Fold notes are a special item in anyone’s stationery collection.  They are a very versatile piece of stationery and can be used in many ways such as: congratulation notes, reminders, birthday’s, thank you notes and many more.  Fold notes generally measure 4 7/8" x 3 3/8" and may fold horizontally or vertically depending on the design you choose.  However, as designers continue to design new products, sizes will vary.  Most printers offer several different designs for fold notes including those designed for corporate executives, casual writers and children.  Fold notes can be personalized in thermograved or flat ink, or even embossed.  Printers generally allow for you to choose between having your name or company name, monogram or a design or logo printed on the stationery.  Fold notes can come with colored or embossed borders or no border at all.  With all of these options to choose from, you can see how this piece of stationery is not only an important part of your collection but a multi-purpose piece of stationery as well.   Fold notes also make a great gift.  Many printers offer decorative gift boxes for the stationery to fit in.  Manufacturers usually stamp their gift boxes with their company logo, allowing your loved one to know exactly where to...Read More
I know that money is tight and it seems that the perfect gift may not be in the budget, I just wanted you to know that we have a wide selection of gifts under $30. There is a whole section on our web page dedicated to finding you the right gift for that special someone.   Even something simple as a Quick Stamp can be the perfect functional, personalized gift, priced at $22.95. With up to 50,000 impressions in black ink you can save time and wrist cramps with a clear imprint of name and address, company slogan, email address and many more.   Another great idea under $30 are the Jungle Fun Labels. Your young ones can be talk of the class room with this lively label of cute baby animals. These are a great way to personalize stationery and complement our Jungle Fun birthday invitations.   Don’t forget that everyone has a senior moment, especially with this book “A Senior Moment is Just a Wrinkle in Time”, priced just right at $5.50. This book is guaranteed to bring fun and humor to your life with a good dose of wisdom. It will make a perfect gift for someone...Read More
I often struggle with writing our holiday family newsletter. Each year we get one that is in iambic pentameter and is multi-generational filled with news about grandchildren, extended family, the family pet and so on. Believe me, it is a chore to wade through, but I know it is sent with love from good friends.   I think these letters can be great if you stick to relevant news about your immediate family. They should be upbeat; but if there has been bad news (death, divorce, severe illness or other tragedies), your good friends will want to know this also. I firmly believe that these newsletters should only be sent to people who know your family well – family and close friends. When writing your letter remember that your 7 year old son’s winning pass for his pee wee football team and your 4 year old daughter’s dance recital are special moments to you and your husband, but may not be of great interest to the recipients of your holiday greeting. One of my favorite annual letters is filled with very few words and lots of fun pictures.   Please remember to include a warm greeting and closing to your letter. Tell your friends how special they...Read More
It’s that time of year where you pull down that old box of decorations with the same old wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows. You’ve fought for hours trying to get the kids asleep and the wrapping paper just right, although something seems to be missing.   Brightly colored holiday tags would be the perfect addition to these gifts!   It’s time to dress up this clear tape and wrapping paper covered masterpiece with a personal greeting. That’s right let them know who this is from with up to thirty-five characters and spaces. You can choose from three holiday themed messages such as: Season’s Greetings, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas. These are available in blue, green or red.   Remember you can share the love of the holidays with the elegance and personal touch that only American Stationery can supply.
Every year we do the same thing around the end of December, and that’s buy a new calendar, throw the old one away. Cheers to the New Year! Why not stop the old routine with a new tradition? Try something warm, near the heart even. If you are looking for a great gift idea, we have something that can be enjoyed year round. Why not make a personalized calendar? Photo calendars make great gifts for customers, friends, and family.   Sometimes it’s hard to find that perfect gift, but this is something you can come up with that is functional and personalized. It’s something you can enjoy, is fun, unique and affordable! It’s a perfect gift that you can look forward to giving every year.
Tis the season for having friends and family over. With holiday parties, dinners, and open houses around the corner, personalized napkins will add the special touch to your celebration. Our lovely white napkins are available personalized with your choice of name and design or monogram. Acrylic holders are also available to keep your napkins nice and tidy. Always remember that you have American Stationery to help you with special events and we will remember to help keep that special day elegant and light.
Before I begin to answer this question, let me introduce myself.  For the past 5 years I have been the “go to etiquette gal” for American Stationery and The American Wedding.  I decided that it might be helpful to share with you the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.  Having  spent the last 25 years in the stationery and wedding business – from stationery and invitation shop owner to etiquette consultant – I have found it a real challenge to take years of traditionally accepted etiquette principles  and make it work in today’s world.  I LOVE a challenge!!!!So what is etiquette and why is it so important????  Let me share some of my views on this question. The one thing for sure is that etiquette is NOT a list of rigid, stogy, out of date rules. Etiquette is a collection of guidelines for proper social behavior. If we have no guidelines, our society would not know how to interact in a civil way.  In a nutshell etiquette equals good manners.  Yes, life today is much more casual seasoned with a touch of “anything goes”, but manners serve as a guide for successfully maneuvering through daily life with...Read More
So far in our series, we’ve covered the basics: business letterhead, printed envelopes, business cards and correspondence cards. Now it’s time to look at things you might take for granted or that don’t come to mind as often. Your desk is probably chock full of sticky notes, jotters, calendars, and all the little things that make your office function day to day. Well, all those little day to day necessities come in a variety of styles and designs to match the ever evolving corporate cultures of today’s business world. Memo and Note Pads Not all business and office stationery is designed for outside correspondence. Memo pads and sticky notes, note cards and jotters make interoffice communication easier. Sticky notes printed with your name and company name are a contemporary solution for the times that you want to pass on a catalog or reference book and enclose a short note to call attention to certain sections or point out a few important bits of information… or just to say "Thought you’d find this interesting." Desktop Office Stationery Products Blotters, calendars, memo cubes and notepads are all important pieces of office stationery. Desk blotters and calendars printed with your company logo can...Read More
Aside from business letterhead and printed envelopes, your corporate stationery arsenal almost always includes business cards for corporate travel and industry conference exhibit halls. Business correspondence cards are less widely used, though their uses are probably the most diverse of any stationery that leaves your office. They can range from short, formal requests to a quick note to a colleague about fourth quarter performance. Either way, there are some new styles we think you should be aware of.Business Cards Business cards are among the most important pieces of business stationery a person will order. Traditional business cards follow a strict set of guidelines – engraved in black on white card stock, with the placement of contact details prescribed by business etiquette. If you have been collecting business cards lately, though, you will notice that traditional cards are in the minority these days. Full color printing, photo process printing and all over designs are among the newest styles in business cards. Some of the freshest contemporary business card designs feature bright color accents, your company logo and dark backgrounds. Business Correspondence Cards As we said before, for those times when you want to include a personal note with a business communication,...Read More
Most likely, two of the staple office supplies in your corporate stationery arsenal are business letterhead and printed envelopes. They are traditional cover sheets and matching envelopes imprinted with your company logo, name, title, etc. While most businesses are represented very well by this traditional approach, small changes to the layout of the text might bring about a more modern office stationery ensemble that more suitably fits the corporate culture of your office. Business Letterhead Your business letterhead is the most visible office stationery that your office will use. If is used for official correspondence with customers, business associates, the press and anyone else with whom you regularly do business. Generally, business letterhead has your company name printed at the top and contact details across the bottom. If your company desires a twist on this classic approach, turn the whole thing topsy-turvy. Some contemporary office stationery styles are printed along the side rather than the top. The biggest bonus to this modern approach is a change in the width and height of the printing area. Printed Envelopes You business may use printed envelopes in a number of different styles and sizes. The most common size, of course, is made to...Read More
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