Planning an event can be fun, but stressful. Depending on your budget, timeline, and the number of guests, things can get pretty overwhelming. Having a party for 15 people, opposed to 150, is much easier for obvious reasons, like preparing food and drinks, finding enough space, and so on. If you have limited funds, you have to be much more creative with activities, entertainment, and decorations. If you can organize your event ahead of time, you will avoid some unnecessary headaches. The more you can plan, the easier and smoother everything will go.   It does not matter if you are planning for a child’s first birthday, a wedding, or a baby shower, because many of the same factors go into hosting any event. Although the answers will be different, you will still have similar questions, like the following:   Where will you have the party? When should the party be? (This includes the date, start time, and end time.) How many guests should you invite, and who are they? What should be on the menu? (This includes food, drinks, and desserts.) What decorations should you use? What kind of entertainment should be present? What type of party favors should...Read More
Did you have a crazy week? Call the girls and kick up your feet! Every woman needs some girlfriends to hang out with and unwind from a busy week. These girls can be mothers, sisters, aunts, friends or co-workers. You can go out or stay in, all you need are girls, good food and with that will most likely come laughter. Laughter is like medicine to the body. Give everyone the 411 on where and when they can meet for girls’ night with these invitations made specifically for girls’ night out.  If you are the cocktail type we have Girls Night Out Party Invitations that will be great for your evening together. These festive invitations are funky and bright, sure to bring all the girls to the party.   A few ideas for girls’ night include: ·         Movie Night- you can go out to the movies and get popcorn and a coke or you can grab a chick flick and relax at a girlfriend’s house. For an eclectic selection, have each of your friends bring her favorite movie ·          Poker Night- this is not only for the guys, girls can have some fun playing poker with the Poker face ·        ...Read More
Your bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah party is a significant occasion for which family and friends should gather to mark the rite of passage of your son or daughter. The invitation is the first way in which you can share this joy with others and announce your son or daughter’s growth in faith and responsibility and invite friends and family to share in the festivities. The invitation can also serve as a keepsake for albums and scrapbooks to recall the event for years to come. Choosing the right invitation is easy with the American Stationery Company. The American Stationery Company offers several invitations to choose from for your Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah. Each of them features the stately blue and white color scheme, the perfect look to celebrate your Jewish heritage and Star of David. For a more modern look, consider our Light Blue Bordered Bat Mitzvah invitation. The lovely blue waves and light blue and white border frame your invitation wording nicely. The Black Border Bar Mitzvah invitations are a fresh looking invitation for your Bar Mitzvah party. With a handsome black stripe down the left side and contemporary blue triangular design set behind your customized wording, this is a...Read More
Under Jewish law, children are exempt from obeying the commandments of the law until they are old enough to understand and apply it. For girls, this occurs at age twelve, and for boys this happens at age thirteen. At that time, they have a bat mitzvah or bar mitzvah, which literally means “daughter (or son) of the commandment”. The bat mitzvah or bar mitzvah ceremony formally marks the beginning of the assumption of obligation to follow the commandments. It is an important milestone for both child and parent as the son or daughter comes of age and can now take part in religious services. It is a definite cause for celebration! Traditionally, the son or daughter is called up during Saturday Shabbat services to recite a blessing. In more recent times they may teach the entire lesson, read portions of the torah, or memorize the haftarah. A speech is customarily given, generally beginning with the phrase “Today I am a man” or “Today I am a woman”. A commitment is usually made by the child to continue to study the torah for the remainder of their lives. The service is followed by a reception that can be small or very...Read More
When making your arrangements, and before sending out your pool party invitations make sure that the pool will be free at your selected time. It is a good idea to let all members of your family know about your party well in advance if you’re having it at your personal home. If you live in an apartment complex, try to coordinate the time, and permission, with your landlord. It is wise to ask for cooperation from the other tenants by posting polite signs and asking your neighbors for help. Feel free to promise favors in return, like freeing up the pool to suit the needs of others as well. Before you order your invitations you should create a guest list. Be sure you that everyone on your list will receive a formal invitation at least 2 weeks before your party date. However, a month’s notice is ideal if you want to be ultra thoughtful of those with busy schedules. If time permits you may want to send out another reminder 3 or 4 days before the party, this can be a quick email, or text message. Keep those on your party list in the know in order to maximize the...Read More
