I can only speak from my point of view but, as a mom I must say, it can be incredibly hard to get your kids to do their chores. Sometimes reminders do not work and I am working on building their independence so nagging is kind of off the list of reminders. I mean, aren’t chores supposed to be independence builders anyhow? That’s why we’ve decided to make lists in this house. A small one as my children are still young, but who doesn’t enjoy checking things off of a to-do list? So if you are also struggling with chore charts or any type of list for your child (say a morning routine?) Then the article below will hopefully help you see that a fun and inexpensive product from American Stationery may be just the thing to help you out. If colorful calendars are what you need to get your little one into gear then item 3055_13 is here to your rescue. Now I know with the wave of DIY everything most bloggers would tell you to make your own but, first not everyone has time for that, second well sell stationery and third the item is $3.95! You aren’t...Read More
Before you have children, people are always saying that once you have them time flies. It’s hard to completely understand though until you have your own children.  Especially the first time you are pregnant, as typically you feel that time could not go fast enough.  But, before you know it it’s time to plan first birthday party for your little bundle of joy. For a first birthday party, it’s possible that you will want to invite more people than necessary. From family members, to day care workers, and even pediatricians you feel like so many people are involved in their lives it’s hard to not want everyone there.  But, believe me, you don’t. Yes, your first birthday party is often one that is fuller of family than friends, it’s still important to not overwhelm the child or yourself! Be sure to snap plenty of pictures so that your child can look back on this day in years to come. Even though you are likely to remember it forever, they won’t remember it at all. But, first let’s begin with that guest list.  I always say to start with the most obvious guests like your parents and your spouse’s parents. Then...Read More