introduce your mastermind to the dinner than to send out beautiful invitations cordially inviting them to dinner? For the turkey focused crowd look at our item number 9875(Wild Turkey Invitations). This single panel digitally printed card features a large vibrantly colored turkey. There’s no mistake what or who will be the main course at this dinner. With the information printed to the left of the card all you really need to say is when and where. The invitations are sold in sets of 20  for $36.00 and come with plain envelopes.  Really want to tie the look together? Order the matching Wild Turkey Return Address Labels. Item number 9876 comes in a roll of 120 address labels for $24.00. If the turkey isn’t the main event whether that be because you are all vegetarian or otherwise check out the item number 9871(Autumn...Read More
Kids are messy. It’s just simply a fact of life. Part of their job is to make a mess it is how they learn about the world around them. As parents and grandparents, it’s our responsibility to try to keep them clean while they learn about these things. And for that matter, we need to keep the rest of our area clean as well. At American Stationery we don’t just offer personalized stationery, we also sell several different placemats. These placemats come in a variety of styles and are shipped to you within a few days. For $14.95 we have durable, easy to clean and many adorable designs of placemats. Their size of 17.5″ x 11.5″ is the ideal size for the little one in your life. Plenty of room for a plate or bowl, silverware, a cup and still a lot of area left for those inevitable spills. Our Alphabet Placemat is brightly colored and adorned with the entire alphabet and numbers from one to ten. This placemat is sure to help turn dinnertime learning time as well. Listening to your littlest one read off their alphabet while you make her plate will be a sweet moment to share during a typically hectic...Read More
American Stationery offers much more than just stationery. One of the many items we offer are personalized napkins. From 10″ x 10″ beverage napkins to 12″ x 17″ guest towels, American stationery has you covered. Many designs are offered for holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween as well as designs for everyday use. In this blog entry the discussion will be about the many different types of napkins offered. Looking for the perfect accessory to top of your place setting? Our Textured Guest Towels and Napkins are ideal when hosting a dinner party or brunch. These luxurious and absorbent guest towels and napkins are a great addition to any table or bathroom. The napkins and towels can be personalized in many ink colors and a block, script monogram or a single initial and name. Our Design Your Own Cocktail Napkins are another great option for napkins that can be used for any occasion. The napkins measure 4 ¼” x 4 ¼” and can be printed in several different colors. Best of all you can choose a design icon that is best for you and with over 50 icons to choose from you are sure to find the perfect one. If you...Read More
Summer is coming so very soon and that means lazy days outside, impromptu pool parties and various cookouts to attend. Let American Stationery get you started for the summertime events to come. Keeping your guests with a drink in their hand is one of the best ways to secure your status as the hostess with the mostest. American Stationery offers a large variety of different tumblers. We offer frosted tumblers which are very durable and dishwasher friendly in sizes of: 10 oz. 14 oz. and 16 oz. The clear tumblers are available in 8 oz. 12 oz. and 16 oz. sizes. We also offer foam cups in the 16 oz. size only. Clearly a size for everyone. Whether you are serving poolside mojitos, early morning mimosa’s or just trying to keep the kids punch off the patio!  If this is for the whole summer, buy 50 or so more than you think you will need. Between spills, and forgetful party goers they will come in handy. Most etiquette websites suggest you expect two drinks and four napkins per person per hour! All sizes and materials are available for customization. With optional font styles, ink colors and designs making the cups...Read More
Mealtime at most houses is nothing short of a challenge. We all have that picture in our heads of a child covered from head to toe in spaghetti sauce or hair matted together with yogurt and cheerios. Yes, each meal presents the potential for a real mess. However, we know offer a little gem in the partyware category – disposable placemats. Disposable placemats are available in many different patterns. Even your favorite photo can be turned into a beautifully functional place setting. Most people like the idea of anything that helps limit a mess. The placemats from American Stationery are offered in an eight count regular, stain and tear resistant, or twenty-five padded disposable mats. If you are blessed with a slightly cleaner eater for a child or find yourself looking for a great table setting for a nice dinner party or family Thanksgiving dinner, then the regular style might be for you. If you want something that is made for a no fuss cleanup for easy entertaining or just casual dining on a Tuesday evening with your family, then the disposable place mats are a great choice!
The only thing cooler for a kid than having a party, is having a party that is personalized with her name and other important information. This guide will help you order personalized kids’ party supplies for that special event. Bugs Galore Invitations Colorful bugs cover this personalized invitation which is sure to catch that attention of anyone invited. Set includes 20 invitations and 20 plain White envelopes Stickers, Address Labels and Notes sold separately. Fire Engine Return Address Label Two red fire hats decorate these classic White address labels. Perfect for firefighting aficionados. You have two basic options when purchasing personalized items for your child’s party. By using one or both options, you will be able to create a wonderful atmosphere. The options are: Purchasing individual personalized party items: Order a personalized party banner in a birthday, surprise or congratulations theme. Many suppliers will be able to add your child’s name to the banner.  Have custom personalized labels made to cover the labels of everyday items you will have at your child’s party. Kids’ Critter Labels Kids will love these whimsical, vividly colored sticker sets personalized just for them! Set #1: Pink Lamb, Yellow Kitten, and Orange Ladybug Set #2: Purple Worm,...Read More
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