The bridal shower is an important part of the festivities leading up to the wedding, and the invitation is the first step to making that shower a success. Begin by choosing a theme for your shower. Once you’ve picked a theme let your invitation announce that to your guests. Here are a few examples of themes, details about the shower, and wording associated with them: Traditional Shower- women only, hosted by bridesmaid, friend, family member, or coworker; gifts generally given for the bride’s home, such as kitchenware, tableware, home accents, bedding, or bath items; can be formal or informal Formal Wording Informal Wording Please join us for a Bridal Shower in honor of our bride to be Allison Stogsdil Saturday, April 15, 2032 One-thirty pm til Three o’clock pm Given by Chandler McLarren 1234 Heavenly Drive Carmel, IN 46032 RSVP (555) 876-5555 Allison is registered at Crate & Barrel Allison’s wedding is on the way let’s get her prepared for the big day A bridal shower for Allison Stogsdil Saturday, April 15, 2032 1:30p.m. Hosted by Chandler McLarren 1234 Heavenly Drive Carmel, IN 46032 Regrets only (555) 876-5555 Allison is registered at Crate & Barrel Read Parts:  1  |  2 ...Read More
A couple’s wedding shower is a shower that involves both male and female guests and both the bride and groom. This type of shower is becoming increasingly popular! Because your guests will be both men and women, the theme and activities will vary slightly from the traditional fare. Your party will need to be acceptable for everyone. If you are having trouble coming up with an idea, ask the bride and groom for their input. They might have a hobby or common interest that you can plan the shower around. One idea is a barbecue. Most people can appreciate a gathering of this type and it is easy to plan activities outdoors that will be enjoyable for both men and women. Another alternative is wine and appetizers. Because your guest list will naturally double with a couples shower, look for venues other than your home in which to have the shower. A local restaurant or park is a nice option. Try planning the shower time around a sporting event; the men can watch the game while the women play a more traditional shower game involving the bride. Then you can bring everyone back together with the gift opening portion of...Read More
One necessity of every shower is the invitation. It does more than give the guest information regarding the shower. It sets the tone and indicates the theme of your party. Your wording will run down the day’s events and give the pertinent details of date, time, location and RSVP information. The American Stationery Company has many bridal shower invitations to choose from. If you are looking for something that’s sassy and fun, look no further than invitations. For something traditional, the "Mint Julep" invitation is a great option. Set on a light pink and mint paisley print background accented by chocolate fleur de lis on the top and bottom, this pretty invitation is great for any shower. This tea-length invitation is both classy and elegant, yet would look great with either formal or informal invitation wording. The "Umbrella" and "Flower" bridal shower invitations are equally versatile. With a beautiful chocolate, bright blue, and lime fun floral pattern, both of these invitations are contemporary and modern. The "Flower" invitations have the design in a thick band on the left side of the invitation with accent stripe on the bottom. Your wording custom wording sits nicely on the right side of the...Read More
Business cards were invented in the 1980s, the decade that the corporate world seemed to bring us everything. Sorry to tell you, but you’d be wrong. Business cards have been in use for many, many centuries. Experts tend to agree that the origins of the business card can be traced back to China 15th century. They were known as ‘visiting cards’ and served as a calling card to announce one’s intention of meeting with another individual. They could also be handed at the door of elite establishments so that the owner of the establishment could decide if permitting a meeting was worthwhile. Visiting cards were an essential self-promotion tool of the upper classes, a personal advertisement and a basis of forging an introduction.   Medieval Dragon Calling Cards are unique with a fierce dragon against a red background, perfect for sharing your contact information with business professionals or networking.   The practice of exchanging cards soared during the 17th century, particularly in Europe. The highly mannered reign of Louis XIV is considered to be the calling card heyday, where an individual’s success or failure in society often depended on the strength of their personal promotion. Suit of Armor Calling Cards against a...Read More
Everyone knows that teachers are constantly writing, whether it’s on the chalkboard, on homework or notes to parents. A main part of a teacher’s job is to stay connected to her students and their parents. It is time consuming and probably a little daunting but it must be done. There’s no reason why it can’t be done on nice stationery. If the stationery is already personalized with the teachers name and information it saves a lot of writing as well as time. Even the busiest on the go parent will take time to appreciate a nice-looking note with the teacher’s name and contact information clearly printed. Teachers can customize any of our Correspondence Cards with their name. The professional memo pads are also a good choice because of the amount of information you can have printed. The teacher can not only have their name, but the school’s name, their room number, phone number, and email address. You can even get creative and show your school spirit by getting the paper and ink color to match the school’s colors.
