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celestial-thank-you-note-set-3124When it comes to issuing a thank you, there is nothing quite like constructing the perfect thank-you note.  Sure, it is probably easier to just verbally thank someone in person or on the phone, but it doesn’t quite have the same appeal of a handwritten note.  Neither does the easier alternative of a quick text, message, or email.

With a handwritten thank-you note, you have the option of writing something unique and from the heart.  It requires you to think about what you want to say, and then put your feelings into words on paper.  To make sure you deliver the perfect thank-you note, consider the five dos and don’ts of writing a thank you.

Thank-You Dos


The first thank-you “do” has to do with choosing and purchasing the perfect stationery for any occasion.  Stationery can be personalized to provide that extra touch so that people know you put some effort into the thank you, while conveying a little bit of your personality, too.

Obviously you may have a plain envelope and paper in your home or office, but it sure cannot compete with the look of an embossed card and matching envelope.  If you have just a quick note to get off to someone in an informal way, choose a fold note or correspondence card.  You can go more elegant, too, depending on the occasion.  You will find a wide variety of choices available from American Stationery to complement your needs, no matter the occasion.


The next thank-you “do” has to do with personalizing not just the stationery, but what you write inside.  For instance, if a person gave you a gift to use in your home, thank them for the specific gift, and then describe how you plan on using it in the future.  This is a good way to give thanks while also showing how much you appreciate someone’s thoughtfulness.

Write Slowly and Clearly

Next, be sure to write slowly and legibly.  You will want to make sure your handwriting is as perfect as possible, and that it doesn’t appear scribbled or rushed.  It is hard for someone to feel appreciated if they cannot decipher your words.

Also, be sure to choose a good pen that won’t smudge or bleed on your stationery.  It may not be homework, but neatness definitely counts.

Handwrite the Note

This brings us to our next suggestion: Be sure that you are handwriting everything.  Obviously it would be easier to type out what you want to write, but it definitely will not have the same effect as a handwritten note.

Give Thanks

Finally, do not be embarrassed to give thanks for any type of present or good deed.  Whether someone invited you over to their home, or picked up your mail while you were on vacation, it is never inappropriate to give thanks when thanks is due.

Thank-You Don’ts

Lack of Personality

There are, of course, also some thank-you don’ts to think about.  Do not be afraid to show some of your personality.  It is perfectly fine to use some humor as long as you aren’t insulting the person who gave you the gift, or the gift itself.

If you find yourself unsure about whether something is appropriate, leave it out.  It is better to be safe than sorry.

Don’t Exaggerate

Do not, however, exaggerate in your thank you.  While it is perfectly fine to express your gratitude, lying about how much you like something or how much you will use it is never okay.  Think about the most appropriate way you would like to be thanked for a gift.

Don’t Refer to Money

If someone gave you money, you need to find a way to express your thanks without referring to exactly how much money they gave you.  Instead, you may want to thank them for their generosity, and express simply how you might use it in a respectable way.

Keep It Short

Also, make sure you keep your note short.  Do not ramble on in a thank-you note, but try to get to the point.  If you have other news to share with someone, find another way to share it.

Verbal Thanks Is Not Enough

Finally, make sure you know when a verbal thank you is not enough.  Often it takes a specially written thank-you note to produce the results you want, while making the recipient feel good about their deed and thankful for your friendship or companionship.

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