Having a theme is VERY helpful in planning a baby shower because makes it much easy to coordinate and plan your invitations, decorations, favors, and food. If you are having a tough time thinking of a theme, a great idea is to match the theme the mother has selected for the baby’s nursery. Once you have zeroed in on your theme it is a good idea to consult with mother on your selection. Once this is agreed on you can really get your creativity going! If you are planning on having the baby shower at a restaurant or other facility, give them a huge heads up and make a reservation as soon as possible! Also be sure to register the mother with at least 1 or 2 baby stores, some people may not live as close to one store as they would another. Baby shower invitations are vital to your shower and we have a huge assortment of baby shower invites to choose from! Your invitations should complement your theme and decorations…it is fun to carry a color and/or design from the invitation to the party. When doing the invitations, be sure to put the date, time, locations, as well...Read More
Planning a baby shower can become extremely overwhelming because you want it to be PERFECT, right? There are so many baby shower ideas, themes, and games floating around, that it is easy to get overwhelmed by it all! Does ANYONE have the time or energy to sort through the countless number of websites trying to piece together the perfect party for the special, soon to be mother?  The positive sides of planning a baby shower are that it can be very exciting and it brings you closer to the expectant mother. It also is a time to celebrate the arrival of a new life and honor the mother for her courage and sacrifice in bringing a special new person into this world. As cliché as they are, checklists work!  Especially when planning a baby shower.  We suggest you utilize a timeline and/or checklist when you complete the essential “to do’s” for your perfect baby shower. For example, there is no reason that you couldn’t do everything in 4 weeks instead of 8, but remember we are enjoying this! You may think that a couple months might seem a little too soon to start planning a baby shower, but trust us,...Read More
Use the right accessories to make your outdoor wedding charming. Accessories often make the wedding and are the items guests remember well.  The following are some ideas for accessories: garden lights and patio lanterns for evenings, seasonal flowers placed in pretty teapots. Also, floating flowers and candles in pools, are super eye catching and memorable. Wedding colored cameras for guests to take their own photos of the wedding, these capture beautiful moments of your wedding you might not have had a chance to see. Remember to think about where you will dress for the wedding, where the prep area will be for things like the tables and chairs such as will there be an area where vendors can work their set up magic, and where the wedding party can go if they need to change. Be certain you have ensured your guests are as comfortable as possible during your wedding ceremony. In fact, when sending out your invitations, it may be wise to let everyone know in advance that your ceremony will be outside, in a tent, etc. If you need help with the wording for this type of situation, be sure to ask Ms. Carey’s advice. In closing, remember...Read More
A wedding outdoors can be absolutely perfect for the outdoorsy nature lovers or scenic garden lovers. It’s important to plan well, however. If the weather goes against you and you have 150 guests standing in the blustering wind and pouring rain, it will not be the romantic, fairytale occasion of your dreams, but a nightmarish run to any available shelter with wet, irritable guests! Here are some ideas for you to consider when planning your outdoor wedding, to be sure that even if the weather is not on your side, good planning will be and the wedding will go ahead according to plan. Choose the best outdoor wedding location to meet your needs and expectations. The best locations are usually those that have a built in, no fail, indoor option. One great example would be wineries, which would be a very romantic location and usually include a tent, gazebo, and indoor dining option for the reception.  Another suggestion would be Inns and retreats; these, in almost any locale, provide stunning outdoor wedding areas as well as an indoor option. Also, large city owned gardens will often allow people to utilize their grounds for marriages. Be sure you check out the...Read More
When making your arrangements, and before sending out your pool party invitations make sure that the pool will be free at your selected time. It is a good idea to let all members of your family know about your party well in advance if you’re having it at your personal home. If you live in an apartment complex, try to coordinate the time, and permission, with your landlord. It is wise to ask for cooperation from the other tenants by posting polite signs and asking your neighbors for help. Feel free to promise favors in return, like freeing up the pool to suit the needs of others as well. Before you order your invitations you should create a guest list. Be sure you that everyone on your list will receive a formal invitation at least 2 weeks before your party date. However, a month’s notice is ideal if you want to be ultra thoughtful of those with busy schedules. If time permits you may want to send out another reminder 3 or 4 days before the party, this can be a quick email, or text message. Keep those on your party list in the know in order to maximize the...Read More
