Your son or daughter’s birthday is just around the corner again. You want this year to be even more fun and special than it was last year. Maybe this year you have decided to let your child have a party with friends and family members.   You can get a piñata filled with delicious treats. Maybe it will be fun to play a version of pin the tail on the donkey. The entire celebration can have a theme. You can order customized stationery, like invitations, thank you cards, cups, plates, napkins, and more.   You will have to hand out goodie bags for the guests. Although getting party favors for the kids may seem like a minor, obsolete detail, it is actually crucial to the success of the day. After all, the children will have their favors to remember how good (or bad) the party was. With a little creativity, even on a budget, you can provide them with more than your typical cheap trinkets that nobody really plays with. So, this year, you can skip the dollar store items and, instead, get favors the kids will be raving about for weeks to come.   Gift Certificates — The kids...Read More
Planning a birthday party for your child can be somewhat overwhelming. Getting a cake with some balloons is a relatively basic concept. However, what about customized napkins, plates, and tableware? What type of games should you have? Does it matter if the decorations match? How many decorations is enough? As the questions start rolling in, you may feel stressed out. Don’t worry; if you follow these simple steps, you can organize a phenomenal party that your child will always remember.   One to Three Months Before the Big Day You need to talk to your child about what kind of party he or she wants. What is his or her favorite cartoon, colors, or animals? Let your child help pick the theme. This theme should be a reoccurring motif throughout the party, from the color scheme to the decoration and activities. This decision will help shape the entire day. It will also really help you narrow down the selection of cake, games, and so on.   Next, you need to decide who to invite. Will it be just family members like aunts, uncles, and cousins, or will close friends be invited, too? Do you want to ask your child’s classmates?...Read More
Kids Party Food Food is always a tough thing with kids. Is someone allergic to peanuts, do the parents let them eat pizza, will they be hungry? It’s always tough. There are some simple food plates that you can prepare for a birthday party for kids that will always be a hit. Fruit can be prepared ahead of time and easily refrigerated prior to the party. Grapes, orange slices, mandarin oranges, blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries are all great. \ Apples and pears are great, but they will start to turn after they have been sliced. A lemon bath will slow the browning process. Typically any sandwich goes over well, especially if it is cut in a cool shape. Be creative with your shapes and use cookie cutters to follow the theme of your party. If not, the kids won’t really care as long as the crust is cut off. All the kids I’ve ever known will eat almost anything. Great sandwich toppings: Cream Cheese and cucumber, cream cheese and strawberries, egg salad, chicken salad, peanut butter and jelly, mayo & tomato and so on. Pick a couple of these and you will be good to go in preparing the food...Read More
Birthday Party Timeline Brainstorming In planning your birthday party, you need more time than you think.  Unless you plan to go out and purchase everything out of a box and give it to someone else to organize, planning a birthday party does take some thought and effort.  But with the right tools your brainstorming can be a pleasurable experience!  Below is one of the best Birthday Party Planning Timeline for those of you who like to stay organized. 6-8 Weeks in Advance Choose Theme/Idea for Birthday Party with your Child Plan a Date and Time Locate a party facility and book it. Your home and/or back yard are great choices. Quiz host location on what service/items they will provide or help you with.  Every place that caters to birthday parties will have their own system and it’s good to know that up front. Save the Dates 4 Weeks in Advance Make Guest List Create Invitations Plan Events or Activities Decide on Decorations Look for and decide on Party Favors 3 Weeks in Advance Make or begin making/assembling Decorations Make or begin making/assembling Activities Make or begin making/assembling Favors 2 Weeks in Advance Send invitations (could also be sent earlier but if...Read More
Creating an atmosphere for a birthday party no matter what kind of birthday party it is; is very important. Do you remember being a kid and walking into a place that seemed magical? It may have only been that your parents moved the furniture around. Or it could have been balloons all over the place. But kids notice those details whether they say they do or not. Successful birthday parties can be planned with something as simple as having a color infused birthday party. When looking to do a “color” or simple birthday party, simply use a palate of colors throughout all the details of the party. Take a primary palate or maybe a soft color palate. There are endless combinations that could be used. Another great thing about colors is that it makes for very nice party pictures. Start with your invitations: Colorful Balloons Invitations are a festive palate to start with that is perfect for any occasion. Birthday Blowout Invitations are lined with colorful lit candles and includes 20 invitations and 20 plain white envelopes. Cupcake Tower Invitations have the perfect colors matched with the perfect dessert for a party. You can continue with the party decorations and...Read More
