Summertime means longer days, television re-runs starting to air one little thing that I remember from my childhood shows the test of time. Christmas in July! All our favorite shows are now airing re-runs and it seems as though the selected episodes are those situated around Christmas time or at least winter. Is it the longing for a break from the heat? Is it a secret desire to be cooped up in the house? Whatever it is, it got us to thinking maybe summer time is the best time to get ready for the holidays? After all aren’t we always just too busy to do all the things we wanted once the season is upon us? From children’s concerts to dinner parties, to shopping and everything in between we seem to always be scrambling to get the time to celebrate. So why not get ready now? Personally, I always have great ambitions of sending out a bunch of holiday cards. I go to great lengths to choose the right ones, order the perfect labels, etc. And then when it’s time to address and send them out the door, they take a back seat and I’ll admit sometimes never make it!...Read More