Everybody likes to have an unforgettable birthday. With the popularity of the television show My Super Sweet Sixteen, the popularity of extreme, elegant parties have rose right along with it. Since not everyone can afford those elaborate birthday bashes like portrayed in the television show, choose a sweet sixteen invitation that draws everyone’s attention. When choosing the right sweet sixteen invitations, there are a few things to look for before selecting just any old invitation. Your sweet sixteen invitations should catch the receiver’s eyes. The invitations should have colors that immediately draw attention, the birthday party specifics need to be very legible and clear, and a touch of sophistication is nice since this is a milestone birthday. A more grown up look is an important thing since this is the year you get your drivers license. American Stationery has recently began selling sweet sixteen invitations that cover the previously mention criteria. DOTTED SWEET SIXTEEN INVITATIONS A cute, fun, sophisticated sweet sixteen invitation is all available in this one product. The top of these sweet sixteen invitations has a fairly large pale green banner that says it all – "Sweet 16." Below the word "sweet" lies a row of colorful dots...Read More
Children grow up so quickly! It seems with each birthday comes a host of victories that they’ve accomplished over the year. Our kids’ birthdays beckon a celebration, and no party is complete without the right birthday invitation. Not only does it set the tone for the festivities, but a birthday invitation makes the birthday boy or girl feel special. The invitation can serve as a keepsake for later, a tangible object that the guest of honor can look back on and recall the fun times and memorable moments that were made on their big day. Whether it is a first step, first day of school, or first car, the American Stationery Company has invitations to suit any birthday! For the early childhood years, we offer both the Giraffe invitation and the Critters invitation. You can choose from either baby boy blue or little girl pink. The "Giraffe" invitations boast of your little one’s big day, with a playful giraffe and a combination of stripes and polka dots at the top and bottom of the invitation. They create the perfect frame for your invitation wording. The "Critters" invitations feature the giraffe, as well as an adorable elephant, lovable lion, and cute turtle...Read More
One of the most important birthdays of a person’s life is the first birthday. Though we would have a hard time remembering the day for ourselves, it is still one of the biggest birthdays we will celebrate. It is a day to celebrate not only the child but marks a milestone for the parents in making it through that difficult first year. So many successes make up the first twelve months of an infant’s life: first smiles, holding up their head, sitting up, first words, first tooth, standing up, first steps, and the list goes on and on. Because the guest of honor won’t remember things from this day on his or her own, it’s important to keep record of the celebration for him or her. A party is a must, but be sure to remember the invitations. They will serve as a memento from that all important first birthday party! The American Stationery Company offers several birthday invitations to choose from. The Giraffe invitations and the Critters invitations are a great choice for your baby’s party. You can choose from either light blue or pale pink. The Giraffe invitations commemorate your little one’s big day with a delightful stuffed...Read More
Birthday parties are a celebration of life and mark a milestone in every person’s life. Whether it is that all important first birthday that recounts the year full of first steps, words, and experiences, or the fortieth birthday that is chalked full of humor and the symbolic downward descent of the “hill” and farewell to a person’s youth, the birthday party is a necessary hallmark of each year that passes. No matter how old the birthday boy or girl is, they deserve to feel special, and regardless of the size of the party, an invitation is a must! Birthday invitations make the guest of honor feel important because you are recognizing their big day. Long after the party is over, the invitation is a great reminder of the celebration for years to come and serves as the perfect memento for a scrapbook or photo album. The American Stationery Company offers a wide variety of birthday invites! The wording is completely customizable so you can say exactly what you want. Does the guest of honor have a favorite phrase or poem? Would you like to keep the party a surprise? Let your guest know by personalizing the invitation. Be creative with...Read More
A letter is more than a means of communication. In this modern era of the quick text, the easy email, and the last-minute voicemail, a handwritten note stands out as a thoughtful and personal gesture. In this day and age, receiving a letter is in fact like receiving a gift. The recipient will recognize the time and thought that goes into putting pen to paper, and feel special for having received such a personal gesture. Many of us haven’t sat down to write a letter since the day we discovered email. For this reason, many are calling letter writing a "lost art." We believe this to be far from the truth. A huge misconception is that letters are boring or antiquated because they necessarily must follow strict rules of formatting and function (rules which most of us forgot the day we graduated high school). This couldn’t be further from the truth. When you purchase your personal stationery and begin to write, you’ll realize that letter writing can be a fun, personal, and even inspirational experience that doesn’t have to follow any rules but your own. Of course the best trick of the trade is to have plenty of quality stationery...Read More
