If you have spent any time on our site or curled up with our catalog, you no doubt have noticed there are a lot of stationery styles to choose from. We sell correspondence cards, fold notes, letter sheets, memos, postcards and ensembles. We have had many people ask us over the years why we need so many different types of paper and how are you supposed to use it all. Well, we’ll tell you… Correspondence Cards are designed to be used as a quick note for business or personal reasons. We’ve been told that the heavy weight of the stock and the 4 ½ x 6 ¼ size make them perfect for mailing photos. We offer a selection of correspondence cards that have a colored hand-bordered edge. Whether prim and proper or spunky and creative, there’s bound to be a correspondence card that fits your personal style. Fold Notes are used for a longer note. Like a card, they also can be used for business or personal purposes, with styles ranging from the more formal embossed note to some very creative printed designs. Embossed notes are very popular as thank you notes. Our wide variety of printed designs range from...Read More
Ensembles are a combination of different styles of stationery or party accessories that share a common design or theme. American Stationery offers several different ensembles including raised print, embossed print or digital flat print. The following will discuss a few of the different ensembles offered by American Stationery. Flirty Polka Dot Ensemble – This ensemble is a fashionable wardrobe for all your personal correspondence. This ensemble features everything you will need to round out a stationery wardrobe. The ensemble features letter sheets, correspondence cards, fold notes and labels. To top off your ensemble each envelope is lined with a polka dot design. This trendy polka dot design is perfect for fashion forward young women. Elegant Embossed Monogram Ensemble – This ensemble has been a staple in the American Stationery collection for years and it is for good reason! If you prefer elegance this is the ensemble for you. The set features your monogram beautifully embossed on the sheets, notes and gift enclosures. This stationery will impress everyone who receives it. Chevalier Memo Ensemble – Ensembles are not limited to just beautiful notes and correspondence cards. American Stationery designers have incorporated their beautiful designs into memo ensembles as well. This set reflects their creativity in the 4 different sized sold in...Read More
When choosing your personal stationery there are a multitude of choices. Consider what purpose the stationery will serve. Are you using it for thank you notes to friends and family, is it for business letters, or is it for both? Be sure to consider the many occasions for which you’ll be using the stationery. Once you’ve decided this then you can select a stationery set to meet your needs or start building a stationery collection. Here are some solutions for your stationery needs. Be ready to send any message in style by stocking up on trendy, distinctive stationery pieces. These stationery sets are a must have if you’re interested in original, artistic, happy, high quality stationery. Looking for stationery with a flourish of color? Then look no further than our Peacock Quill Notes. This fun stationery set comes with matching striped envelope lining. The Flirty Pink Polka Dot Stationery manages to be both trendy and ageless at the same time. Complete with sheets, cards, notes and labels, it is everything you need in one fabulous stationery set. Having trouble picking just one color? There’s no need to struggle with the decision. Take a look at our collection of colorful stationery. This...Read More
In 2009, we’ll all be looking for creative ways to express our individuality and to communicate in style while sticking to budgets that are tighter than ever before. In these times of economic uncertainty, we will all be relying on and encouraging our own family and friends to help get us through. We at American Stationery believe there’s no better way to pull together than with heart-felt, sentimental letters of love, support, and friendship. As 2008 comes to a close, we are looking ahead at the trends, styles, and designs that will be big in the next twelve months and beyond. And, in order to help you stay in touch and stay in style in the coming year, over the next week, we’ll show you the top stationery trends for 2009. Luxe Details Small, unexpected, and even understated elements all add up to create a polished feel and an interesting effect that’s all your own. In order to make a big statement, you don’t necessarily need an overpowering color, message, or print. Look for small, meaningful motifs, interesting personalization options, and even accessories like lined envelopes for major impact without a lot of effort or expense. Hand bordered correspondence cards...Read More