If you’re into entertaining, then you don’t need to be told that it’s often the little things that really make a party. Whether you’re into big, boisterous family barbecues, quiet traditions shared with a few good friends, or elegant sit-down dinner parties that include the entire neighborhood, guests notice it when the hosts go out of their way to make the event special. If your parties, gatherings, and get-togethers are such events that people look forward to them all year round (or if you’d like them to be), consider adding personalized items to the mix. Monograms, signature designs, and personal touches aren’t just for place cards and wedding invitations anymore. The following are just a few options to consider. They make incredible gifts as well! 1. Personalized Glassware Perhaps you love nothing more than a good dinner party that allows you to show off your cooking prowess. Maybe you’re seriously considering starting a wine tasting club for the neighborhood or one of those pop-up restaurants that are all the rage these days. Whatever your reasons, personalized glassware like wine glasses and tumblers are a wonderful way to make the experience unique. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your glassware....Read More
It goes without saying that modern technology has brought a lot to the table when it comes to how we communicate. Thanks to texting and instant messaging, we can ask anyone anywhere in the world a question and receive an answer within seconds. We can work, socialize, and conduct research any time, so long as we also have access to a Wi-Fi connection or a cell phone signal. However, there’s a definite downside to all of this convenience. Some of the better traditions we had as humans are falling by the wayside, and they shouldn’t be. The following are just a few of the practices that definitely need to make a comeback as far as how we communicate. They’re every bit as relevant today as they would have been before the alternatives came along. 1. Thank You Notes Think about the last time you poured tons of time, energy, and resources into throwing a house party for the ages or finding someone special the perfect birthday gift. Now imagine how appreciated you felt the last time someone acknowledged your efforts and thoughtfulness with a good, old-fashioned thank you note. Gratitude is something that never goes out of style. However, while...Read More
Here in the 21st century, it goes without saying that technology is definitely king. Once upon a time, modern conveniences like texting, email, and instant messages were simply considered alternatives to good, old-fashioned letter writing. These days, they’re the new status quo. As a result, many people can’t even remember the last time they sat down with a pen and some beautiful stationery to write a letter by hand. Still more people are losing the ability to write well by hand at all. However, while it might be tempting to think that handwriting and letter writing are antiquated skills that don’t have a place here in the digital age, it’s important to realize that they’re anything but. Choosing to sit down and write some of your most important letters by hand using a good pen and some personal stationery that’s a pleasure to use comes attached to many benefits. Let’s take a look at a few of the most important. 1. Really Show You Care Think back to the days before there were any such things as email or text messaging. How did you feel when you received a letter or a card in the mail from a pen pal...Read More
There’s a certain irony to the fact that we’re living in the Age of Information – the 21st century – but, in some ways, we have never been more disconnected from one another. We could (and probably do) have a million ways to keep in touch – from Facebook, to email, to text message – but we rarely actually connect in a meaningful way. That’s exactly why we’re seeing more people rediscovering the simple joys of handwritten letters and notes. A handwritten letter really stands out in a world where email, instant messages, and texts are the norm. It’s special, striking a chord in a way nothing else does, and special letters written to special people deserve the perfect canvas – real stationery. In fact, writing materials like stationery make the perfect gift for just about any occasion. It’s personal without being too personal. It’s affordable, it’s useful, and it’s heartfelt as well. The following are just a few moments that are perfect for giving the gift of stationery. 1. A Globetrotting Friend Embarking on a New Adventure Do you have a good friend or a beloved family member making plans to travel abroad soon? Looking for a small but...Read More