It won’t be long now and we will be ringing in the new year. 2013 isn’t gone just yet and while we certainly don’t want to wish the days away, New Years Eve parties are always something to look forward to. Deciding what to wear, finding a date, or just enjoying the time with your spouse, and getting all dolled up are all part of the fun of this time honored party night tradition. Whether you always go to a certain party or want to plan your own party New Year’s Eve celebrations are important to many people along with the traditions that go with them. Did you know that the first new years celebration is believed to date back to the times of Julius Caesar? He marked January 1st as the first day of the New Year as it was the first day of the month Janus which is named after the Greek god of new beginnings. In my family we always cooked cabbage on New Year’s Day. Cabbage is supposed to represent good fortune and prosperity. If you’ve decided to throw the New Year’s Eve party this year, American Stationery can help you. We can provide you with planning tips...Read More
One of the things to remember when looking into purchasing a gift for the older and more distinguished woman is that the last thing she needs is more clutter. Practical yet personal gifts are the way to go for this special group of people in your life. They are likely at an age where simplifying their world is a priority and you should keep that in mind when looking for a present. This holiday season look no further than to American Stationery for all of your gifts for the Aunts, Grandmas and Moms in your life. We have something for every one of the ladies in your life. Gifts for the young and the young at heart are just a few clicks away. You will be pleased with the wide variety we offer for every personality. It’s true when we say that we have something for everyone. This means even great aunt Ethel who has an opinion on everything. For the social butterfly look no further than the new Elegant Two-sided Correspondence cards. These beautiful cards are sure to stand out, and make a statement just like she does. One side features a beautiful blue and green design while the...Read More