When it comes to the dos and don’ts of using stationery, there are several key tips to keep in mind.  To ensure your letters, thank you cards, and invitations follow the rules, we present the top tips in stationery etiquette. Names The first tip has to do with addressing your card, letter, or thank-you card.  When it comes to names, in formal occasions you do not want to use abbreviations.  Here is an example: Do:           Doctor James Brown Do Not:  Dr. James Brown Using standard etiquette rules, if you address an invitation or card to a couple, you always want to start with the husband’s name and title, followed by his wife.  Here is another example: Do:        Doctor and Mrs. James Brown Judge and Mrs. James Brown If middle names are included, spell them out, too. Do:           James Crawford Brown Do Not:   James C. Brown Yet another tip has to do with addressing children.  As long as a child is over the age of 18, they should receive their own invitation or announcement.  A child younger than 18 would not receive their own invitation. Addressing Envelopes When it comes to the envelope your...Read More
One of the most stressful life events that we all go through is moving. Yes, often times the reason for the move is a happy thing. Say a new job, child or maybe even retirement! But, the fact remains that moving can be a stressful time in your life.  In fact studies show that it is one of the most stressful life events that most all of us will encounter. Coordinating all the things that must take place in order to make the move as comfortable as possible can be difficult. There are things that you think of right away like making sure you have plenty of boxes and friends to help move. Did you find someone to keep the dog for a couple of days?  Did you fill out the change of address form at your local post office? Call the kids school? See, I told you there was a lot to do so the last thing you need is to not let family and friends know of your new address. You have to let the credit card company know that you moved, but you want to let your friends know. Maybe you have finally decided to take the...Read More
We here at American Stationery can certainly say that one of our most popular items are our address labels. They are ideal stocking stuffers, a perfect gift for the newly married couple, the first choice for a housewarming present and for the price, you can really never have too many. So it’s no surprise that we sell so many every year. All those reasons aside, we thought we’d take a moment to give you an idea of something other than your address to put on these little tags. With fall finally here and the winter months looming around the corner, it is time that many of us do a lot of our preparations for the long chilly months ahead. What with canning and baking and gift making. The need for tags and labels presents itself all the time. With over 400 different labels to choose from, it simply is not possible for us to go into detail over all of them in this article. So, lets discuss in more detail why you may need them for something other than your address. After all once you know what you want to put on them, it will be easier to choose the...Read More
Shipping labels are extremely important to any company that ships merchandise to customers. Without a proper shipping label, your packages might not arrive at their destinations or find their way back to you if something goes wrong with the delivery. A customized shipping label can do a lot more for your company than just see that the packages make it to your customers. Some of the benefits of using customized shipping labels for your company are listed below: Customized shipping labels present a professional image. What does it say about your company if your shipping labels are smeared or poorly printed? Labels printed off the office printer using standard size labels are a dead give-away that your office is on a shoestring budget. Even if you are economizing, do you really want to look like you are?Professionally printed customized shipping labels tell your customers that you are serious about your business – serious enough to invest in the proper tools and materials to get your job done right. Customized shipping labels save you money. Surprise! If you thought that you would save money by using standard adhesive printer labels and printing your own, you could be mistaken. While it may...Read More
With personalized return address labels, you are ready for any situation or occasion. Be it party invitations or bills, getting your items in the mail is a little easier and lot more fun with personal return labels from American Stationery. Make a bold statement. Use your initial as the label design: "Take Note" labels Insignia labels Your Initial is the Design! Labels Big Initial Family Labels Have some fun with the whimsical return labels, cat and dog labels, or swirls. If address labels aren’t for you, there are many alternatives to choose from. Consider a Quick Stamp, which allows you to customize up to four lines of for your name, address, personal message, etc. An embosser with changeable plates lets you create multiple professional looks for the ultimate in style and sophistication
We sell all kinds of stationery styles, with and without printed envelopes. We also carry return address labels. These handy little items are extremely convenient and a lot easier than writing your name and address all the time. Sometimes it seems like they’d be perfect for every occasion. While that would be a pretty profitable thing to tell you, etiquette is pretty clear on the point. Any type of formal or business correspondence should have a hand-written or custom-printed address directly on the envelope. Dyes very seldom match exactly from batch to batch. If you were to order ivory labels and ivory correspondence cards, for instance, the dyes used to create ivory at the paper mill might be a slightly different tint than the label manufacturer’s dyes, causing the address label to clash with the ivory card stock and the accompanying envelope. Even white has its shades. Labels are sometimes glossy, as well, clashing with any sort of matte envelope stock. This sort of inconsistency in color is only one of the main reasons using return address labels formally is considered poor form. The different dye lots and mismatched coloring do not convey the level of professionalism and quality that...Read More
Question: For return address mailing labels, what is the correct etiquette for the order in the first name? Does the husband or the wife’s name come first?e.g. John and Jane Doe  or  Jane and John Doe? Martha The Everyday Etiquette Answer: Martha, This is a very popular question. I know that there are differing opinions out there among etiquette experts. Personally, I have always believed that it is "ladies first" and that the gentleman’s first and last name should not be separated unless children’s names are being included in a signature (i.e. a Christmas card). My recommendation would be:Jane and John Doe I hope this helps you out. Thank you for asking Everyday Etiquette. Ms. Carey Ask your own Everyday Etiquette questions
Gifts Under $30 If you are looking for a personal gift but are on a budget you, then have come to the right place. American Stationery offers several products that are perfect for gift giving and still allow you to stay under budget. From seals and address labels to memo’s and correspondence cards, American Stationery has got your holiday gift list covered. In this article we will discuss many of the products offered at a low price without sacrificing quality. If stylish fold notes are what you are looking for our Damask Notes are not only stylish, but they are practical and can be used for everyday correspondence. There are also several gifts for those more interested in daily correspondence with friends and family. Our Embossed Correspondence Cards can be embossed in block or script typestyles which allow it to be given to men or women. Another great gift for avid writers are our Embossed Monogram Notes.  The embossed border and the embossed monogram add a very elegant touch to these notes. If you prefer stylish memos instead of notes we have several designs for you as well. Our Magnetic Memo List is perfect for those grocery lists. The traditional style of these memos will look great...Read More