5. Do Stand Out From The Crowd Of course professional letters should be just that. . . professional. But, that doesn’t mean they can’t be personal. Try to insert some personality into you letter by making a connection with the recipient in some way. Have you met this person? You can open by saying "It was so nice to meet you at last week’s reception." Do you have something in common or a shared interest? Mention it! Especially if you have interviewed or conferenced with this person, it will serve you well to mention a specific aspect of your conversations. It will likely peak the interest, or at least stir a memory in the reader, which will hold their attention…your ultimate goal. Extra Advice for Business Correspondence Here are a few extra tips to help you communicate effectively: Common Abbreviations and Their Meanings: ASAP – As soon as possibleEnc – Enclosure (indicated that there is an attachment)Cc – Carbon copy (indicates other recipients of the letter) PS – Postscript (any "afterthoughts" added after the signature)PTO – Please turn overRSVP – Please reply (from the French "répondez, s’il vous plait")RE – Regarding (lets the reader know why you are writing) What...Read More
1. Do Address The Recipient Respectfully Finding out someone’s official title may actually take a little research on your part, but it will be well worth the effort. First, find out whether the person uses an official title (Dr. for example). Without this important sign of respect, you’ll run the risk of insulting your reader before she has even begun reading. After the greeting or salutation, place a colon before skipping a line and beginning your business letter. 2. Do Present Yourself Well With Professional Stationery Business letters, cover letters, and professional letters of all types are often your first and only chance to make a great impression. In the same way that you would wear your nicest, most professional attire to an interview or important meeting, you should put your best foot forward with high-quality, professional business stationery that it is a reflection of you and your business. 3. Do make your intentions clear Especially when dealing with busy professionals, it’s important to be specific and candid about what you want. It’s even more important that you get to the point within the first few sentences. Studies show that readers simply lose interest if the intent or meaning of a letter...Read More
4. Do Be A Trendsetter Just by reaching out to a friend in an "old-fashioned letter," you’re making a stylish statement. Why not start an entire string of hand-written communication? We bet you’ll love the feeling of finding a beautiful, meaningful hand-written note in your mailbox among all those bills and junk mail! The most obvious way to encourage ongoing correspondence is to explicitly ask the reader to write you back. You should also consider including your return address on your letter itself so the recipient can write a return note if they wish, even long after the envelope has been tossed in the trash. 5. Do Make A Memorable Exit Don’t sign your letter and seal the envelope unless you’ve said adieu in an unforgettable way. Some trusty standbys are: "Love," "Best wishes," "Sincerely," "Very Sincerely," "Cordially," and "Gratefully" But, you are free to get as creative as you want. Here are a few examples of inspired ways to sign-off: "all the best," "ciao," "see you soon," "love always," "fondly," and "cheers!" Extra Advice for Social Correspondence Here are a few extra tips to help you communicate effectively: Everyday Is A Reason To Write Most people receive letters on...Read More
1. Do Consider Your "Canvas" Think about your stationery as the blank "canvas" on which you get to create something timeless and completely original. Along the same lines of putting your best foot forward and making great first impressions, stylish, high-quality paper makes a statement before your recipient even begins reading. The style of stationery matters, too. Rarely would you want to write a condolence letter on business stationery, or a love note on a "Thank You" card. Consider the color, weight, quality, and size of the paper as those qualities can convey a surprising amount of emotion and meaning. Browse our complete collection of personal stationery here: http://www.americanstationerv.com. 2. Do Address Your "Audience" It’s important to address your recipient by his or her name (or nickname) to establish a sense of personal connection. Of course, the title and greeting you choose to use will depend on your relationship with the recipient, as well as the tone and level of formality you want to establish in the letter. The most common greeting is "Dear," but a less formal "Hi,""Hello,""My Friend," or even "Hey" is a perfectly acceptable opening line for a friendly letter. For our guide to more professional or...Read More
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