Pool parties usually start sounding like a good idea as spring melts away the last of the winter chills. By the time summer is in full swing, pool parties can turn in to regular weekly events. The best part is you can host one of your own with very little expense. Even if you don’t have a pool, no problem, host your party at the local city pool!  All you need is a few supplies and a bit of imagination! You will need to make a decision on a theme for your pool party. Yes, a "pool party" is a theme in and of itself; however, it has been done a million times. Add extra spark to your party by infusing it with something else. A "Jaws" theme party can end with cooling down and gathering to watch the thriller. Shark toys and floating devices are a must for that particular theme.  "Hawaiian Party" or "High School Musical" are a couple of other alternative themes that could also be easy to work with. When planning your party be sure to arrange for other activities besides swimming. Think of pool games to play, such as water volley ball. Provide several beach...Read More
Buying a baby shower gift should be fun, and not put a strain on your budget so be sure to estimate your spending limits. If you don’t want to spend more than $50, decide on an outfit, a special blanket or a baby grooming kit, complete with clippers, diaper ointments, lotion and shampoo. Stay away from sale items, unless you know for certain the parents won’t want or need to exchange it. There also might be a reason it is on sale, such as a recall. Another tip to keep in mind.. if the sex of the baby is unknown, make your purchases in gender neutral colors such as yellow, white and light green. If you are getting a crib quilt, remember they are personal, so ask if there is a planned nursery pattern or theme. This can become a great one of a kind gift. If you want to get an extra gift for the Mom, although thoughtful, this is unnecessary. Chances are she will be embarrassed by the attention; after all, the shower is for the baby. If you feel strongly about giving the mommy to be a gift, plan to give it to her either before or...Read More
Baby shower gifts can be effortless or elegant, traditional or imaginative. Be sure you select your gift with originality and care, because the possibilities are never ending. The following is a list of a few things the new baby will need;  everyday clothes, special occasion dress clothes, nightgowns, baby blankets, baby brush/comb set, baby’s first bath, rattles, stroller, picture frames, soothing CDs, baby toys and of course you can never go wrong with gift certificates. The mother would also enjoy Spa gift certificates! Now comes your big decision…what to actually get for the new bundle of joy! Be sure to check and see if the new mom to be has a gift registry. These days, it is popular choice to register for baby items that they want and need. When selecting your gift, be sure to use your knowledge as a parent (or ask someone you know who has kids). Think about things you couldn’t live without during the first year. Consider the necessities, and also consider the needs of the new parents. Do they need a front carrier, a baby backpack or a stylish diaper bag? You can also go together with a group and purchase big items such...Read More
In 1862 nearly four thousand greatly outnumbered Mexican soldiers defeated a well-equipped French army of 8,000 that had not been defeated for almost fifty years. Since then no country in the Americas has been invaded by any other European military force.     Cinco de Mayo is the celebration of the Mexican army’s defeat of French forces in the state of Puebla. Though it is commonly mistaken for Mexican Independence Day May 5th has taken on a whole new life beyond that in Mexico. The date is one of the best recognized dates in the United States as a day to celebrate the culture and experiences of another country. Similar to St. Patricks Day and Oktoberfest it is observed by many Americans and other countries around the world.   Regardless of your ethnicity, everyone should have a party on the 5th of May! Cinco de Mayo is a perfect opportunity to have a party, drink some margaritas and spice things up with a few friends or family. Did you know that Mexican dinner parties are one of the most common types of celebrations in America? As with any party you need to send out the perfect invitation to mark the...Read More
Plan a day at a local day spa, or even better, at one that requires a whole weekend full of opportunities to pamper all the ladies in the wedding party. Massages, facials, mud baths, seaweed wraps, manicures, pedicures… Any of these will allow plenty of time for the girls to share thoughts and laughs together. Or, have everyone go out for the evening and share a nice dinner accompanied with lots of reminiscing and storytelling. Let them eat cake, and dinner, and appetizers to their hearts content. Make reservations at the bride’s favorite restaurant or even consider hosting a wine tasting party! Go out dancing at your favorite club. Whether it’s Rap, Country Western or Disco fever, this will be sure to keep the party lively all night long. Plan ahead and arrange to go to an amusement or water park. Who said you had to act like grownups just because someone is getting married? Be active.. If the gals in your group are athletic, you’ve got many fun choices that center around sports. A round of golf, a long bike ride, or yoga classes are all possibilities. Follow these up with replenishing food and beverages when they’re over. If...Read More
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