Spur of the moment situations Invitations aren’t just for dinner parties and formal events. Impress your friends by sending invitations to everyday events. You never know, a hand written invitation might encourage them to come, which will encourage you to entertain more. Here are a few everyday spur of the moment events for which blank note cards would make the perfect invitations. Ladies day out Our Pastel Border Note Assortment is the perfect note card to use when organizing a Ladies’ Day. Father/son go if outing Your guys will be the talk of the green when you use our “Hole in One” Correspondence Cards to announce tee time. Dinner with extended family members Why not invite the family over for dinner, you have to cook any way right? They’ll be happy to come when they receive your invitation in the mail when it’s written on our Favorite Hand Bordered Notes. Children ‘s play dates Our Swizzle Notes are the perfect way to invite friends to a day at the park. Movie Night For an invitation to movie night any blank note card will do, but why not do it with style and use our Jet Black Hand Bordered Correspondence Cards....Read More
Everyone should have at least one set of blank note cards. A blank note card is perfect for a variety of uses. Having a set of blank notes in your stationery collection will keep you prepared for any occasion. Here are a few situations when a blank note card will be perfect. Last minute dinner invitations Just because the dinner party is last minute doesn’t mean you should call people to invite them. Phone calls not only take up a lot of time, but it also makes your friends feel obligated to make a decision right then. Sending invitations frees up some time for you and it gives your friends some time to decide. Don’t send emails either. Put your blank note cards to use and write a quick “invitation”. Here are some tips to help you turn your note cards into inviting invitations: Casual and simple “Stop by next Saturday for a cookout. Burgers, drinks, and games are on us. Plan on eating around 6:30 and feel free to stay as long as you’d like. Be sure to bring big appetites, music, and good sports!” A more formal event “Please join us for a Sunday morning brunch complete with...Read More
With so many designs and colors to choose from, choosing the appropriate fold note can be complicated; we are here to make it easier.  The fact that there are many designs to choose, means that you are sure to find the design that fits you best.  Your personal taste and style determines which design is best for you.  If you prefer a more elegant look, you may choose a design that incorporates an embossed name or monogram.  Generally you can get these elegant notes in white or ecru with some printers offering them in soft pink or blue as well.  For an even more elegant look, you may choose our Ultimate Embossed Double Border Notes. If you prefer something more conventional and a little less elegant, you may choose a printed fold note rather than an embossed fold note.  These notes may be plain or may include an embossed border such as our Embossed Triple Border Notes.  These notes may not have the elegant embossing, but generally the name is printed in a thermograved ink, making the note just as beautiful.  Generally you can choose your name or monogram and occasionally you can add your favorite design or motif as...Read More
If you have spent any time on our site or curled up with our catalog, you no doubt have noticed there are a lot of stationery styles to choose from. We sell correspondence cards, fold notes, letter sheets, memos, postcards and ensembles. We have had many people ask us over the years why we need so many different types of paper and how are you supposed to use it all. Well, we’ll tell you… Correspondence Cards are designed to be used as a quick note for business or personal reasons. We’ve been told that the heavy weight of the stock and the 4 ½ x 6 ¼ size make them perfect for mailing photos. We offer a selection of correspondence cards that have a colored hand-bordered edge. Whether prim and proper or spunky and creative, there’s bound to be a correspondence card that fits your personal style. Fold Notes are used for a longer note. Like a card, they also can be used for business or personal purposes, with styles ranging from the more formal embossed note to some very creative printed designs. Embossed notes are very popular as thank you notes. Our wide variety of printed designs range from...Read More
Question: I wanted to buy embossed note cards for my nephew and his wife and wanted to put their initials on the front of the card. His name is Phil, hers is Amber and their last name is M___. Is it proper to put PMA on the front of the card or should you not do that? Rosie The Everyday Etiquette Answer: Dear Rosie, What a thoughtful gift for your nephew and his wife! Everyone needs and enjoys receiving personalized stationery. It is one of my favorite gifts to give. The joint monogram is very popular today. It is proper to put this monogram on the front of a folded note. Traditionally, it should read as follows…AMP. You will note that Amber’s initial is first – the M for M___ is second and larger – Phil’s initial is last. Be sure to look at all the great choices available on American Stationery’s web site and have fun selecting the perfect gift. Ms. Carey
