Building a business from the ground up in the United States is not an easy thing to do by any stretch of the imagination. There are countless hurdles that you have to overcome to make your business prosperous and get your profit margins wider. Starting a successful business is not just about having the most innovative ideas, the most appealing products, and the best marketing team in the world. Commendable management is an equal contributor to the success of your business. This is particularly true for entrepreneurs who are running offices. The office environment has to be the most conducive onein which to work. That is the mark of good management skills. It has to be the kind of environment that your employees appreciate and love. Creating such an environment involves a lot of steps, one of which is keeping your employees supplied with high quality office stationery. Neglecting Office Stationery You will be surprised to know that most business owners in our country do not pay as much attention to office stationery as they should. From their point of view, office stationery does not really make much of a difference to the revenue and profits generated by their business....Read More
  Can the paper you use make a difference in your business? In a world often dominated by electronic media, websites, and insta-this-and-that, is there still a place for business letters, notes, and cards?   According to Forbes (Jan 2013), “In this day and age, when sadly we’re getting fewer and fewer letters in the mail, a handwritten thank you note or well-crafted on top-quality stationery, will make a candidate stand out from others who chose not to take that extra, personal step.”   The April 2013 issue of Harvard Business Review explains why personal notes and great stationery are so important. “Written notes mean more because they cost more. Emails, tweets, texts, or Facebook messages are essentially costless. They’re easy to write and free to send, and you and I produce hundreds of them every day. A recent study indicated the average corporate email account sent or received more than 100 emails per day, and Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 now send or receive nearly 100 texts per day.”   Handwritten notes are also valued because of their place in our lives. How many emails do you have taped to your refrigerator or pinned up on...Read More
Sending out fun and beautiful stationery, accompanied by a meaningful or quirky gift, can really brighten someone’s day or even set the perfect tone for an upcoming event. Don’t feel limited in your opportunities to send out invitations or congratulatory notes, either. Life is full of events worth celebrating and making fond memories of, and a beautiful card and thoughtful gift can really go a long way in helping create those memories. Whether you’re always on the lookout for new ideas or tend to hit a few brick walls when trying to think of the right thing to send, here you’ll find a full host of ideas and examples for every occasion. Christenings Christenings and baptisms are certainly traditional events, filled with serious symbolism and deep meanings, but this doesn’t mean that announcements and invitations have to be super serious and somber. After all, these events are really meant to be joyful and mark an important moment in the life of child. If you’re sending out announcements and/or invitations, consider customizing your stationery with a picture of your child. Choose something sweet and fun, something with laughter and bright colors that conveys the happiness and well-wishes of the future. For...Read More
We’ve all had to write a letter at some point in our lives, whether it was a thank you note or a “thinking-of-you” letter.  For some of us, the ability to sit down and write a heartfelt letter just isn’t easy.  Sometimes, the words just won’t come out right, and we struggle to find the perfect way to say what we mean.  If this sounds familiar, don’t worry.  These tools won’t magically produce the words of Pablo Neruda, but they may be able to help you write a better letter.   A Fountain Pen Fountain pens have been known to increase penmanship, and they are the preferred writing tool when it comes to writing for long periods of time.  This is because writing with a fountain pen requires less pressure to produce enough ink, which helps reduce hand cramping.  The novelty of using a fountain pen is also something that makes them attractive to writers.   Letter Writing Prompts We have all stared at the paper in front of us and drawn a blank on what we should write.  Getting started is often the most difficult part, and, once we get over that hump, everything starts flowing.  To motivate you...Read More
There’s nothing quite like opening the dusty blinds and cracking open a window on that first 60 degree day of spring. Sunshine beams into your home, fresh air swooshes in, and instant happiness fills you. Even the animals are happily sunbathing in their favorite spots around the house. After what always seems like the worst and longest winter, you’re feeling rejuvenated and motivated to start on that list of home projects you swore you’d begin in the spring. Well, there’s no time like the present. Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today. Get out your mops, buckets, calendars, and bins; the annual spring cleaning and organizing binge awaits you. There are plenty of ways to begin this task. You can organize your closets, wash the walls and windows, clean the carpets and furniture, reorganize your bookshelves, and if you’re really looking to brighten up the home, repaint the bathroom or kitchen and add in new textiles to create a fresh mood. My two favorite aspects of spring cleaning and organizing is buying new bins and baskets to organize different products and items around the house and focusing on personal organization. I am that person who has four...Read More
