Question: Is there a monogram for note cards that could be used by both husband and wife  ie, just S or RSS for Ryan and Susan or can a three letter monogram be just used by one or the other? Barbara The Everyday Etiquette Answer: Barbara, Yes, there is a monogram that you can have put on a folded note or a correspond card. Of course, you can just put your last initial S or a joint monogram. In your case, it would as follow: SSR The first initial is Susan’s    S The second initial is the last name and a larger size than the 1st and 3rd initials     S The third initial is the husband’s      R I hope this helps you out. Ms. Carey Ask your own Everyday Etiquette questions
Question: I have been invited to a costume party that is by invitation only. It is being hosted by a very affluent acquaintance. I am much honored to have been invited. Should I bring a gift, or thank you trinket? I was taught you always bring a thank you gift. Wine seems a bit trite. Brownies do not seem to be a good idea either. Mareshah The Everyday Etiquette Answer: Mareshah, A small gift is always appropriate to bring to your hosts. It is a very thoughtful and gracious gesture. If your hosts enjoy wine, then a nice bottle of wine would not be considered trite. Cocktail napkins and wine glass charms are a fun gift also. Fresh flowers or a plant is another good hostess gift idea. If you know them well, something for their home (candle, small decorative accessory, etc.) is also very appropriate. Please remember it is not the gift but the thought behind the gift that says thank you for the invitation. It is also very proper to send a brief thank you note after the party. This is not mandatory, but a very nice thing to do. Have a great time at the party. Ms....Read More
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Question: As the holidays approach, what is your opinion of the Christmas family newsletter? Should you send one & what should be in it? I struggle with this each year. Thank you,Elaine The Everyday Etiquette Answer: Elaine, I also struggle with the family Christmas newsletter. Each year, we get one that is in iambic pentameter and is multi-generational. Believe me, it is a chore to wade through, but I know it is sent with love from good friends. I think these letters can be great if you stick to relevant news about immediate family. They should be upbeat; but if there has been bad news (death, divorce, severe illness or other tragedies), your good friends will want to know this also. I firmly believe that these newsletters should only be sent to people who know your family well. When writing your letter, remember that your son’s winning goal on the 5 year old soccer team and your 4 year old daughter’s dance recital are special moments to you and your husband, but may not be of great interest to the recipients of your holiday greeting. One of my favorite annual letters is filled with very few words and lots of...Read More