At this age, having your party at home is recommended for your child’s comfort as well as your own! It makes things a lot easier, especially if any of the little ones get tired. It will also be less stressful for you and your toddler just being in the comfort of home. If you do have your party at home, be sure you set out your large toys, toddler tents, ball pits or cars, and then add some colorful decorations to brighten the place up. Themes are not the most important part of a party, so just keep it simple and incorporate your child’s likes and dislikes. A favorite character, animal or activity should be a perfect addition to your party. Kids love bright colors so the food for the party will be more enjoyable if it is bright. Keep in mind that you should keep your food shaped in small bite sized pieces, the last thing you need is a choking toddler! Food is going to get spilled, dropped or even tossed, so having spill proof sippy cups is a great idea! Go all out with the cake, it should be the most exciting part (other than presents) for...Read More
First and most importantly you will need to decide who to invite. This decision should be based on whether or not your child is comfortable being around a semi-large group of people or if he/she prefers a smaller number… maybe your child has a lot of friends or cousins that they play with on a daily basis, in that case, you will be fine inviting each and every one of them, but be sure to ask their parents to stick around! If not, choose your closest relatives or playmates so your little one doesn’t get overwhelmed and will not be able to enjoy their own party! Before sending out your party invitations, be sure to consider what time is the best for your toddler’s party. Be sure you take into consideration their normal routines, such as the usual nap times, breakfast, lunch, & even dinner. Try to plan your party so that as little of your normal routine is disrupted as possible. Also, try to keep the birthday bash short and sweet; around 2 hours will be plenty of time for the children, and parent/supervisors to be worn out and all set to head home for a nap! Planning your...Read More
Throwing a birthday party for your 2 year old, and friends, can be a lot of fun. The easy part for you as the party giver is that the toddlers will not have any preconceived expectations about what the party should, or shouldn’t, be. They really won’t care if everything isn’t done to perfection. In all actuality, the party will probably be a success if there are helium balloons! Please keep in mind that even though toddlers have a reputation of being difficult, annoying, rotten, or whiny, not all two year olds are horrible, in fact they can be a lot of fun… The tantrums that they often seem to throw are all directed at their parents, and usually only a means of getting their way. It may be difficult understanding your child, or any child, at this age when one minute they may be very shy and clingy, and 2 minutes later they may be demanding their independence. Although, at this age, they may be happy playing with another child, or at least playing alongside another child, it is still extremely difficult to expect any 2 year old to actually be fully sociable. This is mostly because a 2...Read More
American Stationery understand the significance of creating an identity for your company, no matter what the size you want your integrity and professionalism to show. Since you can’t have face to face contact with all of your customers and colleagues your business stationery often times has to do this for you. If you want to send a professional looking letter, you might consider one of our custom letterhead choices like the Executive Stationery. There is a wide variety to choose from to help you send a professional, sophisticated message. For over 85 years businesses have used our Standard Stationery Box for their correspondence. It is available in ivory or white with a variety of ink colors and typestyles. No matter which one you choose, it’s sure to be a quality product for your business needs at a reasonable price. Our Top Quality Business Stationery is another good buy at up to 40% less than retail prices. Offered in white, ivory or grey 8.5" x 11" sheets it’s sure to be a hit with all of your business associates. Since nobody wants to spend a lot of time paying bills, try using our Self-Seal Privacy Envelopes. Available in two sizes their...Read More