Buying a gift for a grown up person is not nearly as difficult as buying something for a child. It is so hard to buy the right gifts for kids. A lot needs to be taken into consideration when you are trying to buy an appropriate gift for a child. The age, the preference, and the personality of the kid are just some of the factors that you need to take into account before making your final selection. On top of that, you need to deal with the dilemma of buying a gift that the child wants versus buying a gift that the child needs. For example, a lot of children wish that people would gift them a box full of video games. However, the parents of the children would strongly advise you to give books or educational material instead of video games that are deemed as a waste of time. When you feel that your mind is being pulled in multiple directions, the best option is to get the child a stationery gift.  Stationery is something that children need almost every single day of their life. If the stationery item is visually appealing and has an exciting...Read More
Counting to ten is one of the first learning experiences for most children. Learning the repetition and putting the numbers into an easy song or fun rhythm is how must of us learned ourselves. Repetition and enjoyment work whether you are young or old. Your little one will delight in learning their numbers with the Number Puzzle.  This large wooden puzzle features sturdy handles for small hands and is painted in non-toxic vibrant colors to catch the attention of your most distracted learner. Putting them in the proper places and taking them out to line them up are just two of the many uses you will find for this fun puzzle.  The counting dots under each number allow for another way to learn the numbers. Each puzzle takes about two weeks to receive as they are hand made and costs $28.95. Along with the sing song way of counting to ten, one of the first songs we learn is the abc song. I even sing it sometimes when I’m trying to alphabetize things. Like the number puzzle, the alphabet puzzle has durable peg handles which make the letters easy to grab for little hands. The 10″ x 20″ puzzle will...Read More
The time is coming, parents. Your kids will soon be done with school for the entire summer and you’ll need to find some way to keep them entertained. That isn’t really as hard as it sounds as long as you’re willing to pay attention to what your kids like to do and find some way to encourage them to do it. The summer can be a great time to bond with your children and maybe even let your own inner child come out to play. But it can also be a stressful time when kids can misbehave because of boredom. It’s best to put a little bit of advanced planning into summer vacation and prepare yourself with an arsenal of activities to keep the little ones out of mischief. Finding a few good activities for your kids over summer vacation will keep them busy and can help keep them out of trouble. Most importantly, most of these activities will give you the chance to bond with your kids and build a stronger relationship with them while school is out. Some of these activities will require a little bit of money but there are plenty of options for a family on...Read More
Spring has sprung and with that, we have several new items to unveil to you. By clicking on the new arrivals link on the website you can take a peek at them. Personally I am excited by all of the new items for the children. Especially the artsy stuff. In my house, we are pretty creative and we like to get messy. With two young boys that means I am always coming up with new ways to not only be creative but, keep the mess in check. Luckily, with some of these new items offered by American Stationery we can get messy in style and keep some of it under control. Cooking is a big part of most everyone’s life and my family is no exception. We like to grow our own food and make our own dinners. My seven year old is currently very into cooking and baking. It’s a lot of fun watching something you put in the oven come out much differently then when you put it in there. Of course it also allows me to teach about, creativity, math, and science so it’s a bit of a sneaky way of learning. Something that my seven year...Read More
While many folks still have a bit of summer ahead of them it is never too early to start thinking about back to school time for the kiddos. My oldest starts back in less than a week! While, I’m excited to get back into more of a routine, it’s bittersweet catching lightning bugs and staying up late is still just as much fun for me as it is for him. Every school year it seems as though they remind us more than once to mark all of our child’s school supplies with their name. So I always keep myself stocked in personalized stickers from American Stationery. This way I do not worry that the writing will rub off on my child or at all. With several different cool designs to choose from, there is certainly one to fit your child’s personality. Like the item number 8095 (our personal favorite). For $16.95 you will receive 70 seals with an adorable critter and your child’s name printed on them. They come in a perfect one and a half inch round circle with your choice of design from squirrel to frog to pony or more! This product like most stickers or labels takes...Read More
