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Can the paper you use make a difference in your business? In a world often dominated by electronic media, websites, and insta-this-and-that, is there still a place for business letters, notes, and cards?   According to Forbes (Jan 2013), “In this day and age, when sadly we’re getting fewer and fewer letters in the mail, a handwritten thank you note on well-crafted on top-quality stationery, will make a candidate stand out from others who chose not to take that extra, personal step.”   The April 2013 issue of Harvard Business Review explains why personal notes and great stationery are so important. “Written notes mean more because they cost more. Emails, tweets, texts, or Facebook messages are essentially costless. They’re easy to write and free to send, and you and I produce hundreds of them every day. A recent study indicated the average corporate email account sent or received more than 100 emails per day, and Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 now send or receive nearly 100 texts per day.”   Handwritten notes are also valued because of their place in our lives. How many emails do you have taped to your refrigerator or pinned up on the...Read More
Naturally, there is a lot that goes into making a success out of a given business. You need to decide what niche you want to fill, as far as your industry goes, and determine what needs you can strive meet as far as your potential customers. Then, of course, there are the practicalities of turning your products, services, and ideas into a booming business model with a healthy bottom line. However, there are other details that can factor into your potential success as well – details that are all too often overlooked altogether, like your choice in business cards. A fantastic business card that makes the recipient sit up and take notice won’t guarantee that you’ll be successful in all that you do. However, it can definitely help you make the impression you really want to on those with whom you’re looking to create a relationship. Here we’ll explore the importance of having the right business card, discuss the benefits of choosing a more creative option, and take a closer look at some of the most interesting ways people are taking the art of the business card to the next level and beyond. Why Every Professional Really Needs a Business...Read More
This is Part II to How to Start a Business – Part I Plan your operations. Who will lead, and who will follow? Define your organization, from the receptionist up to the CEO, and what part each plays in both function and financials. Knowing your organizational structure will better help you plan your operating costs, and fine-tune how much capital you will need to function effectively. Keep in mind that your business will continue to evolve and that this will be a rough idea of who is needed to keep things functioning; as the business grows, you’ll likely make changes to the hiring plans to fit what is happening at the time. Also, in a number of cases, the “staff” is you and whomever you can consult, such as your lawyer and accountant. This is fine, as long as you show that you’re prepared to pay for external advice and help until your business is ready to take on staff. Cover the financials. Succinctly, this describes how much you plan on spending, and how much you’re making. Since this is the most dynamic part of your plan, and perhaps the most important for long-term stability, you should update this monthly...Read More
Have an idea? It might be a product you’ve always wanted to make, or a service you feel people need. It might even be something people don’t know they need yet, because it hasn’t been invented. Starting a business involves planning, making key financial decisions and completing a series of legal activities. Are you one of those who dream of owning your own business? You’ll be your own boss, and the captain of your destiny—–maybe even a captain of industry. Is it hard? Without a doubt. Is it challenging? Absolutely. Do you have to be wealthy and well-educated with a lengthy resumé? Not at all! Can you do it? There are some tried and true ways head down the path of creating your own business, and there is no time like the present to get started! Have an idea. Start with a simple question like: “what shall we build?”. The idea is not to create a business plan, just to generate some ideas. Many of the ideas will be duds, and there will be quite a few ordinary ones, but a few will emerge that have real potential. Define your goals. Do you want financial independence, eventually selling your business...Read More
From work and family obligations to the omnipresence of technology, we live in a time where everyone is extremely busy and wrapped up their own lives. As a result, the basic rules of etiquette sometimes fly right out of the window. But as businesses struggle for differentiation, etiquette is really more important than ever.  Professional social situations can be awkward. The rules are slightly different from standard social settings, yet business schools rarely discuss professional etiquette topics. From how to introduce yourself to what to order at restaurants, these are the social rules you need to know when establishing relationships. For organizations and employees alike, recognizing the critical link between business protocol and profit is the key to your success. In a business situation, you should use your full name, but you should also pay attention to how others want to be introduced.  Stand when meeting someone or shaking hands. Stand up, show a modicum of respect, and pretend like the person you are meeting is of some interest to you at the moment. Anything less is disrespectful. Think to yourself, “is this how I want to start this relationship?”. I’m a big believer in the concept of paying it...Read More
