While, it is not necessarily what I would call a new year resolution, I have decided that I will start remembering things more. Or, rather start writing myself notes more. So what better way to do that than to use sticky notes? I don’t know if it is a sign of getting older, or simply just human nature? Maybe, I’ve gotten myself to busy? On some days I think we are all a little too busy aren’t we? Even my son’s teacher encourages all the kiddos in her classroom to use notes to help them. And yes, I have been known to stick a note to a backpack with a reminder to turn homework in. With all the uses for sticky notes there is simply no sense in having any of the old boring non-personalized ones.  American Stationery has several different styles of sticky notes. There is certainly one to fit every person’s individual style. And you can personalize them which make them ideal for a family full of forgetful folks. For those of us out there who are hoping that thinking spring will bring the warm weather a little bit sooner, there is the Style 2 option from our...Read More
Memos are meant to be a way to jot down a quick note. They are normally not designed to be mailed, which is why most do not come with envelopes. Memos are sold in a variety of colors, styles and sizes. Some are glued together, others are not. Some are even self stick and make convenient office supplies. From the simple to the elaborate, American Stationery offers many different choices. Self-stick memos are the perfect addition to any desk. These re-positionable memos are padded together by their adhesive backing and are sold in a cube or a pad. Be sure to get the memo holder for an additional charge. It is money well spent as it will go a long way in organizing the desk of any professional or stay at home mom. Designer memos are one of the larger memo pads available. This stationery measures 4 1/2″ x 7″ and give you a little extra space for those longer notes. These memos have several icons to choose from including holiday designs, pets, beach, symbols and hobbies. To top it off these memos are offered in several different ink colors and typestyles. Thinking fashion forward? Then maybe our Fashion Striped Memos are just for you!...Read More
If you have spent any time on our site or curled up with our catalog, you no doubt have noticed there are a lot of stationery styles to choose from. We sell correspondence cards, fold notes, letter sheets, memos, postcards and ensembles. We have had many people ask us over the years why we need so many different types of paper and how are you supposed to use it all. Well, we’ll tell you… Correspondence Cards are designed to be used as a quick note for business or personal reasons. We’ve been told that the heavy weight of the stock and the 4 ½ x 6 ¼ size make them perfect for mailing photos. We offer a selection of correspondence cards that have a colored hand-bordered edge. Whether prim and proper or spunky and creative, there’s bound to be a correspondence card that fits your personal style. Fold Notes are used for a longer note. Like a card, they also can be used for business or personal purposes, with styles ranging from the more formal embossed note to some very creative printed designs. Embossed notes are very popular as thank you notes. Our wide variety of printed designs range from...Read More
Sticky notes are one of the most useful paper pieces of all time. Consistently one of the top five office products sold in the United States each year, they are a must have for the home, office, and everywhere in between. As nice as these are, did you know that American Stationery has improved these little miracle memos? They can be personalized just for you! They are available in traditional yellow or bright white, offered in two sizes, and tailored to include your choice of wording or name. A custom sticky note gift is a great choice for teachers, secretaries, or even a co-worker or boss. Moms love them, too! Best of all, with your name displayed at the top of each note, no one will be able to accidentally take them from your desk or workspace. Stand out from the plain sticky note masses; order your personalized self-stick memos, today!