Everybody likes to have an unforgettable birthday. With the popularity of the television show My Super Sweet Sixteen, the popularity of extreme, elegant parties have rose right along with it. Since not everyone can afford those elaborate birthday bashes like portrayed in the television show, choose a sweet sixteen invitation that draws everyone’s attention. When choosing the right sweet sixteen invitations, there are a few things to look for before selecting just any old invitation. Your sweet sixteen invitations should catch the receiver’s eyes. The invitations should have colors that immediately draw attention, the birthday party specifics need to be very legible and clear, and a touch of sophistication is nice since this is a milestone birthday. A more grown up look is an important thing since this is the year you get your drivers license. American Stationery has recently began selling sweet sixteen invitations that cover the previously mention criteria. DOTTED SWEET SIXTEEN INVITATIONS A cute, fun, sophisticated sweet sixteen invitation is all available in this one product. The top of these sweet sixteen invitations has a fairly large pale green banner that says it all – "Sweet 16." Below the word "sweet" lies a row of colorful dots...Read More
Children grow up so quickly! It seems with each birthday comes a host of victories that they’ve accomplished over the year. Our kids’ birthdays beckon a celebration, and no party is complete without the right birthday invitation. Not only does it set the tone for the festivities, but a birthday invitation makes the birthday boy or girl feel special. The invitation can serve as a keepsake for later, a tangible object that the guest of honor can look back on and recall the fun times and memorable moments that were made on their big day. Whether it is a first step, first day of school, or first car, the American Stationery Company has invitations to suit any birthday! For the early childhood years, we offer both the Giraffe invitation and the Critters invitation. You can choose from either baby boy blue or little girl pink. The "Giraffe" invitations boast of your little one’s big day, with a playful giraffe and a combination of stripes and polka dots at the top and bottom of the invitation. They create the perfect frame for your invitation wording. The "Critters" invitations feature the giraffe, as well as an adorable elephant, lovable lion, and cute turtle...Read More
One of the most important birthdays of a person’s life is the first birthday. Though we would have a hard time remembering the day for ourselves, it is still one of the biggest birthdays we will celebrate. It is a day to celebrate not only the child but marks a milestone for the parents in making it through that difficult first year. So many successes make up the first twelve months of an infant’s life: first smiles, holding up their head, sitting up, first words, first tooth, standing up, first steps, and the list goes on and on. Because the guest of honor won’t remember things from this day on his or her own, it’s important to keep record of the celebration for him or her. A party is a must, but be sure to remember the invitations. They will serve as a memento from that all important first birthday party! The American Stationery Company offers several birthday invitations to choose from. The Giraffe invitations and the Critters invitations are a great choice for your baby’s party. You can choose from either light blue or pale pink. The Giraffe invitations commemorate your little one’s big day with a delightful stuffed...Read More
Birthday parties are a celebration of life and mark a milestone in every person’s life. Whether it is that all important first birthday that recounts the year full of first steps, words, and experiences, or the fortieth birthday that is chalked full of humor and the symbolic downward descent of the “hill” and farewell to a person’s youth, the birthday party is a necessary hallmark of each year that passes. No matter how old the birthday boy or girl is, they deserve to feel special, and regardless of the size of the party, an invitation is a must! Birthday invitations make the guest of honor feel important because you are recognizing their big day. Long after the party is over, the invitation is a great reminder of the celebration for years to come and serves as the perfect memento for a scrapbook or photo album. The American Stationery Company offers a wide variety of birthday invites! The wording is completely customizable so you can say exactly what you want. Does the guest of honor have a favorite phrase or poem? Would you like to keep the party a surprise? Let your guest know by personalizing the invitation. Be creative with...Read More
The notion of coming of age can take on a variety of meanings. Coming of age could be the transition from being young and childlike to becoming older, wiser, and developmentally more mature. A few familiar representations of this would be the transition from infancy to a toddler or the celebration of one’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah or even that sweet sixteen party. Coming of age also suggests taking on new responsibilities. Sweet Sixteen Though some may feel turning 16 doesn’t change much there are significant responsibilities and opportunities that are now afforded, such as obtaining a driver’s license or holding a job. Sweet Sixteen parties are gaining more popularity. It somewhat embodies the idea that you’re only young once and is often a point in time adults remember fondly. It’s a youthful celebration. A party in which you are no longer a little child, but are not yet viewed as an adult. Here are some stationery suggestions: Read:  First Birthday  |  Bar / Bat Mitzvah  |  Sweet Sixteen  
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