Moving can be an overwhelming and stressful time. Make it a little easier for yourself by getting ahead and ordering the following stationery for your big move: Moving announcements to let family and friends know that you’re moving… and where they can reach you from now on! Clever yet simple moving cards are an easy way to keep your loved ones in the loop! Shipping labels to ship everything from your old house to your new! Shop for custom shipping labels here. Luggage tags engraved with your new address. Try classic brass and leather tags with engraved name and address. Looking for something a little more colorful?  Bright, colorful luggage tags and gold stamped luggage tags in a variety of colors are fun options. New stationery printed with your new return address and a new “feel” for your new life. Shop personalized stationery here. New return address labels with your new address. Choose from a variety of colors and styles to express your new life in the your location. Shop all return address labels here. Thank you notes for all those who will help you with the move. If you’re lucky, you’ll get lots of help and you’ll want to...Read More
Teaching your child to enjoy writing can seem like a daunting task. Most children would prefer something more active than sitting at a desk typing or worse to them, handwriting a letter.  All the possibilities of what to say can seem very daunting. Especially to the hyper child and or young child. However, there are several tips to help you help them enjoy this sometimes seemingly lost art. First of all teach your child how to brainstorm what they want to write about. Sometimes the most difficult part of composing a letter is deciding what you’re going to say. One of the best kinds of letters for kids to write are the update letters. Children love to tell people what their latest favorite activity is. And often, in great detail! Give them idea starters. There are several for you to choose from such as: A long time ago, Yesterday, At soccer practice, Last Christmas, This summer. Express the need for the letter to have a beginning, a middle and an end. Providing a clear outline will enable the child to see there will be a finishing point. Which helps ease their mind. Although, once they get started they will likely...Read More
When I was a child, my mother instilled in me the importance of writing a thank you note. It is important to teach your children at a young age that a gift is just that, a gift. It is not a requirement, it is someone taking their time (and typically money also), and spending them on you. When you receive a gift, it is important to thank the person for taking that opportunity to do something for you. Now depending on the age of the child, it’s not likely you are to get a real long heartfelt paragraph on how much that skateboard means to them. However, a quick: “Aunt Mary, Thank you so much for the awesome skateboard! I’ve always wanted one and can’t wait to use it! Love, Mikey” should suffice. Keep in mind your child’s age and writing abilities before settling them down for a pile of thank you notes. Also, make sure they have some input on what they write. The recipient wants the note to sound like it came from the child. Otherwise you might as well have written it yourself. This is fine if they’re still a toddler. But, a kindergartner is capable of...Read More
Dressy Casual… what does that mean??? Should you wear your little black dress or slacks and rhinestone encrusted flip flops?!? Ever received an invitation to a party with confusing suggestions on what to wear? Most etiquette books cover traditional dress such as white tie, black tie, etc What happens when the terminology isn’t in the etiquette books. We have compiled a list of dress suggestions that might appear on modern invitations, beginning with the traditional and moving to the “what are they talking about” selections. White Tie White tie is ultra formal and used primarily for diplomatic occasions or debutante balls. Men wear a black coat with tails, black evening pants, black patent leather shoes, stiff white wing collared shirt, studs, white pique vest and white tie. Ladies wear formal evening gowns. Black Tie This is also formal attire. Men should wear a black tuxedo jacket (white dinner jackets are fine in the summer or in the tropics) and matching trousers, formal white shirt (plain or pleated front), studs and cufflinks, black bowtie, black cummerbund, black patent shoes (highly shined black leather lace shoes are acceptable). If you choose to wear a vest, it should be a subtle pattern or...Read More
Letter sheets, followed by correspondence sheets and monarch sheets are among the most formal stationery you can use. Sheets may be used blank, or personalized from American Stationery to display your initial or monogram, address, name and address, or a design that fits your style. Because of their simple elegance, personalized stationery helps you make even more of an impression among business clients and associates.  Personalized Stationery: Personalized note cards are the perfect choice when the occasion calls for a quick note, response, or thank you. Considered more formal than correspondence cards, messages sent on folded notes can start on the front of the note unless there is an image centered on the front panel. Or more commonly, your handwritten note begins on the inside lower panel, a reflection of how personal your note is, inside the fold. Sentiments may also continue on the back of the note.Correspondence: Correspondence cards are the perfect way to send professional-looking communications to your business partners and associates. These cards are one-panel (not fold over) and allow you to jot down a quick hand-written message — much like sending an email. However, unlike an email a correspondence card that is personalized with you name your choice in cards and style...Read More
