Passive sentence structures are also common mistakes in letter writing. Rarely does the passive voice in a sentence work well. Programs that track sentence structure and can alert you to when you have just written a sentence with a passive voice are helpful. It bears repeating, however, that these software programs are not without shortcomings in catching all mistakes. Visually check your letters for mistakes in conjunction with using any of these software programs designed to root them out for you. Not understanding how to use punctuation symbols in sentences is another of the common mistakes in letter writing. Placing unnecessary commas in sentences can confuse and irritate readers. Punctuation symbols used incorrectly can change the tone and message of your letter in unintended ways. Learn how to use punctuation correctly. Let the run-on-sentence not be forgotten as one of the common mistakes in letter writing. Many people struggle with when to stop a train of thought or how to properly punctuate a compound sentence (really two complete sentences in one). It can be agonizing trying to determine the perfect spot to end a sentence with a period, and thus begin a new one — or where to place a...Read More
Before you seal the envelope to mail out that letter you just wrote, take a second look at it. Re-reading your letter gives you the opportunity to find and to fix common writing mistakes that may have escaped your attention the first time around. You may be familiar with many of the following common mistakes in letter writing, that’s what makes them "common"! It is not the end of the world; avoiding these errors, however, should help you to communicate your message more clearly and avoid unnecessary embarrassment at the same time. By proofreading, you can fix the mistakes you find and no one else has to know that they were in your original draft. Some proponents of online mail and instant messaging would prefer to relegate the practice of letter writing to the history shelves. The art of letter writing is actually not in decline. Many people still use this technique to attract attention and add personality and style to their messages. Handwritten communications are much more personable than computer and other technological mediums. Technology cannot duplicate the uniqueness of handwritten expression. One common mistake to avoid is the use of impersonal or generic salutations. Dear Sir or Madam,...Read More
For Moms with a love of lively color consider one of the following products. A new twist on our traditional correspondence cards can be found in the Gala Border Cards. These cheery cards come in Marigold with a Hot Pink Border, Pacific with a Green Border, Stone with a Purple Border, Forest with a Brown Border, Rose with a Black Border or Kiwi with a White Border. These cards can all be personalized with your choice of typestyle or monogram in a complimentary matte ink color. You should also consider the Shimmer Wide Hand Bordered Cards. These are a brilliant hand border of Aqua, Hot Pink or Apple Green dusted with a sparkling shimmer. They can be paired with one of our lined envelopes, and will make a stunning statement. If you have an ultra feminine Mom one of the following will be sure to please her. The Pretty Vines Note and Label Set are available in Mint Green, Pale Blue or Soft Pink. They are a lovely fold note with matching envelope labels. These notes accent the personalization in a very soft and feminine way. Another lovely note is the Hydrangea Bouquet Note Set. These feature a fresh bouquet...Read More
Mother’s are special every day of the year, but you should plan now to make sure your Mom knows how much she means to you. Why not show your thoughtfulness by getting her a personalized gift she can use over and over. Won’t it be nice to know that she will be thinking of you each time she uses your gift to her? Since Mom’s come in all ages with a multitude of styles, favorite colors and preferences the following is designed to help you find the best fit for a personalized gift for your Mom this Mother’s Day. If your Mom tends to be traditional she will probably enjoy a gift of Hand Bordered Correspondence Cards with coordinating lined envelopes. These Hand Bordered Correspondence Cards come in a wide array of border colors; Navy, Hot Pink, Hunter Green, Wine, Purple, Brown, Black, Red, Yellow or French Blue to name a few. They can be personalized in your Mother’s name in your choice of a script or block typestyle, or you can just highlight her initials in a classic monogram format. Depending on your border color choice you can personalize her cards in a matching ink, or choose to accentuate...Read More
Baby Send announcements, write thank yous, or send general notes using our sweet pastel hand bordered notes.  The hot pink hand bordered notes are an especially fun and modern way to communicate with friends and family on behalf of your little girl. Kids Even if your little one isn’t talking or writing on his own yet, you can help him start communicating in style!  Stationery personalized for kids is a great option for hand-writen birthday present thank-you notes and more. Kids Critter Notes come with your child’s name and favorite animal. Optional printed envelopes are also available to help encourage your little writer to drop his masterpiece in the mail. The geometric notes are a colorful and popular option for young writers of all ages Teens Teen stationery should be fun AND functional.  Custom notes and envelopes allow teens to express who they are in a sophisticated (but not stuffy) way. One great option for teens is the friendly, personal notes, which provide a crisp yet casual look. For the bolder teenage, polka dots or curls and swirls might really be her style. The light-hearted graduation notes are a great way for graduates of all ages to send thank yous, invitations to...Read More