Grocery bills can be expensive. Staples like milk and bread are costing families more than ever. One way to combat the costliness is to write out a grocery list. By having a plan and sticking to it, you can reduce your costs and increase your savings. The first step is to begin keeping a memo pad on your refrigerator. In doing so, you can keep a running list of anything that you are about out of or need throughout the week. Next, plan your menu using the circular. Your local grocery stores advertise in the circular and based on sale items that week (particularly meats and vegetables) you can determine what you want to prepare for the week ahead. Use a separate memo pad for the menu. You can post this on your refrigerator as well so that you and your family know what to expect for meals. Planning your menu will help you to visualize what food will be eaten. Be sure to include meals out on your menu. This way, you can use leftovers most effectively, instead of throwing it out. Setting your menu will help you to easily determine what you need to pick up at the...Read More
Both candles and soaps are neutral and suit any person, regardless of occasion. Our new personalized signs fit a more specific niche. Choose from several themes, including poker, pub, tiki bar, winery, tavern, or billiards; these signs are a must have for that fun loving yet hard to buy for person. Made from pressed wood, each sign is sturdy and built to last, comes complete with hanging accessories, and makes a great option for the new bar in the basement, billiard room, or pool house. Even if you only dream of your own pub, a customized sign can add a special touch to a kitchen or den. The billiards sign is green, just like a classic table complete with cue sticks, a beer, and an up close shot of the brightly colored billiard bails, racked and ready to break. Add a year (as an established date) and name to the sign and your gift is ready to give to your favorite pool shark. For the poker fan, select this poker lounge sign. Just like the cards themselves, the lounge sign is done in brilliant red and black, complete with four of a kind aces and stacks of chips to accent the...Read More
There are always those people that seem to be so difficult to buy for. Maybe it is a close friend that seems to have everything or a parent that never makes mention of items they like, want, or need. Personalized gifts are one of a kind. They are rarely something you can run to the store and pick up at the last minute. They require time and thought as well as planning ahead. For this reason, the gifts are so well received. Though stationery is the first thing that comes to mind for an item that can be personalized, customized gifts actually come in a variety of options. The American Stationery Company has several new arrivals to their catalog. Candles are an incredibly versatile gift, no matter what the occasion. Take it up a notch and give a personalized candle gift. Made of one hundred percent palm wax, our candles burn nearly soot free. Both natural and biodegradable, they are infused with pure plant based oils for a clean, neutral scent. Offered in a pleasing champagne color, this candle will look good in any room, regardless of decor. The candle comes in two sizes: a three inch square pillar and...Read More
The word calligraphy literally means beautiful writing. It is a fine art of skilled penmanship that is both a delight to the eye and an inspiration to the spirit. Before the invention of the printing press over five hundred years ago, this is the way books were made. Each copy was handwritten out by a scribe working in a scriptorium. The hand writing was done with quill and ink onto materials like vellum or parchment. This obviously took a great deal of time, but the result was a masterpiece.  Today calligraphy continues to flourish as an art of beautiful, elegant handwriting that is timeless. American Stationery offers a wide assortment of calligraphy products for you to choose from, and most of them are hand drawn by our in house calligrapher. This highly decorative handwriting appears to waltz across the paper on our personalized products. A selection of notes, sheets, calling cards, and correspondence cards are all available with hand calligraphy. These four items and many more are available for you to order at American Stationery. We are pleased that we can offer the elegance of calligraphy at such an affordable price. If you are looking for a truly unique personalized...Read More