Imprintable birth announcements allow you to design and lay out the message you prefer to be printed on them rather than some wording a company may print on all their birth announcements. You can also use your favorite fonts and ink colors. The downside of buying blank birth announcements is…they are blank. You have to know what information to include on them. We’re here to help. Most birth announcements include the names of the parents, the name of the new baby, date and time of their birth, their birth weight and birth length. Optionally, some people choose to put the names of the baby’s siblings on the announcement as well. When you print the birth announcements yourself, there are no restrictions, include whatever information you feel people would want to know. Another advantage of choosing imprintable announcements is you can order the stock in advance and be ready to print them the day or day after the birth. Printed announcements from companies like American Stationery must be ordered after the birth of your child, as all the relevant information is unknown until that point. Unless the company offers a quick turnaround time, you risk losing a week or two before...Read More
Very few events are as exciting, as memorable or as joyous as the birth of a new baby. Birth announcements are a great way to share the details of your baby’s arrival with your family and friends. Birth announcements should announce the name of your baby to those who may not know, along with their date and time of birth, weight and length. You should also include where they were born. These special cards not only serve a wonderful purpose by allowing friends and family to celebrate your child’s birth with you, they are often kept as a keepsake for years to come. Parents have many options when selecting and designing birth announcements. Two of the most popular forms are customized birth announcements and printable birth announcements. Customized birth announcements are something you might get from a company like American Stationery. They are custom printed for you with your new baby’s information on a design you have chosen. Printable birth announcements, on the other hand, are announcements you print on your home computer. You select the design or style you like most, fill in the appropriate information, and when you receive the stock you print your announcements from home and mail them...Read More
Coos, goos, and stinky-poos… soon life will be changing (no pun intended) upside down and inside out. Having a child is a very personal decision and certainly one that requires much planning. It is a good thing, generally speaking, parents get nine months in which to prepare. It is fortunate that pregnancy, birth, and child rearing is not something we do on our own. Everyone loves a baby and looks for ways to celebrate and pitch in, especially for the first time mom. For the Mom-to-Be The mom-to-be is a very special person. She is the temporary sole caretaker of the forth coming bundle of joy. But, that only lasts for a short while. Soon her little one will enter the world and mom will learn to rely on others, probably much more than she had been accustomed. One of the many ways friends and family can jump start that support process is through gift giving. A baby shower is of course the traditional way to invite family and friends into the experience as well as supply items that will get mom and dad started. Have you ever thought about the mom-to-be that isn’t surrounded by a lot of people?...Read More
Baby Send announcements, write thank yous, or send general notes using our sweet pastel hand bordered notes.  The hot pink hand bordered notes are an especially fun and modern way to communicate with friends and family on behalf of your little girl. Kids Even if your little one isn’t talking or writing on his own yet, you can help him start communicating in style!  Stationery personalized for kids is a great option for hand-writen birthday present thank-you notes and more. Kids Critter Notes come with your child’s name and favorite animal. Optional printed envelopes are also available to help encourage your little writer to drop his masterpiece in the mail. The geometric notes are a colorful and popular option for young writers of all ages Teens Teen stationery should be fun AND functional.  Custom notes and envelopes allow teens to express who they are in a sophisticated (but not stuffy) way. One great option for teens is the friendly, personal notes, which provide a crisp yet casual look. For the bolder teenage, polka dots or curls and swirls might really be her style. The light-hearted graduation notes are a great way for graduates of all ages to send thank yous, invitations to...Read More