Pool parties usually start sounding like a good idea as spring melts away the last of the winter chills. By the time summer is in full swing, pool parties can turn in to regular weekly events. The best part is you can host one of your own with very little expense. Even if you don’t have a pool, no problem, host your party at the local city pool!  All you need is a few supplies and a bit of imagination! You will need to make a decision on a theme for your pool party. Yes, a "pool party" is a theme in and of itself; however, it has been done a million times. Add extra spark to your party by infusing it with something else. A "Jaws" theme party can end with cooling down and gathering to watch the thriller. Shark toys and floating devices are a must for that particular theme.  "Hawaiian Party" or "High School Musical" are a couple of other alternative themes that could also be easy to work with. When planning your party be sure to arrange for other activities besides swimming. Think of pool games to play, such as water volley ball. Provide several beach...Read More
Plan a day at a local day spa, or even better, at one that requires a whole weekend full of opportunities to pamper all the ladies in the wedding party. Massages, facials, mud baths, seaweed wraps, manicures, pedicures… Any of these will allow plenty of time for the girls to share thoughts and laughs together. Or, have everyone go out for the evening and share a nice dinner accompanied with lots of reminiscing and storytelling. Let them eat cake, and dinner, and appetizers to their hearts content. Make reservations at the bride’s favorite restaurant or even consider hosting a wine tasting party! Go out dancing at your favorite club. Whether it’s Rap, Country Western or Disco fever, this will be sure to keep the party lively all night long. Plan ahead and arrange to go to an amusement or water park. Who said you had to act like grownups just because someone is getting married? Be active.. If the gals in your group are athletic, you’ve got many fun choices that center around sports. A round of golf, a long bike ride, or yoga classes are all possibilities. Follow these up with replenishing food and beverages when they’re over. If...Read More
Your best friend is getting married soon and you are chosen to be her maid of honor. Besides helping with the planning of her wedding, taking her shopping for her wedding dress and other essentials, you also have to plan for one of the most memorable nights of her life, her bachelorette party. Since you are responsible for throwing this party in her honor, and leading the final celebration of her single days, you want to be sure and give her a night full of fun, excitement and memories. To make yourself remembered as a great maid of honor, here are a few tips on how you can throw a fantastic bachelorette party for your best friend, aka the bride to be! For many years, bridal showers were the female counterpart to the bachelor party. Somehow these parties never seemed very lively when they consisted of discussions of kitchen appliances, recipes or tips on how to remove stains from laundry. That’s why in recent years the tradition of bachelorette parties has risen to the spicier girls night out…the final night of celebration of female freedom! Friends and members of the bridal party treat the bride to a night of fun,...Read More
Finally our long awaited football season is here! This time of year is a happy time for most of us guys and many ladies too. Mild days and cool nights add up to hanging out with our friends having a few drinks and snacks catching up between plays and rooting for our favorite team. I don’t know about all of you but, I really enjoy having my friends over to watch the big game at my place. There is just something about being on your own turf that eases the game day anxiety not just for the player but for the fans as well.   American Stationery now offers the Big Football Invitation. With a neutral color palate (as to not cater to any teams) this card let’s me get the word out as soon as I can that this year the big game is going to be watched from my house. With matching address labels it really takes all of the hassle out of the planning so that we can focus on getting ready for the game.   Or if you and say your wife or close pals met in a nearby college, why not host a tailgating party. As...Read More
It is now that time of year when many women are hoping for a tiny box under the tree. It’s true that many men will propose around the holidays. For a lot of us it is the only time of the year when we are around our family. So why not pop the question when visiting home. It also allows for your bride to show off her ring right away. It makes perfect sense to put the warmth of family, the holidays, and the glow in each other’s eyes.   When thinking of wedding season we know that not long off from the engagement can be the engagement party followed by a whole bunch of gatherings and parties.   That is where we come in. For your next event or party consider ordering our Classic Place Setting Invitation. Perfect design of a plate and utensils is not only classic, but gives the guests no hints as to your wedding theme. Whether you want it to be a surprise, or simply have not decided yet! This card offer a simple design with just enough room for the necessary wording. After all, no one likes to be bombarded with irrelevant information, especially when...Read More
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