We sell all kinds of stationery styles, with and without printed envelopes. We also carry return address labels. These handy little items are extremely convenient and a lot easier than writing your name and address all the time. Sometimes it seems like they’d be perfect for every occasion. While that would be a pretty profitable thing to tell you, etiquette is pretty clear on the point. Any type of formal or business correspondence should have a hand-written or custom-printed address directly on the envelope. Dyes very seldom match exactly from batch to batch. If you were to order ivory labels and ivory correspondence cards, for instance, the dyes used to create ivory at the paper mill might be a slightly different tint than the label manufacturer’s dyes, causing the address label to clash with the ivory card stock and the accompanying envelope. Even white has its shades. Labels are sometimes glossy, as well, clashing with any sort of matte envelope stock. This sort of inconsistency in color is only one of the main reasons using return address labels formally is considered poor form. The different dye lots and mismatched coloring do not convey the level of professionalism and quality that...Read More