Everyone knows that the autumnal color palette is full of warmth and comfort. Why not use that to your advantage by sending fall themed care packages? A far away family member who is not feeling well. A friend that is in need of a pick-me-up. A niece or nephew going off to college for the first time. A neighbor going through a tough time. Give them that feeling of warmth and comfort which fall inspires and show them you care by helping to raise their spirit or to regain their sense of self. Keeping your color palette in mind, do not limit yourself to the typical autumn hues of orange or brown. Stretch your possibilities by looking for items in deep pink, bright chartreuse, marine green, pacific blue or dusty plum. Choose colors that will evoke the feelings of fall. The contents of your care package can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose. Think of things that will make the recipient smile and feel good. Include personalized stationery as writing notes to friends and loved ones always makes people feel more relaxed and connected. Tuck in a comfy throw that they can snuggle up in. Add a...Read More
Halloween is a great time for parties, and if you are hosting one this should be a time to have fun, to enjoy dressing up in costume and to spend some good time with your friends and family as well. A good heart pounding Halloween party can’t be planned without Scary Halloween Invitations. Though a cute costume party might be nice for children a frightening one is better for teens and young adults. One of the main reasons this particular holiday is so popular is because of haunted houses and horror movies. So adding a classic invitation like Twilight Zone Invitations could put your party at the top of everyone’s list. Shopping online with us is always the best way to find a custom scary invitation for Halloween parties. I personally believe that Haunted House Halloween Invitations are a great way to show a little scare, with the right mixture of fun and information about your party. If you really want to catch your guests’ attention, Spider web Halloween Invitations are a sure to do the trick. Finding the right invitation stationery card does not have to be frightening! It can actually be kind of fun. Include previous years’ parties...Read More
Though our fondness remains, we no longer depend on stationery as we used to. Once upon a time, paper and ink was the peak of communication. Things existed, systems worked, money was made because pen was put to paper. Banks had ledgers and filled them in with different colored inks. From the late 17th century, letters were the lifeblood of business and of social life. In the Victorian era, etiquette books contained advice and templates for every possible form of correspondence between friends, lovers, and professional associates. The right pen and the right paper brought into conjunction, runs the unspoken thought from brilliant and original ideas. Whether you write a quick note or a full-blown letter to a loved one or friend, any paper product will do. If you take the time to consider what you are writing on, you’ll see that you are creating an experience for the recipient. The act of writing a letter is a way to connect with the recipient and to allow the recipient to connect with you. When you opt for stationery that has been customized, you are opting for a deeper experience. Stationery selection is really an art form. When you are writing a letter to...Read More
We know that trees remove tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Unregulated destruction of forests and trees would continue to have an adverse effect on the environment. We love to do our bit for the environment and buying environmentally friendly products is an easy way of making a difference to the planet. Going green has not only become a hip trend, it has become an honest way of life. No longer can we continue to be wasteful towards our planet’s natural resources. Eco-friendly stationery is an easy way to do your part for the environment while writing a letter. When it comes time to pick out your eco-friendly personalized stationery, it is good to be aware of the different kinds of eco-friendly paper that is available on today’s market. Recycled paper: much like it sounds, recycled paper includes recycled materials in anywhere from 10% to 100% of its makings. Using recycled materials for your personalized stationery means less wasted energy, water usage and landfill space. Limelight Embossed Notes are made from 100% recycled fibers (minimum 30% post-consumer) and manufactured chlorine free. Your last name initial takes center stage on these eco-friendly embossed fold notes. Your personalization is beautifully embossed on...Read More
The time has come to order some personalized stationery for you, a family member or close friend.  By the way, stationery makes a GREAT gift!!!  You have picked out the style of stationery (letter sheet, folded note or correspondence card), the paper color, the printing method (thermography, blind embossing or flat print) and the color of ink . . . now comes the proper personalization!!!  I will break this down by the person who will be using the stationery and give you options ranging from very formal and traditional to casual and most often used. Single girl or young woman     Miss Ashley Anne Jones            Most formal & traditional     Ashley Anne Jones     Ashley Jones                Popular Choice     Ashley                    Casual & Popular Choice     AAJ                    Initial – with or without periods         AJA*                    Monogram & Popular Choice *When creating a monogram, the center letter is the initial of the last name and always larger. The right hand letter is for the first name and the left hand letter is for the middle or maiden name. Married lady using her name only...Read More