I know we are still in the thick of winter, but spring time is approaching. Spring time means we are receiving new items here at American Stationery. If you are looking to add a new item to your stationery collection, looking for a signature look, or choosing a present, our featured item section is a wonderful place to begin your search. Currently, I am crushing on item number 3319. These are the Peacock notes and I am truly in love. First they are a note which I adore because they are incredibly versatile and leave plenty of room on the inside to write. Secondly, the intricately printed peacock design is printed in raised ink and feels as beautiful as it looks. Each set comes as a quantity of 24 notes with plain envelopes. You may opt to have the envelope lined with a coloring to help tie the look together for an additional cost or even have your address printed on the back for an additional cost as well. Your friends and family will know that you are wild about them when they receive this note in the mail. 3317 are the Cabo fold notes. These notes make a bold...Read More
It’s the time of the year when we are all making lists. Some of us are checking them more than just twice. Each year we throw a dinner party around the holidays. That takes at least three to five lists; from the shopping list to the guest list and more. Also, I have two sons so I have to go over their wish list. There is the honey do list to make for my husband. And my youngest son’s birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year so I won’t even go into how many notes and lists I’ve had to make for that one. But, for most of us the lists that we make stay with us. No one else wants to see what all we have going on and often enough they couldn’t read our chicken scratch anyhow. But, there are some people out there who want to see lists, grandparents! Have your kiddos sit down and write out a list of what they would like for this holiday season. Maybe include a short paragraph as well to grandma and grandpa about how they can’t wait to see them. Or how they want to come over soon and make holiday...Read More
You always hear in the fashion and blog world people discussing the “mom on the go” this phrase is used to describe a clothing style and personal image. Moms on the go are chic, put together, and in control. Moms on the go also know how to get things done; while always looking cool calm and collected. In order to help keep up their “togetherness” these ladies require a few tools to help them stay that way. Look to American Stationery for your stationery and desk accessory needs. We offer several products to help you gain and keep the elusive Mom on the go status. Browse through our collections. Each collection has matching (and sold separately) pieces. All sets have a calendar which is a must for marking down all the important dates coming up. From your office meetings, to dental appointments and the PTO fundraiser. Every calendar is printed with 52 removable 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheets. Every week you will tear away a sheet and fill in the next leaving you with an extra feeling of accomplishment. This fun and functional item allows you to keep up with all that is going on in your busy, and fabulous...Read More
Think stationery is just another token “accessory”? For some, stationery IS an important means of self-expression. There is, however, another argument to be made; that personal stationery is a logical investment that will make your life easier and save you some money. Consider this: The average birthday card retails for $4 and greeting cards range in cost from $1 to $10, with the average generic greeting card retailing for $3. Now consider the following facts, courtesy of the GCA (Greeting Card Association): U.S. consumers purchase approximately 7 billion greeting cards each year, generating nearly $7.5 billion in retail sales. More than 90 percent of all U.S. households buy greeting cards, with the average household purchasing 30 individual cards in a year.  The average person receives more than 20 cards per year, about one-third of which are birthday cards. The most popular everyday cards are: Birthday (60%) Anniversary (8%) Get Well (7%) Friendship (6%) Sympathy cards (6%) The most popular seasonal cards are: Christmas (60%) Valentine’s Day (25%) Mother’s Day (4%) Easter (3%) Fathers Day (3%) The Logic: An elegant, multi-functional stationery ensemble of 150 pieces = $46 Vs. 150 store-bought cards at the $3 National average = $450 Even if you...Read More
Though our fondness remains, we no longer depend on stationery as we used to. Once upon a time, paper and ink was the peak of communication. Things existed, systems worked, money was made because pen was put to paper. Banks had ledgers and filled them in with different colored inks. From the late 17th century, letters were the lifeblood of business and of social life. In the Victorian era, etiquette books contained advice and templates for every possible form of correspondence between friends, lovers, and professional associates. The right pen and the right paper brought into conjunction, runs the unspoken thought from brilliant and original ideas. Whether you write a quick note or a full-blown letter to a loved one or friend, any paper product will do. If you take the time to consider what you are writing on, you’ll see that you are creating an experience for the recipient. The act of writing a letter is a way to connect with the recipient and to allow the recipient to connect with you. When you opt for stationery that has been customized, you are opting for a deeper experience. Stationery selection is really an art form. When you are writing a letter to...Read More