If you work in an office you know how annoying it is when someone keeps running through all of the stationery and desk accessories. I suggest getting some basic office supplies and a few other things that are often used by your coworker(s). With most of us on a tight budget we will need to find something more creative and less expensive. For each person it may be hard to think of a suitable gift that you will like to buy for them. If you are not very sure at this point, here are some reasonable ideas that may inspire some thought towards coworkers or friends. Best Value! Our Standard Box – Qty 100 Shts 50 Env. – Monogram A customer favorite for over 85 years, the “standard” by which others are measured. Fine quality, versatility and medium weight paper. An excellent value. Plain second letter sheets also available. Size: 6″ x 7″ Ink Colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Hunter Green or Wine Monogram Memo Set and Holder This trendy memo set features a new monogram-a mix of block and script typestyles that are perfect for the most discriminating of writers. The White memos come in 7 pads of 100 sheets...Read More
Website merchants provide rebates on various products. So, always remain in touch, look for online rebates offered by retailers and save big. See if free shipping is provided. Online website merchants provide free shipping offers and comfort of getting the products delivered right at your doorsteps. It also provides a simple and enjoyable experience; all that is to be done is to add the particular product into the shopping cart and enter shipping and credit card details. Wooden Photo Puzzle – 30 Piece Horizontal Turn your favorite picture into a puzzle – the perfect way to share that new photo of the kids with the grandparents. This 30 piece wooden puzzle measures 7″ x 10″ when put together. Also there are some shopping applications available that will help you find a good deal and save you money. Online products are somewhat lower in prices and much cheaper which allows enjoying huge savings. Keep an eye out for seasonal sales and clearance bargains. An even change within the season allows online merchants to provide clearance and sale offers. Make use of sales, clearances and save a great amount of money. Samsung Galaxy II Cell Phone Cover These high quality cell covers...Read More
Christmas is coming, fast. It’s time to panic. After all, you don’t want to relive last Christmas Eve. There you were, at ten to five in the evening, standing in a large department store, with two gifts still to buy and a distinct shortage of cash. It’s the lovely time of the year again; the time for giving and sharing of gifts with family and friends. As much as we want to celebrate and be jolly during this festive season, we want to make sure that we are careful about spending so that we don’t spoil the festive mood. Here is a rough guide on how to shop for Christmas gifts: List the people who you are going to buy a Christmas gift for. This is a good place to start as the exercise will help you see the ‘magnitude’ of the shopping you need to do. Here are some of the people who you will probably include in this list: Family. Close friends. Colleagues. Gift exchanges for Christmas parties. Custom Memo Pads – Grid Memo Pad Organize your thoughts with grid or lined memo pads. Paper Color: White Size: 8 1/2″ x 11″ Ink Color: Black, Blue, Hunter Green...Read More
A timetable will help you plan a dinner party to perfection. You can adapt it to your own schedule, recipes and parties by working backward from serving time. Choose your eating time, then subtract the time each recipe takes to bake and prepare. Write down your timetable, allowing extra time for possible problems, and build in time so you can relax too. Figure out what time you need to start preparing each dish. I like to post my timetable right on my refrigerator so it doesn’t get lost. Make sure to check off each task for the party as you complete it. If lots of people are in a tiny room, they’re going to need to loosen up a bit. There’s no question about it, alcohol allows people to approach and converse with others more freely. Pour your guests a drink as soon as they arrive, and then encourage them to refill their glass or the glasses of others throughout the night. Figure two to three glasses per person when estimating how much to buy–one bottle holds roughly four glasses. Obviously you don’t want to get people wasted and everyone must have a designated driver, but there’s nothing wrong with spreading...Read More
Sharing your space, putting in effort and honoring your people with food are not only fun, but important. Breaking bread with friends, family and neighbors is the quintessential way to reconnect. But we also realize it can be a lot of work, and for some of us, a little intimidating. Make it easy on yourself and pick a day and date that gives you enough time to prepare without being rushed. Choose a cause for celebration, it will set the tone and anchor all the elements of your party. Is this an informal gathering with a few friends, a backyard picnic, and a low-key cocktail party? The reason for the party and its style provides the structure for all other components to hang on. From food to music to decor, your theme sets the stage. Write down your ideas ahead of time and make sure that you order invitations early. It is best to be formal for any event and they will set the tone of you gathering. Wine and Cheese Invitations A full wine glass adorns these invitations which set the tone for your occasion. Classic Placesetting Invitations Set the tone for your occasion with this invitation. A placesetting...Read More