Don’t get caught taking notes on any old pad! American Stationery offers memo pads that are practical and pretty at the same time. Suddenly it’s fun to write grocery lists, notes-to-self, and phone messages. With so many design options, it makes sense to order a few memo pads for your home office, car, and every room in the house. Finally get organized with a personalized memo set in a desktop organizer. The contemporary acrylic holder matches any decor, and holds memos of all sizes along with pens and other items. The refillable memo holders offer the same organization and personalization on a smaller scale. Order a Mega Pack of self-stick memo pads and never get stuck using a boring yellow sticky-note again. Far from basic black, the K-12 memo set includes a variety of shapes and sizes in a rainbow of colors to make even every-day chores feel fun and youthful. Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Let your inner designer run wild and design your own memos. You’ll enter your name or initials, select your color and type style, and choose from a list of optional design styles. Do you love pineapple? Or are frogs more your style? Whatever expresses who you...Read More
Can you hear it? Can you hear the alarm buzzing loudly in your ear? Can you hear the moans and groans as the children drudge down the stairs? It won’t be long now. Soon, if not already, these sounds will become part of your daily routine and join the tune of the school bells, recess whistles, and rumbles of the school bus. It is nearly time for your home to empty and the school halls to fill up. This means you will also be thinking of the many people and activities you and your children will become part of over the next several months. Your children and youngsters usually equate going back to school with getting up early and doing homework. You, however, as a graduate of the school of life, know that the school years are filled with many experiences that become fond memories. Many of those memories will be derived from the personal experiences they have with teachers and classmates. We place a huge amount of trust in our children’s teachers. Looking back over your own school years, it probably stands to reason that you encountered some really terrific educators. So too will your children. These individuals not only...Read More
My mother-in-law, Toots, is a funny and fun loving woman with whom I share a very special relationship. I’ve written to her once a week for as long as I’ve been married—21 years! She appreciates the personal mail; but she’s not much of a letter writer. Her idea of writing paper is sticky notes! She uses them for everything! When I discovered that American Stationery sold personalized Self-Stick Memos I knew they’d be a big hit with Toots! If you’ve got a sticky-note-aholic in your life, they’ll love these self-stick memos too. They’re incredibly practical and are of the quality you’ve come to expect from American Stationery products. – Your Fellow American Stationery Customer, Mindy Mac Read more from Mindy Mac
I have a pretty long list of people who have helped me out with various favors for numerous reasons throughout the year. Instead of buying everyone Christmas presents, I like to express my gratitude in a special way at Thanksgiving. We’re already focused on counting our blessings which makes it a marvelous time to express gratitude to those individuals who have done so much for us. American Stationery has a wide selection of memo sets that make wonderful gifts! I really like the new Bordered Memo Pads: 800 personalized sheets that look great in the Black Wire Basket! My other favorite gift item is the Personalized Desktop Memo Organizer Set. I like it because the pads come in 3 different sizes. The acrylic holder is personalized as well. The new Executive Desktop Memo Set comes with 6 different memo pads in 3 sizes. Everyone keeps lists during the hectic holiday season — so your thoughtful gift will really come in handy! – Your fellow American Stationery Customer, Mindy Mac Read more from Mindy Mac
I’ve never been good at waiting in lines. I feel like I’m wasting time when I’m just sitting somewhere thumbing through an outdated magazine. That’s why I always keep writing papers with me. American Stationery has several styles of note cards that are easy to keep in my purse or car.  The Single Frame Embossed Notes and The Ultimate Embossed Double Border Notes are two of my personal favorites! I like that I can choose the color of paper and have my monogram or name embossed on the notes. These writing papers look sophisticated and rich but are sold for a fantastic price! And they’re the perfect size for a quick "hello" or "thank you" as well as for a more wordy correspondence—it depends on how long you have to wait! I also like to use the Multitasking Padded Memos with Envelopes. They’ve been a lifesaver when I’m sitting on the sidelines of one of my kids’ sporting events, or while I’m waiting during one of their lessons, or when I realize that I’ve forgotten to write a note for early dismissal and I’m driving up to the school to pick up one of my kids for an orthodontist appointment. These memos are...Read More
Gifts Under $30 If you are looking for a personal gift but are on a budget you, then have come to the right place. American Stationery offers several products that are perfect for gift giving and still allow you to stay under budget. From seals and address labels to memo’s and correspondence cards, American Stationery has got your holiday gift list covered. In this article we will discuss many of the products offered at a low price without sacrificing quality. If stylish fold notes are what you are looking for our Damask Notes are not only stylish, but they are practical and can be used for everyday correspondence. There are also several gifts for those more interested in daily correspondence with friends and family. Our Embossed Correspondence Cards can be embossed in block or script typestyles which allow it to be given to men or women. Another great gift for avid writers are our Embossed Monogram Notes.  The embossed border and the embossed monogram add a very elegant touch to these notes. If you prefer stylish memos instead of notes we have several designs for you as well. Our Magnetic Memo List is perfect for those grocery lists. The traditional style of these memos will look great...Read More