Every year kiddos wait in anticipation for the much loved Easter Bunny! While most parents love and cherish the beautiful church services and the joy of watching their children hunt eggs and find their basket what we don’t love is the junk. Sure candy is great in moderation. And little toys are fun until ten minutes later when they break. Of course we would never say to not buy some chocolate bunnies and cutesy jump ropes. We would maybe suggest purchasing something with a little more staying power. Give them something that might be used to teach them? Maybe teach them to write thank you’s? Or just to write to people in general. Aunts and Uncles who live across the country will enjoy hearing hear from their young niece or nephew. Of course you can always send an email but, receiving a hand written note is always enjoyable. Especially enjoyable if that note is hand written by a child. It is equally fun for family members to watch how their spelling and penmanship improves over the years. For a great gift consider something like the Fun N’ Travel Notes & Labels? Item 7000 comes with 48 notes and 70 seals...Read More
With Valentine’s Day around the corner your days of thinking about gifts are not over. And we don’t just mean for your sweetheart. What about your children and grandchildren? This holiday is about love and with that in mind isn’t it important to get a little something for all of those that you are holding very close to your heart? At American Stationery not only do we have fantastic gifts for grown up sweeties, but for our pint sized sweeties as well. It’s likely that they will hand make or purchase valentines from the department store days ahead. It is also likely that a few nights before they will painstakingly write the names of each child from their classroom down on the little card. Maybe seal them with a sticker or even some candy. The anticipation of the Valentine’s Day party at school will have them anxious the night before and when they come home that evening even more excited. While Bobby knows that you just had to give everyone a valentine, he can’t help but think the one with the teddy bear blowing a kiss from Hayley was chosen especially for him. And so the excitement of love begins. But, that...Read More
Everyone loves to see their name on something. The appeal of personalized products is for everyone. Whether young or old, male or female, there is just something about having your name scrolled across your favorite stationery or mug that makes it that much better. Children think this way also. Maybe even more than us adults do. Think about it, they are just learning how to read and write their name of course they want it on everything. Easier to say “Hey that’s mine not yours!” At American Stationery, we offer a wide variety of products for all the little ones in your life. From paper products to all those little extras. Check out the puzzle stools for the young children in your life. These durable stools are personalized with your little ones name and three small designs. Each one is made to order which makes it all the more special and custom to you. Children love putting taking the pieces out and putting them back in. You can also lay them out on the ground and show them what other words can be made from the letters in their name. Durable enough for your child to stand and sit on,...Read More
Back to school time is quickly approaching. With some schools set to start in just over two weeks. Soon, many of us will be packing lunches, helping with homework and wondering why we signed up to help with all those clubs. It’s a magical time of year. We notice how much our children have grown, we trim the carefree summer hair, and dress them in new adorable clothes. With that said, it is time for the back to school shopping season to begin. There are many different things needed to purchase this time of year. From clothes and shoes, to back packs and school supplies. Late summer becomes almost as big of a shopping event as the winter holiday season. For most places, when you enter your local box stores, you can already see the sale signs and displays getting ready to lure you in to buying all those extra boxes of crayons. Here at American Stationery, we can help you get started with some of your back to school shopping. For the teacher: With school back in session, it means lots of writing. From grade books to curriculum memos, and notes going home. Keep up with the trends and...Read More
Teaching your child to enjoy writing can seem like a daunting task. Most children would prefer something more active than sitting at a desk typing or worse to them, handwriting a letter.  All the possibilities of what to say can seem very daunting. Especially to the hyper child and or young child. However, there are several tips to help you help them enjoy this sometimes seemingly lost art. First of all teach your child how to brainstorm what they want to write about. Sometimes the most difficult part of composing a letter is deciding what you’re going to say. One of the best kinds of letters for kids to write are the update letters. Children love to tell people what their latest favorite activity is. And often, in great detail! Give them idea starters. There are several for you to choose from such as: A long time ago, Yesterday, At soccer practice, Last Christmas, This summer. Express the need for the letter to have a beginning, a middle and an end. Providing a clear outline will enable the child to see there will be a finishing point. Which helps ease their mind. Although, once they get started they will likely...Read More
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