Yourself Letter writing lets you be yourself. It gives you an outlet to express who you are. Choose a style, color, and font for your stationery that reflects you. Using this stationery will say more about you than plain old words ever could. Clever Practice makes perfect in all aspects of life. Letter writing is no different. The more you write the better you’ll be. If you’re still working on becoming a good writer, practice on your friends and family. Confident Keep in mind when writing letters that “it’s not what you say but how you say it.” Nothing could be more true when it comes to letter writing. As you write more you will develop a definitive written voice. You might actually find it easier to express yourself through your writing than through speech. Appreciative You’ve probably all been told about the importance of thank you notes. Birthday presents, graduation gifts, wedding presents, baby gifts are just a few situations that call for thank you notes. But have you ever considered sending a thank you note for the everyday things you’re grateful for? Try thanking someone for their friendship through the years, or a mentor for their support and...Read More
Did you know that as a society we appreciate the effort and consideration that are put in to handwritten notes? When you drop a note in the mail it does more than make someone else’s day, even though that should be reason enough to write the note. Below we’ve listed a few ways that letter writing can help make you a better person. Successful Directly after a job interview you should send the interviewer a sophisticated, professional note thanking them for their time and consideration. Once you’ve landed the job and are starting your climb up the corporate ladder don’t forget to thank the people who have helped you get where you are today. You never know when you’ll need a recommendation or reference, sending them a quick, cordial thank you note will go the extra mile and help keep you in their good graces. So if you do for some reason need a letter of reference from them it will be a good one. Courteous In today’s society most people’s idea of manners leaves a lot to be desired. By using handwritten notes to say “thanks,””congratulations,” or “you’re invited” you’ll be a stunning example of perfect etiquette and common...Read More
Negative emotions can have a serious impact on your mental as well as physical and spiritual health. A psychological benefit of writing is that you can purge these negative emotions from your mind and thereby reduce their toxicity and impact on your overall health. Transferring difficult emotions from the recesses of your brain onto a piece of paper produces other benefits as well. The act of writing hard-to-face thoughts and feelings down can place an emotional distance between the intensity of these emotions and your physical being. Many times this creates a sense of objectivity, which helps you to gain a new perspective on the issues you are facing. With greater objectivity, you may find it easier to come up with achievable solutions for a particular problem. Similar to the muscles of your body, the brain needs lots of regular exercise for optimal functioning and long-term health. Writing stimulates your neural activity. A byproduct of stimulation to the brain is the production and release of natural chemicals your brain and body need in order to function properly. These hormones are also responsible for producing feelings of happiness, contentment, pleasure, excitement, love, and other “feel-good” emotions. Challenging yourself with various writing...Read More
There are numerous health benefits of writing in personal, business, academic, and other aspects in life. However, before exploring some of the ways writing can improve your mood and mental health, briefly consider the mechanics of the brain and mind as that is where our psychological processes take place. The human mind can become overwhelmed and thinking befuddled when presented with massive amounts of information. Stress may escalate especially when all that information is coming into the brain at a fast pace. This kind of pressure causes the majority of the misunderstandings and mistakes that people experience. Your brain is not just receiving information from outside sources. Your mind is constantly creating new information (ideas and perceptions) for your brain to process as well. We are not always consciously aware of this. However, even in sleep, our minds are at work creatively. Whether this information is coming from outside or inside the brain, it also produces feelings, and the brain must process these new feelings. It is therefore understandable why people become confused, lose focus, or have difficulty making decisions with all this activity going on. Writing has the psychological benefit of “releasing” information onto paper or into a computer...Read More
Once you have gotten the specific date, location and invitation in place you can start plotting out the rest of your bash! When deciding on the theme of your party you should consider what job they are leaving behind with retirement, or what type of future retirement is opening up for them. For example, if they are a retiring physician why not have a cake in the shape of a stethoscope or something hospital related! Or if they are planning a dream trip after retirement, you could always go a different route, such as a Hawaiian themed luau. There is no right or wrong theme, just go with whatever best fits the retiree. Normally, retirement parties do not happen more than once, it is not a birthday bash you can celebrate every year, or a holiday, it is a very special accomplishment and the retiree deserves an astounding celebration that they won’t fail to remember. If you decide to go with party favors, or decorations why not create some with pictures of the retiree, from when they started working, till the end date. This is sure to evoke memories and prompt discussions between all about the changes throughout the years....Read More
