It’s finally spring! Oh, this winter has been a rough one for most of us. With record snowfall and blistering cold temperatures, I for one am just happy to see the word spring appear on the calendar! Even though it’s a chilly 40 degrees right now, I hear birds chirping and am dreaming of full bloomed lilac bushes, Easter orchids and more! There is just something about flowers that represent spring. Those first green stems starting to stick up from the still cold ground. The little buds of green sprinkled across a bush or tree. It’s exciting, it’s fresh and best of all this year, it means warmer weather is at long last on it’s way. At American Stationery, there is no lack of floral and spring designs for your stationery or other personalized gift. Nothing says spring more than a small bouquet of blooming daisies. The Fresh Daisy Ensemble is an adorable spring time stationery set. The whimsical font displays your name and leaves plenty of room to write your sentiment. The open face design and large petals makes this bloom welcoming of the sunshine filled days ahead. Use these notes to write a note to your family and...Read More
Every now and then it’s nice to stray from the norm. Try something different. Whether that something different is a new food, a new clothing style, maybe even a book. Trying something new gets us outside our comfort zone, which in turn helps us grow. It maybe even allows us to take on a different personality of sorts.   For instance, you may be someone who always has their name on their stationery. Their name is fully spelled out in all its glory. It’s your name you should be proud of it, but every once in a while it’s fun to go with a monogram. If you are typically a script name kind of lady, then changing it up with a bold block monogram on some funky designed note cards, is a great way to change it up. Personally, I typically prefer a traditional design that is something classic and clean. If you are the same then you should take item 2656 for a spin. If you are typically a name toting traditionalist this ultra- modern chevron design shines in trendy yellow and gray. But, don’t let the hip factor fool you; it still says I’m a classic. For $66.00...Read More
We’ve talked about it before, one of the reasons we don’t write much anymore is because there seem to be much easier ways to communicate. Or at least quicker ways like the telephone, social media, texting, and email. What method we use to communicate says a lot about what we want to say. If it’s a quick hello or question, then it makes perfect sense to be quick about it. But, something that makes letter writing truly important is the way writing makes you feel. When putting a pen to paper, we feel more at ease “letting it all out”. When we send a quick text to say life has us frustrated, we’re angry, in the moment and unable to resolve anything. Sobbing on the phone does not allow a moment of clarity. But, when we are writing, we are thinking. We become agitated, we calm down, we realize what it was that upset us, what went wrong, and what can be. There is a reason we’re told to journal and keep diaries when we’re younger. Writing how we feel helps us sort out our feelings. There is therapy in writing. Like when you think back to a conversation and you...Read More