As you put your personality on paper with your Save the Dates and Wedding Invitation, we hope you’re inspired by these stationery trends for 2012, but certainly not defined by them. Slim Bride and Groom Invitations are on the upside of the trendy world, they are fun and bring a elegance to your guests. Hot topics include the look of Old-Hollywood, where you can get your movie star on, to an event that’s more royally inspired—where the fairytale really does come true. Carry the look of your favorite theme—be it an era, a destination, a hobby, your culture, or season. Take your favorite elements and carry them to your attire, décor and wedding stationery items. Love color? 2012 is the year for you…from soft blushes like pastel pinks, spearmint, and beach nautical blues. Anything bold and saturated for a theme is a great trend like Palm Passion Invitations with the perfect pastel and a beach theme. Choose the hues that make your heart sing and leap for joy! Your wedding stationery will be on trend –whether you love the elegance of a soft neutral or shades that are daring and unexpected. Have a favorite pattern? Here are a few of the most...Read More
Do you know someone expecting a baby? Would you like to give them a baby shower? A baby shower is a way to celebrate the pending or recent birth of a child by presenting gifts to the parents at a party. The term “shower” is often assumed to mean that the expectant mother is “showered” with gifts. Pregnancy is an exciting time, and the mother-to-be deserves to be pampered and showered with gifts before the bundle of joy comes along. Baby showers are generally thrown for the expectant family’s first baby. In recent years it has become more common to throw a shower for the first baby as well as the first of a different gender. Either way, celebrating a new member of a family is the perfect reason to have a party! The cost of a baby shower can sometimes spiral out of control, before you know it your budget has well and truly been spent and yep, you’ve still got things left to buy. This is why a baby shower planner is a real must, they help you to plan and organize the shower from start to finish. I know it may seem like you do not need to one...Read More
Since the English grammar is one of the hardest things for people to remember when writing, these free, printable cheat sheets can help keep your grammar skills up-to-date. There’s nothing wrong with a little grammar goof here or there. But if all your notes are full of mistakes, it makes you sound less professional. That’s why we’ve rounded up this handy list. Use it as a cheat sheet the next time you need to write a thank-you note, a letter or just about anything else: Stationary vs. Stationery – Stationary means unmoving. This word is used to describe something else. “The car was stationary”, i.e., it was parked. Stationery is paper you use for correspondence. “My son’s stationery has cars on it.” Than vs. Then – Than is used when you’re comparing things. “My grammar is better than yours.” Then means “at that time” or “next.” “I sent a letter, then realized I had forgotten to hit spell check.” Your vs. You’re – Your  means something that belongs to you. “Your cake is gone.” You’re means “you are.” “You’re going to have to go buy another cake.” There vs. Their vs. They’re – There is a location. “The cake is over there.” Their means belonging to more...Read More
The time for holiday festivities is fast approaching.  Along with lots of gatherings and parties comes the need for special hostess gifts.  Of course, hostess gifts are given all year long, but I find holiday time is when I really need clever and reasonably priced gifts.  A bottle of nice wine or a baked goodie from your kitchen is a “tried & true” gift.  If you are going to the trouble of selecting a hostess gift, let’s make it something that stands out.  I have a favorite that I give frequently.  A small vase filled with cut flowers is always good any time of the year.  However, I always bring the flowers already arranged in a vase so the host does not need to hunt up a container for the flowers while tending to his/her guests.  You can find cute, inexpensive glass vases at a craft store. Since this is the season for parties, I have some holiday specific gift ideas for you.  A fun assortment of holiday cocktail napkins is always a good option.  Add some matching coasters and you have got it made . . . a happy host/hostess!!!  If you are going to a very special gathering...Read More
Everyone needs an organized, comfortable space to work. Also, there are a few accessories they may need at any given time while writing their invitations, grading school work, or blogging. Here is a list of things I believe you may need to keep on the desk and within reach while working on your craft. Computer A computer is the number one accessory you need on your desk. Rather it be a desktop or laptop, this is the main key to your job or hobby. Without a computer, you will be unable to post your work on time or save it for a reference. Also, if you write stories or articles, you will need this as well since it is the main stream tool of our time. A lot of writing markets allow writers to submit their query letters and other works through e-mail, and it is one of the most popular ways to relay important information in a timely manner. Writing Utensils Even if you do most of your writing on a computer, pens or pencils are another accessory you need on your desk. You don’t know when you may need to jot down a few notes, or write a...Read More
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