People like being appreciated, and if they feel you actually notice the nice things they do for you, they’re more likely to give an encore performance. Gratitude is a virtue every person should cultivate. Yet gratitude means nothing if you haven’t mastered the art of expressing it. We should use every opportunity to express to those around us how much we appreciate their love, support, and generosity. One of the key ways of expressing gratitude is the thank you note. Unfortunately, many of us today completely overlook this aspect of etiquette and consequently, break the hearts of sweet little grandmas everywhere. A thank you letter, or note, is an expression of appreciation for a thoughtful act, expression, or gift. But the potential formality of this thought can be intimidating. Many people think that the wording of a thank you letter has to be perfect, and this causes so much anxiety that the notes are never sent. Before all the other rules, just remember that an imperfect letter that comes with heartfelt sentiment is better than a perfect note that was never written. Every gentlemen and lady should be knowledgeable of the when’s and how’s of writing thank you notes. Being a frequent...Read More
It’s true that some of us are driven to excess in certain areas of our lives.  We have more social network friends than we could ever keep up with.  We subscribe to more magazines than our children will allow us to read.  And yes, we buy lots and lots and lots of junk. But how is your social stationery wardrobe? Are you prepared for the right occasion at all times? Like your favorite pair of jeans, your every day dishes, the comforter you use 9 months out of the year, you need some good, comfortable personalized stationery. Fold Notes/Flat Notes Folded and flat note cards that can be sent to anyone, male or female.  Keep plenty of these on hand as they will get the most usage. You’re Noteworthy! Personal Notes have a very personal design that interweaves first name, last name and last initial in different font types. Design Your Own Embossed Notes – Monogram are richly embossed fold notes with your choice of monogram. Peacock Quill Notes – Lined Envelopes Included add an exquisite flourish to your personal correspondence with these Blue-Green peacock quill fold notes. Colorfully coordinated stripes create the back panel of the note and envelope lining. Corinthian Correspondence Cards...Read More
Networking can seem insincere, pretentious, or even manipulative. There will always be people who judge others based on image and titles, but there are also people who want to build genuine, mutually beneficial relationships. When you’re networking, you’re going to have to sift through the people you don’t want to know to get to the people you do want to know. That’s just an essential part of networking, but the good news is that with practice, you’ll get better at spotting the people worth knowing. Everyone knows that networking is valuable. But, how do you create one? You probably already have an informal network, you just don’t know it. They are your friends who tell you where things are on sale, co-workers who recommend schools for your children. Your goal is to expand your network and to make it work for you. Awareness Calling Cards Pink is the color for Breast Cancer awareness. It’s also a great color for style! Frame your contact information in one of these two great pink color combos. Mom’s Calling Cards Sports These cards are ideal for busy moms and are perfect for networking with other parents involved in your children’s activities. They are great for organizing carpools, play dates...Read More
Just because a gift basket is called a gift ‘basket’ does not mean you are confined to using only a basket. We give them, get them, and we love them it should be that simple. I’m not sure if it’s the basket or the gifts inside that make this such an ideal gift. Gift baskets are a great modern day gift, but their history is a long one. Baskets date back to ancient times. In fact, certain historical events perhaps paved the way for the modern practice of giving gift baskets. The ancient counterparts to our modern baskets had a more utilitarian function to gather foods and transport goods. Even though baskets today are not a necessity for us, they still serve the same function. Baskets, with their warm earthy tones, serve to gather an array of gifts to present to friends and family. From ancient beginnings to modern traditions gift baskets are bountiful gifts that show our loved ones on their birthday, anniversary, a holiday or any happy occasion how much we care. There are tons of ways to be creative with the vessel that is delivering your gifts. If you have a gift theme in mind, play off that theme...Read More
Kids Party Food Food is always a tough thing with kids. Is someone allergic to peanuts, do the parents let them eat pizza, will they be hungry? It’s always tough. There are some simple food plates that you can prepare for a birthday party for kids that will always be a hit. Fruit can be prepared ahead of time and easily refrigerated prior to the party. Grapes, orange slices, mandarin oranges, blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries are all great. \ Apples and pears are great, but they will start to turn after they have been sliced. A lemon bath will slow the browning process. Typically any sandwich goes over well, especially if it is cut in a cool shape. Be creative with your shapes and use cookie cutters to follow the theme of your party. If not, the kids won’t really care as long as the crust is cut off. All the kids I’ve ever known will eat almost anything. Great sandwich toppings: Cream Cheese and cucumber, cream cheese and strawberries, egg salad, chicken salad, peanut butter and jelly, mayo & tomato and so on. Pick a couple of these and you will be good to go in preparing the food...Read More
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