Stock Up Now to Save Money Next Year Take advantage of holiday sales and online overstocks toward the end of December so you’ll be all set for next season. Check out American Stationery’s adorable collection of Halloween Cards, Thanksgiving Cards, and Christmas/New Year Cards, as well as the constantly changing collections of clearance items and web exclusives. Stationery Makes a Stylish, Sensible Gift As you start making your gift lists, don’t forget that quality, personalized stationery can make a very sensible and stylish gift for everyone on your list. Check out our guide to stationery gift-giving for specific gift suggestions for each recipient. Don’t underestimate the value (in both time and money) in placing one comprehensive order for your holiday cards and your holiday gifts from American Stationery. Read Parts:  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  
Holiday Photo Cards Try placing a professional or candid photo of you and your family inside the folded note you’ve written, It will be a fun surprise to the reader, and a loose photo is something more people will be able to keep by placing it in their albums or photo boxes. Have your heart set on a traditional Photo postcard? American Stationery offers a beautiful collection of Holiday Photo Cards, along with the following tips for an easy ordering process: Start browsing for holiday card styles you like now Take your picture today in multiple formats (horizontal and vertical) Get your address book in order Consider the message you want to send (and whether you want to have it printed or want to write it in by hand) Calculate postage Encourage Children to Write Holiday Cards This is the perfect time of year to start a new Holiday tradition. Encourage your kids to help you write notes to your recipients (the effect will be precious). This is also a great opportunity to encourage your kids in their letter-writing skills. Make this a fun family activity by including the whole family in selecting the holiday cards, taking the family photo,...Read More
Holiday Cards For All Seasons Christmas and Hanukah cards are definitely traditionally the biggest sellers, so why not break from the crowd and start a tradition of your own? Consider sending one of the following options to save you time and money during the busiest Holiday Season, and to make sure your Holiday card doesn’t just get tossed in the stack of others: Thanksgiving Cards Send your thanks for having your loved ones in your life. Thanksgiving can be a great time to reflect upon the past year and to express your gratitude to the people who make your life special. You can opt for specifically designed Thanksgiving cards, or simply choose beautiful Thanksgiving themed stationery. New Year’s Cards Say "Happy 2009!" to all your loved one’s in style this year. Why not reflect on the year that has passed and the memories you have shared, and maybe make some new resolutions for your relationship? By sending a gift of stationery, you can resolve to be better at keeping in touch in 2009! Valentine’s Day Cards Who says Valentine’s Day has to be all about romance? February is just a good a time as any to tell your loved ones that...Read More
Write Handwritten Holiday Letters to Save Money Photo cards and other Holiday stationery can cost at least a few dollars a pop, not including envelopes and postage. By stocking up on plain stationery or personalized stationery and making it your own with the message inside, you’ll make just as much impact with a lot less money. Without the extra cost of taking that annual holiday photo, or purchasing multiple boxes of glittery holiday cards, you’ll save money and time and put your effort where it counts: in heartfelt, original messages written specifically for your loved ones. Get Personal Unsure how to begin when writing handwritten Holiday cards? Just think about the basics of everyday letter writing (see other articles on letter writing). The most important element of any letter is to keep the recipient in mind, and to make the message as personal as possible. Try telling stories of Holiday memories that you’ve shared. Remember those ski trips or talks by the fire? How about the New Years you resolved to stay in better touch? Now is the perfect time to share good memories, refresh friendships, and make new resolutions. Ask the recipients of your letters to write you back. It’s...Read More
‘Tis the season to save! This year, more than ever, American families are searching for creative ways to save money without sacrificing the joy and tradition of the Holidays. American Stationery wants to help. Over the next week, we will share a few original ideas for making this Holiday season jolly and bright, without breaking the bank! Write When You Can’t Travel This year it will be historically expensive to travel during November, December, and January, which may mean that you won’t get to spend as much time with family and friends as you would like. Hand written letters are a great way to reach out with warm thoughts and Holiday memories even if you can’t be there in person. Do you usually go on a weeklong January ski trip with your cousins, but it’s just not possible this year? Write a note sharing happy memories of years past, and include your hopes that you’ll all be able to pick up the tradition where it left off next year. If your family always makes the cross country drive to Grandma’s for Thanksgiving, but gas prices have made that impossible this year, be sure everyone in the family writes a meaningful note to...Read More
Question: Is it still appropriate to put the dress attire on invitations such as "Business Casual/Holiday Attire." I still see it on black tie events, but have not noticed attire being mentioned on most. Thank you,Debra The Everyday Etiquette Answer: Debra, Thanks for the question. It is definitely appropriate to add the attire wording to the invitation. When I had my store, we put attire wording on many of our invitations. Since this is a holiday party, some of my favorites are: Holiday CasualHoliday AttireFestive Attire I hope your holiday party is a huge success. Ms. Carey Ask your own Everyday Etiquette questions