While, it is not necessarily what I would call a new year resolution, I have decided that I will start remembering things more. Or, rather start writing myself notes more. So what better way to do that than to use sticky notes? I don’t know if it is a sign of getting older, or simply just human nature? Maybe, I’ve gotten myself to busy? On some days I think we are all a little too busy aren’t we? Even my son’s teacher encourages all the kiddos in her classroom to use notes to help them. And yes, I have been known to stick a note to a backpack with a reminder to turn homework in. With all the uses for sticky notes there is simply no sense in having any of the old boring non-personalized ones.  American Stationery has several different styles of sticky notes. There is certainly one to fit every person’s individual style. And you can personalize them which make them ideal for a family full of forgetful folks. For those of us out there who are hoping that thinking spring will bring the warm weather a little bit sooner, there is the Style 2 option from our...Read More
This time of year, many of us are still making last minute attempts to get those thank you notes sent out from all the holiday gifts we received. In my house this year, that is especially true. We had a baby in November, Christmas in December and celebrated two birthdays in January. So in between feedings and sleeping, I have been writing thank you notes. It’s something I won’t allow myself to slack on much. Saying thank you to those who have taken the time to send a gift, a card, or a warm meal is very important. I was taught at a young age that you always send a note and as quickly as you can. I’m a little slow this year but, I think playing the new baby card will help.  Having said that let me tell you about some of the thank you notes here at American Stationery. A new one that is bound to be a big seller is item number 3124. This note is called the Celestial Thank You Note Set. The set contains 20 note cards and 20 envelopes with four each of five different vibrant colors. When folded the note measures to 5.75”...Read More
Not that long ago almost all homes kept up a small bar stocked inside their home. Whether it was a large elaborate room dedicated only to indulging in libations and entertaining, or just a small cabinet set in the living room or even a small table in the den. While this once common practice has not been as popular for a few decades, the in home bar is making a comeback. Maybe it’s the Mad Men craze, or maybe just the desire to be at home. With Pinterest and the DIY movement, it is easier now than ever to receive ideas and tips on things from how to be a premier hostess, to how to create the perfect gin and tonic. So it’s no surprise that the idea of entertaining your family and friends on your own in your home is becoming so popular once again. No matter your reason for wanting to create a bar here at American Stationery, we can help you create the perfect one for your home. While we won’t give much advice on things like how is your home constructed. It is important that you do ask yourself a few questions first. How much room...Read More
During the winter months it can be much more difficult to keep in touch with family and friends. This has been especially true this winter as many of us have had to experience a more frustrating winter than normal due to the weather. With the cold weather, the piles of snow and the sheets of ice this winter has kept many of us at home more than we would like. While the internet can provide for instant relief of the necessity for conversing with someone, there isn’t much to it. There’s no sentiment or warmth.  So why not write down a message to your friends and family. A funny thing that happened recently, a letter updating how you have weathered the recent storm, or even a rant on how your kids will have no summer this year because of all the “make up” days. Whatever you have to say get it all out by writing it down. It’ll give your loved ones something to smile about when they make that long, difficult trek to the mailbox and notice they have a personal note inside. It will likely encourage them to respond back and then they too can get it all out....Read More
Once a new trend makes its way into the either fashion or home decor world, it’s not long before it appears here. And there is a trend that has been so popular for a couple of years now that it is everywhere! From my fridge, to flower pots at the hardware store, and on every d.i.y. pin that you see. What is it? The chalkboard look of course! At American Stationery, we are no stranger to the booming chalkboard trend. While, we don’t sell paint we certainly have a wide selection of items to help you get your chalkboard “fix”! Even better, the personalization you do to them does not require you to get your hands dirty! Like our new Nostalgic Notes number 3138. This box of 24 notes for $29.95 has a background that looks similar to a smudgy chalkboard from days long past and showcases a bright floral bouquet. These cards are printed flat and feature matte ink. Your name is featured in white ink just above the floral design. Opening from bottom to top, there is plenty of room to write on the white inside of this 5″ by 3 1/2″ folded note. Plain white envelopes are...Read More
The origins of Valentine’s Day trace back to the ancient Roman celebration of Lupercalia. Held on February 15, Lupercalia honored the gods Lupercus and Faunus, as well as the legendary founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus. For 800 years the Romans had dedicated this day to the god Lupercus. In addition to a bountiful feast, Lupercalia festivities are purported to have included the pairing of young women and men. Men would draw women’s names from a box, and each couple would be paired until next year’s celebration. From Feb. 13 to 15, the men sacrificed a goat and a dog, then whipped women with the hides of the animals they had just slain.  Young women would actually line up for the men to hit them, Lenski says. They believed this would make them fertile. While this pairing of couples set the tone for today’s holiday, it wasn’t called “Valentine’s Day” until a priest named Valentine came along. Valentine, a romantic at heart, disobeyed Emperor Claudius II’s decree that soldiers remain bachelors. Claudius handed down this decree believing that soldiers would be distracted and unable to concentrate on fighting if they were married or engaged. Valentine defied the emperor and secretly...Read More
When it is time to bring a new baby into the home, there are many things to think about. Mom is busy nesting. Dad is busy studying the insurance plan. What about big brother? Well depending on his age, he is likely teetering between being both anxious and excited. What will it mean to have another kid in the house? How come this baby is already getting presents when they aren’t even here yet? Many things will run through your young child’s mind. If they are older they may understand more yet they will likely still have some concerns and or jealousy. And rightly so, adding a new family member is a very big deal. That is especially when it comes to your little ones. They don’t understand that they do not have a say in this decision. While, there is only good that can come from expanding your family, it can be a bit nerve wracking for everyone. That includes the kiddos. Chances are mom and dad are also thinking a lot about how to split their time up and make sure this new change goes as seamlessly as possible. With that said, consider purchasing a gift for the...Read More
Not unlike a new mother, new fathers also deserve a special gift when their new baby is born. Sure, they do not go through the physical exhaustions and pains the mother goes through but, they certainly experience many changes in their life. It’s important to show them that they are not forgotten and that they also deserve a little something extra. These days it is very common for a new father to stay home with their wife for a few days after their child is born. With some companies even offering a paternity leave just for dad. In those first few days it feels wonderful helping with midnight feedings and really getting to bond with your child. But all too soon it’s time for dad to go back to work. When that time comes it can be difficult for dad. Of course he wants to get back into the swing of things as life has been a little hectic lately. But, we all know if they could choose they’d want to be at home too. Spending time with mom and baby A gift that can help them keep a little piece of home with him at work will be easy with a gift from...Read More