Sometimes saying thank you isn’t about a gift that you have received. Sometimes we need to say thank you for other reasons. Maybe you stayed at a friend’s home while vacationing this summer? It’s important to express your gratitude for their hospitality. Whether they were there or they let you and your family stay in their beach home without them it’s proper to give them a thanks worthy of their deed. Consider purchasing a set of Hibiscus Slender Notes (number 5946) and sending one their way. These colorful slender notes are sold in sets of 24 for $28.95. The thin 7.25″ by 3.75″ size makes them stylish without taking away room for your sentiments. With plain envelopes included it will be a snap to send this out as soon as you return home. Write to tell them and tell them how much you appreciated them opening their home to you. How lovely it was to relax and spend time with nature and family. If you’re feeling especially generous offer to take them to dinner next time they are in town or a show. Let them know that you are grateful and are willing to return the favor. Whether they take you...Read More
This summer you likely have a million activities planned for both you and your family. Anyone who has children knows that it can be a chore in itself to keep your children from the dreaded words “I’m bored!”. It can be even more difficult to make sure they do not fall behind while out of school. So how can you keep your children busy and continue to help them learn throughout the summer months? Order them their own stationery of course. Keeping them writing will keep them thinking, and working on their penmanship. While handwriting notes and letters may not seem to be a whole lot of fun to them when mentioned, they’ll take to it once they see what cool stationery is available to help them show their personality. At American Stationery we have something to fit every age and personality. Even those little guys who are just learning to scribble out a letter or two can certainly send a special note to grandma and grandpa! The item number 2756 is perfect for your budding writer. These awesome little fold notes are covered from head to toe with yellow trucks ready to work and play hard. For $66.00 you...Read More
With summer break in full swing it can at times be difficult to keep our children occupied. Even more so to keep them unplugged. While technology is wonderful and certainly a very valuable tool it is important to spend time away from screens, building our creativity and using our imagination. So when a rainy day or even too hot of a day approaches, consider one of these ideas from American Stationery. In our house games like tic-tac toe and hangman are still fun rainy day activities that we do at the kitchen table, on the floor, in the backseat, everywhere! Don’t worry about wasting valuable printer paper and purchase one of the Game Pad Sets. This set includes three separate pads of 50 sheets each for $32.95. Each pad has your child’s name and the words game pad at the top. One pad is already set up for a game of hangman, while another has six tic-tac toe boards, the third pad is blank. Whether it’s time to have a rousing game of tic-tac toe or draw a picture of grandma’s dog, doodling and playing games with paper and pencil improves hand and eye coordination along with boosting creativity. These...Read More