Retiring could be compared to what we used to feel at the beginning of our summer, Christmas or spring breaks from school, that great feeling of elation and freedom from the burdens of studying, home work, and tests. It was a break to relax, clear your thoughts, and have a little time free from day to day stress! By the time our breaks ended, we were refreshed and ready to face a brand new bunch of challenges. For most of those facing retirement it is a cause for celebration, but it can also be a little down hearted because the retiree is preparing to depart their work place, work friends and normal routine. That is why throwing a retirement party is a great way to say goodbye, and wish the lucky retiree good luck as they enter in to a new chapter and adventure in their life. In years past retirement was associated with days full of TV, books, propping up of feet and relaxation. Today those images seem to be in the minority…today retirees are busy moving away to a warm place, starting a new exercise program, volunteering their time or starting a new career. They may have children...Read More
Another gift option is a door hanger. Both economical and fun, our door hangers allow your boy or girl to stake claim to their territory in a special way. Constructed of heavy duty plastic, your personalization is accented by baseballs or coloring crayons, and is an easy way to let them decorate their room. Every playful youngster gets tuckered at some point. Let them rest their sleepy little heads on a personalized pillow case! Choose from customized screen printed names in pastel rainbow colors, handsome blues and greens, or choose from our character prints which accent the name with images of puppies, kittens, or sports balls. There are so many options and each is sure to please! These are great at home but also make a nice choice for traveling, heading off to camp, or just group sleepovers; since the personalization is built right in there is no need to label a pillow or worry about mistakenly switching it with someone else. Teens and tweens can be difficult to buy for. Consider our special door hanger or pillow case designs geared toward that slightly older kid that wants to decorate their space in a unique way. The “Uptown Girls” design...Read More
Seeing your name in print might be common place for adults, amongst all the mail, bills, and name placards on your desk or at the office. But to a child, personalized items are new, exciting, and make an everyday item an extra special thing. The American Stationery Company is proud to offer several personalized gift items for children! A child’s bedroom is their haven. It can be a castle or a fort one minute, and a peaceful place to lay a sleepy head the next. Let them proudly place their name in their room with a decorative sign, personalized pillow case, or door hanger. The Ballerina sign (no longer available) features two sets of pretty pink ballerina shoes, a light pink pin stripe back ground and your tot’s name as the center of attention for this design. It is the perfect choice for your tiny dancer. For your beautiful princess, select the Princess sign (no longer available) design. The customized name is set on a pretty pink crown, bookended by a stately horse drawn carriage. Whether she’s the belle of the ball or playfully dreams of being a little princess, this sign will let everyone know that this regal room...Read More
Writing Start your letter with terms of endearment. “Dear Jane” is not the lead in for a monumental Love Letter. Consider using a pet name, or simply phrasing it “My sweetest Jane”. As with any letter, you will want to state your purpose for writing. Whether your love is far away, you suddenly see your best friend as something more, or the relationship is going well and you cannot keep from bursting at the seams with how much you love this person, start by telling them so. You can be honest and express that you are not sure how to begin or what to say. Mention what the thought of this special person does to you: makes your heart race, ties you up in knots, keeps you awake at night, has you thinking about the future, makes you smile, or frightens you at how much they mean to you so quickly, to name a few. Try to refrain from negatives such as “You must think I am insane” or “I know you do not feel the same”. These statements may be true, but a Love Letter is a statement or confession of love. It is not necessarily a correspondence. Be...Read More
Sending Fold your letter in half. Place the crease at the bottom and the salutation facing the back of the envelope. You may want to place a flower petal or pressed rose in the letter, or perhaps a picture or other small trinket. Consider a splash of the fragrance you wear. Anything that will let your special person know that you went the extra mile to tell them how much they mean to you. Remember that you can never be too sappy when it comes to a Love Letter. Hand address your letter and seal it with more than a kiss. Consider a wax seal with your monogram or even personalized stickers. Make a special trip to the post office for something other than the basic stamp; something with hearts or a cute animal. Place the stamp on upside down. This traditionally means “I love you”. Drop it in the mailbox and you are done! Taking the extra effort to pen a Love Letter on stationery using a timeless ink, neat handwriting, words and expressions of your feelings and love or perhaps her favorite poem, sending it with a special stamp, wax seal, and spraying the pages with a dab...Read More
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