If you haven’t lately, you need to check out American Stationery’s clearance section.  New and exciting items are added all the time. We currently have an abundance of calendars for only $3.95! Whether you like the weekly sheets or a month at a time we can help you keep on top of everything! The week by week calendars come in a slender 11″ by 4 1/4″. This size makes it easy to move around the house from the desk to the kitchen and more. But,  with this price, why not just purchase more than one? We offer a style to suit every room and personality in your home. With several different attractive designs to choose from you no longer have an excuse to not stay on track. If monthly glances are more your thing, check out the full sized calendars which measure to 11″ by 8 1/2″. These pads also offer 52 tear away sheets easy for those who, have difficulties keeping up and sometimes write down the wrong time. You can also adapt it to work as a weekly calendar. It’s tough stuff keeping up with PTO meetings, soccer practice, swim lessons and church choir practice. Take a peek...Read More
Personalized stationery is great because it allows you to express yourself in words and to make a variety of unspoken statements at the same time. Custom imprinted stationery is a convenient and affordable mode of interpersonal communications. There are a variety of professional, social and everyday events that call for the use of stationery. Add your individual sentiments to these occasions by choosing personalized stationery over preprinted retail store cards. Your personal sentiments will be the main attraction in what you are communicating. Personalized stationery makes a statement from the overall visual image it provides. Whether for business or private purposes, the type and style of personalization you choose makes a statement about your own identity. Project Your Business Image For personalized business stationery, stick with a crisp, smart-looking design to make a solid statement about your high level of professionalism to those who receive business letters and other paper communications from you. Some stationery suppliers also provide an electronic template matching your personalized business stationery, so you can send messages to business contacts through the internet while maintaining your branding image. This can be far better than the ordinary and boring design of typical email messages. Smart business professionals...Read More
As we grow older we long for the good old days, when things were simpler. The kind of the days when towns were mostly made up of small, locally owned businesses. Our home towns consisted of marketplaces like the local butcher, small hardware stores, and hot dog stands across the street. It’s nostalgia like this that keeps us humble, but hard working, it’s that little spark in us that is bringing back local farmers’ markets and pushing small town America forward. These days it’s so important to learn and maintain skills such as letter writing and proper ways to correspond.  They will help us in many different ways such as:  thank-you notes, college letter writing, customer correspondence, and job applications. Classic Vellum Typewriter Stationery – Qty 100 Sheets 100 Envelopes – This heavyweight vellum paper has your name and address tastefully printed at the top of each letter sheet. Size: 8 1/2″ x 11″ Paper Color: White or Ivory Ink Color: Black matte ink Consumers we crave personalized attention, and in today’s increasingly impersonal marketplace, are having a harder time finding it. If you want to build a loyal customer base, you need to practice good customer correspondence. In the race...Read More
American Stationery offers a complete collection of stationery options to fit your individual needs, whether it is for business or personal use. We offer professional stationery customized with your name, initials or logo. Below are a few items to get your correspondence collection started: Embossed Border Stationery: These classic vellum sheets with their embossed border offer a classic option for your stationery needs. They are appropriate for both business and personal correspondence. Handcraft Vellum Business Stationery: This classic vellum paper is perfect for pen, computer or typewriter. It is available in monarch size for your business use and social size for personal use. Best Value! Our Standard Box: This stationery has been a customer favorite for over 85 years. This is an excellent value for its quality. It is a medium weight, social size stationery perfect for social or professional writing. Personalized Organizer and Memos: This versatile memo set works well for professional individuals of all ages. Not just for business, it’s a perfect gift for dads and grads, too. Top Quality Business Stationery: Just as the name suggests this stationery will fit all your business needs as well as your budget.
If you have spent any time on our site or curled up with our catalog, you no doubt have noticed there are a lot of stationery styles to choose from. We sell correspondence cards, fold notes, letter sheets, memos, postcards and ensembles. We have had many people ask us over the years why we need so many different types of paper and how are you supposed to use it all. Well, we’ll tell you… Correspondence Cards are designed to be used as a quick note for business or personal reasons. We’ve been told that the heavy weight of the stock and the 4 ½ x 6 ¼ size make them perfect for mailing photos. We offer a selection of correspondence cards that have a colored hand-bordered edge. Whether prim and proper or spunky and creative, there’s bound to be a correspondence card that fits your personal style. Fold Notes are used for a longer note. Like a card, they also can be used for business or personal purposes, with styles ranging from the more formal embossed note to some very creative printed designs. Embossed notes are very popular as thank you notes. Our wide variety of printed designs range from...Read More
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