Fold notes are a special item in anyone’s stationery collection.  They are a very versatile piece of stationery and can be used in many ways such as: congratulation notes, reminders, birthday’s, thank you notes and many more.  Fold notes generally measure 4 7/8" x 3 3/8" and may fold horizontally or vertically depending on the design you choose.  However, as designers continue to design new products, sizes will vary.  Most printers offer several different designs for fold notes including those designed for corporate executives, casual writers and children.  Fold notes can be personalized in thermograved or flat ink, or even embossed.  Printers generally allow for you to choose between having your name or company name, monogram or a design or logo printed on the stationery.  Fold notes can come with colored or embossed borders or no border at all.  With all of these options to choose from, you can see how this piece of stationery is not only an important part of your collection but a multi-purpose piece of stationery as well.   Fold notes also make a great gift.  Many printers offer decorative gift boxes for the stationery to fit in.  Manufacturers usually stamp their gift boxes with their company logo, allowing your loved one to know exactly where to...Read More
Men do not typically sit and write letters for hours about personal matters. Most men prefer to write quick notes and be done. If they need to write a letter, they typically go for more formal stationery options. We have put together a quick reference guide if you’re looking for a nice gift for the man in your life. Correspondence Cards Men usually prefer flat stationery instead of folded note cards. Correspondence cards are generally in the 4″ by 6″ size range, made from heavyweight card stock, come with or without a border and are typically used for brief notes. They are simply flat cards that are used for shorter correspondence. Social Sheets These sheets are perfect for men, measuring somewhere around 6″ by 8″. Social-sized stationery simply folds in half and slips into matching envelopes. Excellent for quick letters. Men do write an occasional long letter. Be sure to order blank second sheets. You should not use a personalized sheet for a second page. Monarch Sheets Monarch Sheets, or executive stationery, generally measures 7″ by 10″ and are used for personal or business letters. Many paper and ink color choices are available, but color selection should be narrowed to...Read More
I’ve never been good at waiting in lines. I feel like I’m wasting time when I’m just sitting somewhere thumbing through an outdated magazine. That’s why I always keep writing papers with me. American Stationery has several styles of note cards that are easy to keep in my purse or car.  The Single Frame Embossed Notes and The Ultimate Embossed Double Border Notes are two of my personal favorites! I like that I can choose the color of paper and have my monogram or name embossed on the notes. These writing papers look sophisticated and rich but are sold for a fantastic price! And they’re the perfect size for a quick "hello" or "thank you" as well as for a more wordy correspondence—it depends on how long you have to wait! I also like to use the Multitasking Padded Memos with Envelopes. They’ve been a lifesaver when I’m sitting on the sidelines of one of my kids’ sporting events, or while I’m waiting during one of their lessons, or when I realize that I’ve forgotten to write a note for early dismissal and I’m driving up to the school to pick up one of my kids for an orthodontist appointment. These memos are...Read More
Gifts Under $30 If you are looking for a personal gift but are on a budget you, then have come to the right place. American Stationery offers several products that are perfect for gift giving and still allow you to stay under budget. From seals and address labels to memo’s and correspondence cards, American Stationery has got your holiday gift list covered. In this article we will discuss many of the products offered at a low price without sacrificing quality. If stylish fold notes are what you are looking for our Damask Notes are not only stylish, but they are practical and can be used for everyday correspondence. There are also several gifts for those more interested in daily correspondence with friends and family. Our Embossed Correspondence Cards can be embossed in block or script typestyles which allow it to be given to men or women. Another great gift for avid writers are our Embossed Monogram Notes.  The embossed border and the embossed monogram add a very elegant touch to these notes. If you prefer stylish memos instead of notes we have several designs for you as well. Our Magnetic Memo List is perfect for those grocery lists. The traditional style of these memos will look great...Read More