With personalized return address labels, you are ready for any situation or occasion. Be it party invitations or bills, getting your items in the mail is a little easier and lot more fun with personal return labels from American Stationery. Make a bold statement. Use your initial as the label design: "Take Note" labels Insignia labels Your Initial is the Design! Labels Big Initial Family Labels Have some fun with the whimsical return labels, cat and dog labels, or swirls. If address labels aren’t for you, there are many alternatives to choose from. Consider a Quick Stamp, which allows you to customize up to four lines of for your name, address, personal message, etc. An embosser with changeable plates lets you create multiple professional looks for the ultimate in style and sophistication
Don’t get caught taking notes on any old pad! American Stationery offers memo pads that are practical and pretty at the same time. Suddenly it’s fun to write grocery lists, notes-to-self, and phone messages. With so many design options, it makes sense to order a few memo pads for your home office, car, and every room in the house. Finally get organized with a personalized memo set in a desktop organizer. The contemporary acrylic holder matches any decor, and holds memos of all sizes along with pens and other items. The refillable memo holders offer the same organization and personalization on a smaller scale. Order a Mega Pack of self-stick memo pads and never get stuck using a boring yellow sticky-note again. Far from basic black, the K-12 memo set includes a variety of shapes and sizes in a rainbow of colors to make even every-day chores feel fun and youthful. Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Let your inner designer run wild and design your own memos. You’ll enter your name or initials, select your color and type style, and choose from a list of optional design styles. Do you love pineapple? Or are frogs more your style? Whatever expresses who you...Read More
Personalized stationery makes a great gift for almost any occasion. American Stationery offer a large assortment of design options and styles to fit the distinctive personality of the person you are buying for. Below are a few ideas to help make your gift giving a little easier. Wedding GiftsA fantastic way to celebrate the joining of a couple and their names is to give them personalized stationery. You’re certain to find something perfect for the newlyweds with our endless color and style options. If you’re looking to get the couple a classic set of stationery our Elegant Embossed Monogram Ensemble is a good choice. With three different pieces all personalized with their monogram it has everything they need. If you’re looking for something a little more fun and lively you might consider the Your Favorite Stationery Set. Since it’s available in 22 different colors there is sure to be one that will fit the happy couple. Anytime GiftsAny of our products would make a nice gift regardless of the occasion. We have many wonderful and useful items to choose from. Who the gift is for will help you narrow down what type of stationery to purchase. You can’t go wrong with one of...Read More
While wedding traditions do not typically change, each season unveils the latest trends that many couples will incorporate into their event. Many brides-to-be discover unique creations embrace romantic inspirations while providing a dash of modern flair reflected in today’s most popular trends. Non-traditional shapes:   Many couples are opting for wedding invitations in non-traditional shapes. Gone are the days of choosing between 5" x 7" rectangles – now couples can select square and tea length cards. Palm Tree Photo, Mint Julep Party Invitations, and Bride and Groom Engagement Invitations. Bright Colors & Unique Color Combinations:   Couples are incorporating vibrant colors and unique color combinations into their weddings like yellow. Brides are also creating unique color combinations such as turquoise and lime. These colors are not only seen on invitations, but also on wedding place cards and programs, and incorporated throughout the reception. Time-Honored Monograms:   Every year the bridal industry wonders if monograms will go out of style, but they remain as popular as ever. Whether on save the date cards, wedding invitations or wedding thank you cards, classic monograms are still au courant. Mother Nature’s Finest:   Wedding ensembles inspired by natural elements, such as simple leaf and flower motifs, are in vogue and...Read More
Every now and then it is necessary to write a sympathy note to a friend, a family member or a business associate.  This can be a daunting task because you want to say the right thing trying to make the recipient feel better. The first thing that you must decide is to whom you should send your sympathies.  If it is a relative or spouse of a friend or work associate, you would send the note to your friend or associate.  When the deceased is your friend or work associate, you would send your condolences to the deceased’s spouse, significant other or oldest child.  In the workplace you may also participate in a “group” expression of sympathy.  This is good way to go unless you worked closely with the deceased or family member of the deceased.  In this case, a personal condolence would be a better option. You should try to get your note in the mail as soon as you hear about the death.  If for some reason some time has elapsed, send the note even if it is a month or so after the death.  I always say . . . better late than never! A sympathy note...Read More
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