If you haven’t lately, you need to check out American Stationery’s clearance section.  New and exciting items are added all the time. We currently have an abundance of calendars for only $3.95! Whether you like the weekly sheets or a month at a time we can help you keep on top of everything! The week by week calendars come in a slender 11″ by 4 1/4″. This size makes it easy to move around the house from the desk to the kitchen and more. But,  with this price, why not just purchase more than one? We offer a style to suit every room and personality in your home. With several different attractive designs to choose from you no longer have an excuse to not stay on track. If monthly glances are more your thing, check out the full sized calendars which measure to 11″ by 8 1/2″. These pads also offer 52 tear away sheets easy for those who, have difficulties keeping up and sometimes write down the wrong time. You can also adapt it to work as a weekly calendar. It’s tough stuff keeping up with PTO meetings, soccer practice, swim lessons and church choir practice. Take a peek...Read More
Are you hosting your first Thanksgiving dinner this year? Is it all starting to feel a little overwhelming? Don’t panic, American Stationery can help you! First let’s start off with the invitations. Sure everyone knows what day Thanksgiving is but, they don’t know that you are the one having the dinner now do they? What better way to introduce your mastermind to the dinner than to send out beautiful invitations cordially inviting them to dinner? For the turkey focused crowd look at our item number 9875(Wild Turkey Invitations). This single panel digitally printed card features a large vibrantly colored turkey. There’s no mistake what or who will be the main course at this dinner. With the information printed to the left of the card all you really need to say is when and where. The invitations are sold in sets of 20  for $36.00 and come with plain envelopes.  Really want to tie the look together? Order the matching Wild Turkey Return Address Labels. Item number 9876 comes in a roll of 120 address labels for $24.00. If the turkey isn’t the main event whether that be because you are all vegetarian or otherwise check out the item number 9871(Autumn...Read More
Kids are messy. It’s just simply a fact of life. Part of their job is to make a mess it is how they learn about the world around them. As parents and grandparents, it’s our responsibility to try to keep them clean while they learn about these things. And for that matter, we need to keep the rest of our area clean as well. At American Stationery we don’t just offer personalized stationery, we also sell several different placemats. These placemats come in a variety of styles and are shipped to you within a few days. For $14.95 we have durable, easy to clean and many adorable designs of placemats. Their size of 17.5″ x 11.5″ is the ideal size for the little one in your life. Plenty of room for a plate or bowl, silverware, a cup and still a lot of area left for those inevitable spills. Our Alphabet Placemat is brightly colored and adorned with the entire alphabet and numbers from one to ten. This placemat is sure to help turn dinnertime learning time as well. Listening to your littlest one read off their alphabet while you make her plate will be a sweet moment to share during a typically hectic...Read More
Some we love, some we hate, and some we just love to hate. Who are we talking about?  Our boss of course! Boss’s day is October 16 and if you order now you should still have time to receive a personalized gift from American Stationery. You know how your boss always says that he put a note on your desk, but somehow you can never seem to find it? Or what about when you come back to your desk to discover a note and the person didn’t sign it? In larger offices, it’s nearly impossible to know what everyone’s handwriting looks like. Consider ordering them a large pad of personalized memos. Yes, the gift is for your boss but, it’s kind of for you too. At American Stationery we offer so many different types of memos. From large to small, colorful to plain and more! A tried and true favorite is the contemporary memo pad. This pad has it all! It features your name at the top in a clear font, has a simple lined border to give it just a touch of personality and comes in a perfect 5″x 8″ size. You will receive two pads of 100 sheets each on white paper with...Read More
We here at American Stationery can certainly say that one of our most popular items are our address labels. They are ideal stocking stuffers, a perfect gift for the newly married couple, the first choice for a housewarming present and for the price, you can really never have too many. So it’s no surprise that we sell so many every year. All those reasons aside, we thought we’d take a moment to give you an idea of something other than your address to put on these little tags. With fall finally here and the winter months looming around the corner, it is time that many of us do a lot of our preparations for the long chilly months ahead. What with canning and baking and gift making. The need for tags and labels presents itself all the time. With over 400 different labels to choose from, it simply is not possible for us to go into detail over all of them in this article. So, lets discuss in more detail why you may need them for something other than your address. After all once you know what you want to put on them, it will be easier to choose the...Read More