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If you are planning a 4th of July party, you may think that simply throwing in a little red, white, and blue is enough.  However, if you want to have a creative party, there are plenty of ways to set your party apart.

Patriotic Invitations

First, start with some patriotic invitations.  Whether you have an early July birthday party, or are celebrating our nation’s birthday, the 4th of July is a great time to have some fun with the party planning.

American Stationery provides invitations including flags and patriot hats.  You can also choose to forgo the illustrations and instead go with some solid colored invitations, or include some color font in the printing process.  No matter which option you choose, you are sure to have some fun custom designing your own personal invitations for the big day.

Plastic Cups

The next decision on your list has to do with finding and designing some fun beverage cups to go with the theme.  American Stationery has a number of clear plastic tumblers, which you can then personalize to fit your needs.

You can add on your monogram, your name, or the party date to make the cups really unique.  The best part about these cups is that your guests won’t want to throw them away.  Sure, they can, but they can also take them home for a fun and festive party favor.  They are also an inexpensive addition to any party.

If your party is more fine china than backyard barbecue, you can also design some unique glassware for your guests.  Whichever option you choose, have fun with your creativity and the final design.


Do not forget to provide a few coasters, though.  You definitely do not want to wake up on July 5th with beverage rings on all of your best tables and chairs.  Luckily, American Stationery sells all kinds of coasters, which can also be personalized to fit your needs.  Choose a cute red, white, and blue design, or come up with a full design on your own.  There really is no limit to what you can design to fit your party needs when you go through American Stationery for your party accessories.


Of course, what’s a good party without a few drinks spilled here and there?  None of us want that to happen, but, unfortunately, sometimes it still does.  Whether cleaning up messes, or just marking your spot at the table, you cannot go wrong with some custom designed napkins for the occasion.

American Stationery provides several options in color, too, including red, blue, and white, plus different types of fonts and emblems to complement your patriotic theme.  No matter what you need, American Stationery has the option available for your 4th of July party.

Just like your plastic cups and glassware, there are also more options in napkins, from small beverage napkins to more formal guest towels, when you purchase through American Stationery.  You can also design these with monograms, your name, or designs, depending on your needs and wants.


What’s a party without lots of food?  From strawberry and blueberry kabobs, to patriotic striped flag cakes, you need to have plates so that your guests can indulge in all of the great cuisine.

Whether flipping burgers in your backyard, or carving into a great steak, you need to have some festive party ware available to serve your guests and give them something to dine on.  American Stationery provides a number of festive plates, with all kinds of fun designs and colors available.  You can also coordinate your plates and napkins to make your party decorations truly unique.

Accessories & Food

Easily ordering all the accessories ahead of time will help make your 4th of July party laid-back and stress free.  Add in a few baskets filled with patriotic-themed supplies like flags, noisemakers, and more to get your guests in the party mood.  You can also use party favors like this as decorations for your table.

As for food, think of things that work well in the summertime.  Watermelon is a great choice, because it works well outside, plus it doesn’t hurt that it is already red!  Other additions include fresh fruit, homemade ice cream, and grilled veggies.  Let your imagination run wild and see what else you can come up with.

Remember, a summertime party does not have to be overdone.  If you think and plan ahead, you can have a fun 4th of July party that everyone will enjoy and will be talking about until next year.

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