If you are going around humming "I’m dreaming of a white Christmas", don’t fight it, why not treat your friends and family to a Christmas Party? Just keep in mind before you begin that the holidays, even though hectic, are the best time for gathering together with friends and loved ones. Don’t allow yourself to plan something that is going to prove stressful to yourself, or those around you. Keep your planning and goals realistic, nobody will have fun if the hostess is too tired to enjoy! While you are planning your decorations, food and invitation list, just remember the end goal is to….have a wonderful time! When most people think of Christmas time, they think of the white snow, Santa, wood fires, or even fresh baked ginger bread cookies and eggnog! All kinds of memories and emotions come to us each year when we think of the how we spent our time, what parties we attended, and who we were with in years gone by. These cherished memories are reason enough to host and plan your own Christmas party!  The key to any successful party is being well prepared! Unfortunately hosting a party of your dreams isn’t as simple...Read More
Most people look forward to the day when they can retire. No more boss, no more alarm clock, no more late meetings. . . in short, a life of freedom. Retirement marks the end of work and the beginning of play. What better reason to have a party? Retirement parties are both happy and sad. They are the end of a career, but the beginning of a new life. People who have worked together for a while become acquaintances and then friends. These relationships are special and though friendships can continue, they will be different than they were when you were working alongside someone. Leaving a familiar place and starting a new life can be challenging. A retirement party celebrates this challenge, remembering the past and looking ahead to the future. Your focus will want to be not only on the time that was spent at the company, but the opportunity that is on the horizon. The retirement party should be a celebration of the person retiring as well as his or her family. Careers affect the spouse and children significantly, and the future will almost always involve more time with loved ones. Most parties involve toasts of the retiree,...Read More
Looking for something slightly more low key? If so, consider our fashionista inspired invitations! For the girl that loves shoes or just loves to dress up and look fancy, these invitations are perfect. Our Sassy Shoes invitation is a great choice for dinner out or cocktails in, in celebration of the upcoming wedding. With a sassy open toed sling back and little pink buttons on the corners of the invitation, to frame your personalized wording, these invitations are a great choice for your soirée. Guys, are you planning a raucous party of your own or perhaps something more tame? Consider our Blue Frame invitations for your bachelor party. These invitations are simple, modern, and versatile. The "Blue Frame" invitation is a contemporary looking invitation that is an excellent choice for a sports themed bachelor party. Will you be taking in a baseball game with your boys or perhaps paintball or extreme karting? Any activity will fit nicely on this bright white invitation that is framed by a handsome royal blue border. Your friends will appreciate the invitation and keep it to remember the amazing time you had on your last night out with the guys. No matter what kind of...Read More
The date is set, the reception hail is booked, and the flowers are picked out. Now it is time to celebrate your last days as a single with your closest friends! The bachelor and bachelorette parties are a great opportunity to enjoy one final hoorah with the guys or girls, and your party invitations are the first step to an unforgettable event! The American Stationery Company has many invitations to fit your special bachelorette party. Whether you are planning a wild night on the town or an afternoon tea, these invitations will certainly be a hit with your guests and the bride-to-be. Read:  Intro  |  Suggestions – Part 1  |  Suggestions – Part 2  
Bachelor and bachelorette parties are fast becoming a big part of the festivities leading up to the wedding. They have deep rooted traditions. The bachelor party can be traced back to the Spartans, when soldiers used to have a dinner and toast the groom on the eve of his wedding. The bachelorette party started in middle-eastern cultures when the women gather to paint henna tattoos on the bride-to-be on the eve of the wedding. These days, both women and men enjoy getting together with their friends to spend one last evening together, celebrating the rite of passage from singlehood to a more responsible married man or woman, before they take their vows. Planning the perfect bachelor or bachelorette party is usually an honor reserved for a close sibling or the best man / maid of honor. Any member of the wedding party can assume the responsibility though. Take his or her personality and preferences into account. Even though you are celebrating the farewell to life as a single, you should still be respectful of the person’s future spouse. For a girl’s night out, you may paint the town red by dressing up and dancing or just have a slumber party...Read More
If there is a high school senior in your life then photos are a perfect accompaniment to Graduation Announcements. You can include them, in your own format, on either traditional invitations or upload to one in digital format. Be sure to consider a photo return address label…they will put a nice finishing touch on your envelope. Again, a photo thank you with your graduates’ cap and gown will be a nice memento. Perhaps you know someone having a landmark anniversary; this is another good opportunity to utilize a photo. If you are having a party why not incorporate a “before” photo in your invitation? Most people love seeing what a couple married 25 or 50 years earlier looked like as a couple on their wedding day. A great gift for the anniversary couple could be photo thank you notes, with a photo taken among friends and loved ones on the day of their celebration. If you don’t have any family members or friends that fit any of the above scenarios you could consider incorporating a photo of a new home in your change of address notifications, or introducing a new pet to your friends via a short photo card. If...Read More
Everywhere we turn today someone is snapping, sharing or exchanging a photo. The following are a few examples of how those photos can be shared aside from the traditional printing and exchanging of prints. Those with young children in their lives want to record every special event and every year. They want to share these once in a life time milestones with grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles, friends and more. While you are doing this photo exchange why not consider fresh new ways to share your photos. When planning this year’s birthday party, why not make it a photo invitation? This is fun for the receiver and adds a really personal touch to your invitation. There are a lot to choose from American Stationery and the turn around time is fast and easy. After a birthday or holiday it is also nice to send photo thank you cards to everyone you received a gift from. If you have a young child, just fill in the blanks and the photo can say more than the written, or lack of written words. Photos are also a great choice for holiday cards. Whether you select a traditional photo mount card or upload your...Read More