Adding a signature color to your stationery offers the perfect chance to make a unique and personal statement each time you write a note. It also gives your stationery an extra boost of style. Whether you have loved the same color since kindergarten, want to keep up with the latest color trend or want a variety of colors to choose from when writing a letter, the color you pick for your stationery should reflect your “true colors”. The colors you like actually say quite a bit about who you are as a person. The color you choose for your stationery will let people know that you are one of a kind, just like the color clothing or nail polish you wear or the color car you drive. If you don’t know which colors you like, then the color masterminds at Pantone can create custom colors based on your birthday. Looking at your surroundings, your wardrobe and your home furnishings can clue you in to just what colors you like. When picking your stationery you should consider the season. You don’t want to be sending out a Christmas theme in July, just like you wouldn’t want to send pastel colors in the...Read More
The time of festivals is upon us and with each weekend comes another local festival with food fun, and probably a little sneak into the local heritage. Here in Indiana, festivals are almost constant; with several even in our coldest months. However, June through September seem to be the most happening times of all. When planning to visit a festival there are many things to keep in mind. A guide below should allow for an easier visit the next time you hit the road to explore your local (or not so local) festival. Make sure you have a clear route to your destination, along with a map or some type of gps device. Remember that even if you do update your program regularly it may not be alerted to all construction work currently taking place. Which leads to the second tip, give yourselves plenty of time to get there. There is nothing like being an excited child in the backseat waiting for your family adventure and then arriving too late to enjoy any of it. Always, always leave before you think you should! Have everything packed a day or two ahead of time. Things like a change of clothes for...Read More
Summer is typically best known as the season of leisure. We take vacations. We spend time with our families. We reflect and reconnect. With all the relaxing, it is easy to neglect certain things but, best for the day you must come back to reality if you do not. During the summer we may forget to stay on top of our reading. Reading for pleasure is a terrific way to relax yes, but it also helps to exercise the brain. Don’t forget to pick up a couple summer reads this year at the local bookstore. If you are looking for something easy to travel with and keep you uplifted, take a look at the books offered at American Stationery. Item #2161 is titled “I know I came in here for something”. It is full of uplifting chuckles to delight you and keep a positive outlook on those inevitable senior moments. “Laughter was created for days like this” Item #8786 Is an inspiring book full of inspiration and laughter. A reminder that God is there to get us through, this book is a real gem to have on hand. “Paws for a moment with God” Item # 9479 offers insight from...Read More
Summer is coming so very soon and that means lazy days outside, impromptu pool parties and various cookouts to attend. Let American Stationery get you started for the summertime events to come. Keeping your guests with a drink in their hand is one of the best ways to secure your status as the hostess with the mostest. American Stationery offers a large variety of different tumblers. We offer frosted tumblers which are very durable and dishwasher friendly in sizes of: 10 oz. 14 oz. and 16 oz. The clear tumblers are available in 8 oz. 12 oz. and 16 oz. sizes. We also offer foam cups in the 16 oz. size only. Clearly a size for everyone. Whether you are serving poolside mojitos, early morning mimosa’s or just trying to keep the kids punch off the patio!  If this is for the whole summer, buy 50 or so more than you think you will need. Between spills, and forgetful party goers they will come in handy. Most etiquette websites suggest you expect two drinks and four napkins per person per hour! All sizes and materials are available for customization. With optional font styles, ink colors and designs making the cups...Read More
Monograms are increasingly becoming a popular and very stylish part of our everyday lives. From bath towels to luggage to…you guessed it…stationery, modern women and men are seeking monograms as a fun and unique way to personalize the goods in their lives. In a world of mass-produced, similar looking products, monograms offer a means of creative individualization. Monogramming is simply the process of marking an item with an individual’s, couple’s, or company’s initials in a stylish way. A personal monogram serves a practical purpose: to identify the owner. And, often times more importantly, a monogram serves a decorative purpose: it allows the owner to send a message about her or his personal style. Specifically when it comes to stationery, monograms send a message that the owner (or writer) knows who he or she is. When you have plenty of tasteful monogrammed stationery on hand, you’ll be able to send a message about your own personal sense of style each and every time you send a note in the mail. With a variety of monogram styles and colors, you can add your own personal, elegant touch to your correspondence cards, notes, address labels, and so much more. Monogram FAQs: What’s the...Read More
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